Nappy Changing Bag – Top 3

I felt like I haven’t done reviews on changing bags for a while. Changing bags are important to your daily journeys because you will need a place to store your baby’s or toddlers nappies/diapers, wipes, etc.

I will review 3 changing bags and try to compare them to see which one is the best out of them. They are all good and will be suitable for every family.

As the owner of this site, I`ve tracked down the products I think will suit you and your baby. When you use the link or the links on these pages to make a purchase I may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around.  View my Affiliate Disclosure.

Alternatots Bags.

Product: Changing backpacks.

Price: £71.99

Size of the Product: width 10.83″ × depth 6.69″ × height 18.1″

A Place to Buy: Etsy. Click here.

Delivery: Delivery within 2-3 weeks, but 3-5 days with express option.

My Ranking: 9/10

This changing backpack bag is in trend with its colourful look and quality fabrics and materials. It’s new and offers many features that will make yours and your baby’s or toddlers thing fit in well.

The bag is handmade and matches every parent. The colours are bright and many so it will look nice with your outfits and even with the stroller.

The bag is made from nylon and there’s a big interior with the main zipper and three minor elastic pockets inside. In the front, there’s also a minor elastic pockets and one separate net pocket for your baby’s or toddlers bottles.

Padded panels, adjustable shoulder straps and you have handle on top of the bag to make it easy for you use the bag and for it to be suitable for many parents.

The bag is made when you order it so you will get a new and fancy bag withing 3-5 days if you choose an express option. There are other models with different colours sold by the same seller.


5pcs Baby Nappy Changing Multifunction Diaper Messenger Hospital Maternity Polyester Bag

Product: 5pcs Baby Nappy Changing Bag.

Price: £19.99

Size Of the Product: Large changing tote — 38 x 29 x 18cm;Smaller bag — 25 x 25 x 14cm;Food pouch — 14 x 12 x 7.5cm;bottle holder — 18 x 8 x 8cm;changing mat — 54 x 30cm

A Place to Buy: Etsy. Click here.

Delivery: Delivery only in the UK

My Ranking: 10/10

This product is also handmade and with the material being polyester. The nappy changing bag is convenient for your daily life and with the multifunction makes it perfect for parents all over the world.

It being lightweight and multi-design makes it affordable, available and also it features adds to the changing bags qualities. The package comes with 5 pcs and they are:

  • Large Tote Bag.
  • Small Shoulder Bag.
  • Bottle Holder.
  • Changing Mat.
  • Food Pouch

The bag can be used for changing, where you store nappies/diapers and changing mats, a messenger bag and also for hospital bag (The larger bag can be used for this).

A bag that can be used for many things, even just for yourself. Are you planning a short trip? Or maybe you are going out for some activities like swimming or hiking. Well, you don’t only need to buy the 5pscs for your baby, but also for yourself to enjoy your activities.

Waterproof is also another reason for it being perfect. The seller only sells this item in the UK because of the international delivery cost.

Babiie AMPM Christina Milian Changing Bag.

Product: Babiie AMPM Changing Bag

Price: £40.00

A Place to Buy: Boots. Click here.

Delivery: Direct delivery to your home No, collect at the store or other places. Available for returns.

My Ranking: 9.5/10

The Babiie AMPM changing bag is stylish and modern and it makes a perfect match with the Christina Milian stroller. The bag is spacious for your baby’s accessories.

You will love to go out with this changing bag, it’s eye-catching and fits with any stroller you buy. Does not necessarily have to be the stroller it was designed for.

The Nappy Changing Bag come with a padded changing mat, two pockets inside and one outside. Ideal for your baby’s or toddlers bottles and other things you will like to take with you on your journey.

A padded and adjustable shoulder strap is included making it easy to be carried by anyone. If the kids are over for the weekend at their grandparent’s place it’s  easy for them to use it. Anyone who helps you with the kids will also have it easy and will love to carry this bag.

2 handles are also included so you can carry the bag to rest your shoulder. This is ideal if it’s lightweight, not many things in there.

And, The Winner is?

I will personally take the 5pcs changing bag because it comes with many sets of bags and a changing mat is included. The product has also quality materials. It’s long-lasting and water-resistant. Where I live it rains a lot so this is big pro for me.

The larger bag can be used for many things. A hospital bag and whatever you like. You will save a lot of money. You can use it even before your baby is born, during their childhood and later when they are not using it. The usage does not expire. The same thing can be said for the other bags.

After your baby or babies has grown you just use it as a backpack. Although the multifunction bag is not stylish and the design is not the best compared to the other two. The babiie A MOM Christina Milian changing bag is the one that is more stylish and will match with any stroller.

It will look good when you are out travelling and it also comes with changing mat, but the space is not that big. If you plan to store in clothes for your toddler and baby it won’t be too convenient. The other Nappy Changing Bag has also the same features but does not come with a changing mat.

It looks less stylish but will also be suitable for many strollers, especially dark coloured ones.  The 5pcs multifunction changing bag wins, but for me. It might not be the choice for you, considering that the quality is less than the others. And you can’t buy the bag if you live outside of the UK, which reduces its value for those who live outside.

Top 3.

These types of changing bags are what many parents are looking for. They offer many things. Its convenient, affordable, available and comes with many features.

Not only can they be used for your baby but also you. You save money and space which is good. Buy one product that can be used for many things. Like the saying, you get to kill two birds with one stone.

If you are out with your children you will not want to stress yourself any further. With these 3 types of changing bags, it makes it easier to store and access your things when you need them.

Would you recommend one of these bags to a loved one? Can you tell me 4 things you love about these changing bags? If you have any questions at all feel free to leave them below.


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