Newborn Baby Buggy – Egg Pram Review.

Are you looking for a buggy for your soon arrival baby? It can take time to find the right pram for your little one, especially when there are many different choices.

It’s easier when you know what’s best for and your baby. For this review, I will review the egg stroller and the carrycot it comes with.

If you are having twins then you can also buy this stroller because it can transform into a tandem pushchair. You can also be looking for it if you plan to have more children.

The egg brand is a known brand and it’s also known for being expensive. So it’s for parents who love to have pricey things. However, I will link where you can buy it cheaper. However, it won’t be a brand me one.


  • Performance.
  • Egg stroller/pram.
  • Accessories.
  • Cons.
  • A nice environment.

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  • Compatible with a carrycot and car seat.
  • A tandem buggy.
  • 3 reclining positions on the seat (suitable from 6 months).
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Rubber non-punchered tyres.
  • XL basket.
  • Additional accessories.
  • Accessible brakes.
  • the leathery bumper bar and adjustable handle.
  • Adjustable leg rest.
  • The canopy can be extended and adjusted.
  • One-hand fold.

Egg Stroller/Pram.

Product: egg stroller+carrycot.

Price: £968.00

Size of the Product: L106.5cm × W59cm × H88-98cm.

A Place to Buy: Samuel johnston. Click here.

Delivery: Free delivery in the UK.

My Ranking: 9.5/10.

After reading through the performance description you must be impressed. This amazing newborn baby buggy is truly something that will offer you and your baby many adventures.

The buggy is compatible with a carrycot and car seat which means it can convert into a travel system and offer you a nice designed pram.

The carrycot is suitable from birth up six months and from there the seat can take over. The carrycot offers a nice cushion mattress. A nice and cosy environment for your little one.

They will be well protected sleeping in this egg-shaped hood/canopy. Do you live in an area where it rains a lot? Well, your wish has been granted. Because the carrycot comes with a rain cover. Don’t let the rain stop you from taking your daily strolls.

If you live in the UK where it rains many times then having rain cover for the carrycot will be needed.

After your six months journey, your baby will move on to use the seat which also comes with its amazing features and accessories.

The egg seat offers you 3 reclining positions which means they can sleep, sit and have playtimes with their toys. If you have not bought a pram toy yet, heard over here.

Adjust it to offer a better experience and a ride for your little one. Are you wondering what side your baby should face? Well with this stroller at least you have the option to choose.

Choose the side that makes you bond more. I will recommend rear-facing for the first six months to bond with your baby. Also is good to keep them protected from everything.

Can There Be More?

Your answer to that question is yes, there are more things the egg buggy offers. An adjustable handle to make it easy for you and your partner to use.

It’s not easy pushing something that’s isn’t suited for your height. I know about that. A bumper bar to hang the pram toys and it’s designed with leather.

The big and egg designed canopy is extendable to offer protection from that nasty UV. Adjust the leg rest for your toddler. It’s well needed after a long day of running and them being busy.

With the adjustable seat and leg rest, it feels like a bed. We all know the feeling of sleeping on your bed after a long busy day. We sleep like a log.

Truly amazing rubber tyres. Easy to use on any ground. Easily accessible brakes to make it easier. Lock and unlock whenever you ready to use it and when done.

A spacious basket underneath offers a space for all of your groceries. No more bags. If you don’t have a car we all know how hard that can be. Ask me about it.

After a long day of you and you baby exploring the egg buggy now you are home and tired. Fold it using one hand. It’s compact when folded. Store it in for another day of exploring.

Are you planning to have more children? The egg stroller offers you the option to turn it into a tandem pushchair. With the adapters required you have a nice tandem pushchair for your baby and toddler or even twins.

You can also buy the buggy from another place here (just the seat and additional features), and cheaper here.


Now let’s delve into the accessories that come with this buggy and that you can use if you buy it. Although a car seat does not come with it, it is compatible.

You can buy the egg car seat or car seats from these brands:

  • Maxi-Cosi.
  • Cubex.
  • Be Safe.
  • Recaro.

You have to use adapters which are sold separately with the link I provided above. Through the link, you can also have a rain cover for the buggy.

A net cover. Cover the buggy to protect your newborn and toddler from insects. Depending on where you live this can be important.

Adapters for the carrycot are also included. After buying this bag you will also need a nappy changing bag. A stylish bag to match this stylish pram.

Head over here to view the review I did on this egg nappy changing backpack. A perfect match.


  • The buggy seat is not suitable from birth. You have to use the carrycot. Sometimes this can be a con. If you want to fold the pram you need to detach the carrycot, which can be frustrating to do every time. It would have been better if the seat was suitable from birth.
  • It’s highly expensive for many. However considering the design, features and the high-quality fabrics it’s understandable. Some parents don’t mind this. They like to spend to get the best thing for their babies.

A Nice Environment.

What are your thoughts on this newborn baby buggy? Would you consider buying it? Let me know in the comment section. Like a shell protecting and giving warmth to the baby chicken, this egg stroller also provides a cosy and a nice environment.

A place where they can sleep without any disturbance, and a place to sit and play. Making the ride more relaxing. If you decide to have more children it will also save money and time.

You won’t have to go through the same process of searching to find a tandem pushchair.

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