Newborn Baby Carrycot.

Carrycots are lighter cots with handles, which are smaller than the body of a pram.

Carrycots can be attached and removed from the pushchair, which makes it possible to buy them separately.

You can buy a pushchair that only comes with the seat this can be used for your newborn if you adjust it enough, but they usually advise you to get carrycots that make it possible for your newborn baby to lie – flat.

If you buy a pram and you don’t like the carrycot it comes with, it can be the design or maybe it’s not in good quality you can buy a separate carrycot. That’s why it’s important to buy a stroller or pushchair which’s detachable.

Although this is only possible if the frame is compatible with other cot models in the same brand.

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Why Are Carrycots Safer?

Newborn baby carrycots are for your newborn to lie in a horizontal or a flat position. This isn’t only for your newborn, but also for your baby until they are 6 months old.

When your baby is at this age they must lie flat because this is important for their necks. Babies are fragile and need to lie down for the most part until they learn to sit or when their bodies are stronger.

If not it might course damage to their bodies especially their necks, because it can’t support the head.

It’s good for you to use the carrycot until your baby is 6 months when they are much stronger. I will advise you to do this because it’s safer.

Some cots last longer than 6 months and it can be up to 9 months. Depending on your little one’s height and size you use a 6 months cot even longer.

You can also use a car seat if you find that easier.

I already mentioned the importance of having a carrycot in my post about prams, so I won’t repeat myself in detail. Carrycots protect your baby better because of how concealing they can be.

Its hood, handle and sunshade makes it more unique, and if you buy it separately it’s usually bigger which gives more space to your newborn.


Buying the carrycot together with the frame is cheaper even if you buy from a brand that has the best quality and best features which help your newborn even more.

The more features it has the more secure and safe it will be for your newborn.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do You Need a Carrycot?

Well, as I mentioned above carrycots are the safest accessory to use for your baby. Until your child can fully support themselves a carrycot is something you need to consider to have.

Some strollers do offer a lie-flat position, but often mums complain about it not being sufficient. Cots feel like beds so your little one will lie down and feel comfortable.

It’s a place where your little one will lie down as flat as possible to keep them protected from hurting their necks. Cots also shield your baby from the outside world.

Read more on my post about prams.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Carrycot at Night?

The answer is, it depends. Many manufacturers have designed their strollers to be safe for an overnight sleeping place. Some of these cots also have stands you use to keep the baby away from the floor.

These cots have breathable fabrics, soft and padded mattresses and zip out aprons. These also have peek a boo windows and the cost are big.

This will keep your child comfortable moving around. So always ask when buying if it’s good or not. Keeping your baby in a cot that’s designed for overnight sleeping might harm.

It depends entirely on the kind of cot you have.

How Long are Babies in Carrycots?

Most cots are designed to last from birth up to 6 months. You also have cots that can be used up to a year because they have adjustable positions.

They are not entirely cots but also seats. You should not confuse it with convertible cots. Which are cots that be changed to a seat by adjusting with straps and taking out fabrics. (Mine is like this one)

However, I am talking about another thing. How long your baby uses a cot will also depend on your babies size and height. Babies differ in their growth.

6 months old babies are around 9kg. Your child might reach 9kg before they are 6 months or later on. Near 7 months.

Although the general suitability is from birth up to 6 months.

Can Carrycots be Folded?

Some carrycots can be folded and others can’t. Some brands give you the option for you to remove some of the fabrics to fold the cot flat.

Folding it flat can save you some space if you live in a tiny area. Other cots are not foldable at all so you will have to store them in the house like that.

These are cots from high-quality brands as well. When folding the frame some cots fold with it and others don’t. A cot that folds on its own doesn’t necessarily mean it will fold with the frame.

It can be wise to buy a cot that has both of these features. It folds on its flat and it can be folded with a frame. It’s hard to know if you are not well informed.

Although there is nothing wrong with buying cots that don’t have these capabilities. As long they have all the important features to make your baby comfortable.

Keep Your Baby Satisfied.

The reason why carrycots are important is that they are important to have for your newborn.

Your newborn must be in a flat position all the time until they can support their necks. The carrycot makes it possible for your baby to lie flat as much as possible, with the help of adjustments.

This is also a better option for babies who are 2 months up to 6 months because they won’t feel uncomfortable and won’t struggle and will be able to enjoy the stroll or trip with their parents.

The reason why we take strolls with our babies is to give them fresh air and for them to enjoy the outside world and without satisfaction, there won’t be any enjoyment. Keep your baby satisfied by keeping them safe and comfortable.

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What do you think, are carrycots safer to have?

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