Nappy Changing Bags – Beneficial.

Nappy changing bags or diaper changing bags are mostly the most important accessories for strollers/pushchairs because it contains everything you may need when you’re out and taking a stroll or out visiting relatives. It can be a backpack you have on your back or bags that you hang on your baby’s stroller/pushchair. Changing bags always come with the stroller/pushchairs because it’s an accessory which’s  common. When I bought my baby’s pushchair it came with it and had the same colour as the pushchair, but sometimes it doesn’t, so it can be an accessory you need to buy.

Nappy Changing Bags are beneficial.

You can put anything you and your baby need in it. The most common items are nappies/diapers, changing mats, wipes, nappy/diaper bags, clothes, baby towels, bibs, and feeding bottles. The feeding bottles maybe doesn’t apply to you if you’re breastfeeding and your baby is under 6 months. You may use the bottles for water or juice when your baby is much older. These items are necessary if you’re going out with your baby because your little one will poop and pee so you need to change them.

When you feed your baby you will need clothes, towels, and bibs to clean them up. Try going out with your baby without these items and you will see yourself coming back home after just 15 minutes. It’s more serious if it’s a newborn up to 3 months because they require changing every 30 minutes to 1 hour. Having the changing bag can help you store all of these items in the same place.

There are, of course, other things you can store in the bag which are baby clothes, baby creams, hats, shoes, toys, etc. It’s endless. Every parent and child’s needs are different, so you decide what’s important for you. Store in things that you know you will need when you’re going out, and of course it doesn’t only have to be the baby’s things your things as well. Some parents may even use the pushchair basket to put in things.

What makes the nappy changing bag good is that it’s so near you just hang it on the handlebar or you use it as a backpack. If there is an emergency you don’t need to bend over or kneel, its right in your reach. This information is good for first-time expectance mums, but also those who already have children and doesn’t have a bag.

Knowing all of these things it’s also good you consider a few things before buying a changing bag if it doesn’t come with the stroller/pushchair which they usually do. The nappy changing bags that come with your pushchair can be too small for your needs then you have to buy a new one. You should think about:
  • What you’re going to store in your bag (this depends on your baby’s needs and age)
  • How long you’re going to use it and how often.
  • If you’re going to hang the bag on your handlebar buy a big one and if you use it as a backpack then buy a medium. If you have a big backpack you can store many things in it, but it can be very heavy for you and can hurt your shoulders and even arms. It can cause some damage and that’s not good. Think about that too.

Nappy Changing Bag Backpacks.

Hafmall Changing Bag Backpack Waterproof Travel Baby Bag, Stylish Large Capacity Nappy Backpack with Changing mat and Stroller Straps. Price 32.99 pounds:

  • Pros: The Hafmall bag backpack combines functionality and style. Everything meets the babies, mums, and dad’s needs. The bag is not too little and not too small. The material is of high quality and safe to use it’s waterproof and easy to clean. It has multiple compartments, 1 tissue pocket + water bottle pocket + 2 knife and fork pockets + 2 insulted bottle pockets + 8 internal storage pockets. All of it is separated. It comes with a changing mat and a 2 stroller straps. It comes with 4 sets of colours and has key chains. The Hafmall bag backpack has a dry and wet separation compartment, where you can store wet clothes or nappies. You can have it as a backpack it’s very lightweight and has durable material, it can be used for baby care, shopping, walking and travel, your hands are free. You can use it as a messenger-style changing bag, you can wear it with its adjustable straps with pads that are better for your neck and shoulder. It brings comfort to your shoulder. It can be used as a tote diaper bag where you carry it around with your hands using the handle. The Hafmall bag can be hanged on the stroller, with the help of the straps you can hang it on without carrying it around. It’s unisex.
  • Cons: It can’t be wash in a washing machine and the colours are limited. it can be a little bit expensive for some parents.

Click the link below to buy your bag backpack.

Nappy Changing Shoulder Bags.

Changing Bag, RUVALINO Large Weekender Travel Nappy Tote Stylish for Mom and Dad Convertable Baby Bag for Boys and Girls with Changing Pad, Insulated Pockets, Price 29.99 pounds:

  • Pros: It has a variety of zipped and opens pockets and has 3 insulated bottle holders. The RUVALINO bag it’s waterproof and had changing pad/mat, it has streaming design, roomy size and can be used as a hospital bag for your baby’s arrival. It has a handy luggage sleeve at the back that can be easily fastened with a suitcase while travelling and adjustable shoulder straps. It’s lightweight, durable, and environmental. The RUBALINO has external front pockets, which can be used to store, your wallet, phone, lipstick, or your baby’s toys, for easy reach. It also has a interior thoughtful layout, with 3 bottles holders like mentioned above, various pockets. Everything can fit in there without causing any mess. The bag has also back pockets which you can use to store nappies you can reach quickly and you also can hang your keys.
  • Cons: The changing bag may or may not be waterproof, this can be useful information to have because, in my opinion, it’s good that changing bags a waterproof, you can clean it if it’s dirty and doesn’t need to buy a new one. Check first. Unfortunately, you can’t have it as a backpack if you decide to buy it.

Click the link below to get your bag.

Pushchair Nappy Changing Bags.

BabyBing! Day Tripper City Deluxe 2016 Changing Bag Grey, Price 64.99 pounds:

  • Pros: The bag clips on the back of your pram or pushchair and it has a big storage. The design makes it match both the mum and dad. It has quick access to the compartments through the roof and multiple pockets. The Daytripper Deluxe features, integrated and removable big changing mat, it’s good for even toddlers. Has stroller strips, separation for wet and dry items, detachable insulated bottle, the carry strap is adjustable, reflective strips, dummy hanger, it has easy nappy/diaper and wipes pouches and had soft towel cover for the changing mat/pad.
  • Cons: It’s not for heavy rain. You can use the rain cover to protect your items inside. It’s very expensive but considering its features it can be worth it for some parents.

Store items in the same place, without any struggle.

Nappy Changing bags are the best accessory for you and your baby when it comes to your baby’s stroller/pushchair. It enables you to be able to store everything you need for yours and baby’s trip, and you have compartments that make it easy to organize everything without any struggle whatsoever. Think of buying it for your baby’s and your comfort, to ease stress and any other problem.

If you are already a mum, what did you store in your baby’s changing bag? If not, what do you plan to store in it?

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