Nappy Changing Bags.

Nappy changing bags or diaper changing bags are mostly the most important accessories for strollers/pushchairs because it contains everything you may need when you’re out and taking a stroll or out visiting relatives.

It can be a backpack you have on your back or bags that you hang on your baby’s stroller/pushchair.

Changing bags on many occasions come with the stroller/pushchairs because it’s an accessory that’s common.

When I bought my baby’s pushchair it came with it and had the same colour as the pushchair, but sometimes it doesn’t, so it can be an accessory you need to buy.

Nappy Changing Bags are Beneficial.

You can put anything you and your baby need in it.

The most common items are nappies/diapers, changing mats, wipes, nappy/diaper bags, clothes, baby towels, bibs, and feeding bottles.

The feeding bottles maybe doesn’t apply to you if you’re breastfeeding and your baby is under 6 months.

You may use the bottles for water or juice when your baby is much older.

These items are necessary if you’re going out with your baby because your little one will poop and pee so you need to change them.

When you feed your baby you will need clothes, towels, and bibs to clean them up.

Try going out with your baby without these items and you will see yourself coming back home after just 15 minutes.

It’s more serious if it’s a newborn up to 3 months because they require changing every 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Having the changing bag can help you store all of these items in the same place.

There are, of course, other things you can store in the bag which are baby clothes, baby creams, hats, shoes, toys, etc. It’s endless.

Every parent and child’s needs are different, so you decide what’s important for you. Store in things that you know you will need when you’re going out, and of course it doesn’t only have to be the baby’s things your things as well.

Some parents may even use the pushchair basket to put in things.

What makes the nappy changing bag good is that it’s so near you just hang it on the handlebar or you use it as a backpack.

If there is an emergency you don’t need to bend over or kneel, it’s right in your reach. This information is good for first-time expectance mums, but also those who already have children and doesn’t have a bag.

What to Consider.

Knowing all of these things it’s also good you consider a few things before buying a changing bag if it doesn’t come with the stroller/pushchair which they usually do.

The nappy changing bags that come with your pushchair can be too small for your needs then you have to buy a new one. You should think about:

  • What you’re going to store in your bag (this depends on your baby’s needs and age)
  • How long you’re going to use it and how often.
  • If you’re going to hang the bag on your handlebar buy a big one and if you use it as a backpack then buy a medium. If you have a big backpack you can store many things in it, but it can be very heavy for you and can hurt your shoulders and even arms. It can cause some damage and that’s not good. Think about that too.

Nappy Changing Bag Backpacks.

So, I did already mentioned that diaper bags can come in backpacks, which I am sure you have heard of.

They function just like normal backpacks, and some of them have two big openings, which has zip pockets.

Many of these have outer pockets for the bottles and tiny pockets to store your keys, phone, etc.

Inside the bags, you have many pockets as well. You have two types of backpacks. Either the bag is only designed to be used as a nappy bag or it can also be used for your own outings.

The former is most likely to come with a changing mat, and it’s. bigger.

These same bags can work as shoulder bags as well. Many parents don’t usually hang them on the stroller, but if you want to you can use clips.

You just strap it to the handle and then the. bag carrier.

Nappy Changing Handbags.

The next on the list are handbags. Handbags are becoming more used and they are just normal handbags. These same bags can be used by parents for something else.

The difference is that handbags have few outer and inner pockets. Some don’t even have outer pockets and only inner ones.

Big storage inside with space for changing mats and such and most of them don’t have space for bottles. Some are not even designed for that.

These handbags are mostly designed to have mum carry a stylish bag, and at the same time store in her baby’s essentials.

They are meant to help out and for you not to carry two bags.

They still do offer a lot of space though.

If you want to hang it on the stroller it’s also possible either through clips or many handbags do come with straps.

These long straps can fit on the handle, on single strollers. So, if they want to just hang it, they can do that without a problem.

Stroller brands such as Peg Perego and Inglesina have these types of bags.

Pushchair/Shoulder Nappy Changing Bags.

Lastly, you have the normal standard changing bags which come with many strollers. Many of these are cheaper and don’t really have a top-quality design.

Manufacturers are however designing more quality bags to make sure they last longer. (I have this type of bag for my baby, and I am still using it after some years).

Some have one or multiple outside pockets, and the inner pockets are much more. It comes with bottle holders, changing mat and extra storage bags.

Many are also washable and easy to clean.  As seen above used as shoulder bags and also hanging bags.

Although it can sometimes be heavy to carry them, so the straps will make it easier.

Stroller brands such as Maxi Cosi, Chicco and Mothercare offer many of these bags (Not only them).

Some of the Best Nappy/Diaper Changing Bags.

I have done reviews and listed many bags, and all these include backpacks, shoulder and handbags. Some are pricey and others have reasonable prices.

Many pricey ones are designed bags and others are just normal but still quality:

Visit Etsy for cheap handmade changing bags

Store Items in the Same Place, Without Any Struggle.

Nappy Changing bags are the best accessory for you and your baby when it comes to your baby’s stroller/pushchair.

It enables you to be able to store everything you need for your and baby’s trip, and you have compartments that make it easy to organize everything without any struggle whatsoever.

Think of buying it for your baby’s and your comfort, to ease stress and any other problem.

If you are already a mum, what did you store in your baby’s changing bag? If not, what do you plan to store in it?

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