My Babiie MB51 Review.

My Babiie Billie Faiers pushchairs are becoming popular among many and it’s UK based. One of these is the My Babiie MB51 buggy that’s designed for those who want style and comfort.

For this article, I will be reviewing the pros and point the cons of this buggy. I will also compare it with another popular buggy to see its value.

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  •  Suitable from birth up to 15kg (around 3 years).
  • Adjustable seat unit.
  • Adjustable legrest.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Adjustable handles. (Side carry handle.
  • 3 reclining positions on the canopy. (pocket on the hood and a peek a boo window)
  • The bumper bar is removable.
  • All front and rear suspension.
  • Lockable swivel wheel.
  • Big basket.
  • Easy and compact fold.
  • Brakes on back wheels.
  • With and without gold chassis and quality fabrics.
  • Accessories included.


Included in the package is:

  • Buggy.
  • Wheels.
  • Footmuff.
  • Bumper bar.

My Babiie MB51 Review: Buggy.

Product: MB51 Buggy.

Price: £169.99.

Size of the Product: Open Dimensions: D78cm × H104cm × W51cm. Folded dimensions: 105cm L x 36cm W x 38 H. (Weight: 8.8kg-10.5kg)

Handle Height: 107-109cm.

Delivery: UK (including Ireland).

My Rating: 9/10.

This buggy is what many mums are looking for. You often find the perfect stroller but is not in the colour you want it with the MB51 buggy there is no such issue.

My Babiie present this one with soo many colours to choose from, and you can go with or without a gold chassis.

The colours available are 2 sets of black(rose gold chassis), 2 sets of blue(rose gold chassis, 2 sets of grey( with or without rose gold chassis, Black and white, 2 sets of pink(rose gold chassis), cream( rose gold chassis), and lastly red mix with cream and black.

So, there are many options and some colours are popular than others because of the style.

Suitable from birth with the lie-flat position which gives your little one the option to lie flat and comfortable.

It will take them up to 15kg which is around 3 years. By then your toddler will be tired of the buggy.

3 is the age most can walk comfortable and wants to walk freely.

The seat unit not only has the lie-flat position but if offers a sitting position as well. Said to offer a big space and comfort for the baby by a review done on pushchairexpert.

It’s 50cm tall and 32cm wide giving your toddler more comfort. Besides the seat, you have a 2 position adjustable calf rest.

When reclined completely flat the calf is very helpful for taller toddlers. So it accommodates to many heights.

More On the Seat Unit.

The seat offers a padded and soft place to seat and as you can see above the whole buggy has a depth of 75cm. Your toddler will be well seated.

Moving up you have the canopy. It’s quite big and has 3 reclining positions. Depending on the season and the position on the seat your child is in you can position it however you like.

It offers shade from the sun’s UV and protection from tiny raindrops. Keeping your child away from harm. A UPF50+ sun protection canopy to be specific.

The canopy also has a peek a boo window behind it to keep an eye on your child. My Babiie MB51 only offers a forward-facing position.

Making the peek a boo window very useful for all parents. You won’t need to go in front and check your little one.

Another added feature is a pocket behind the hood as well. You can put there all your valuable things.

It’s close and reachable.

Going further down to the seat itself you have the 5 point harness with the chest pads.

Designed to keep baby protected by strapping the hips, shoulders and legs. The pads will keep it clean and they are soft for the baby to play with.

In front of your child is the bumper bar. Always good to have and the MB51 has just that.

It’s covered with comfortable fabrics and the bar is also detachable. Making it easy for you to remove and place your child on the buggy.

The bar is there to keep them safe as well, and keeping them from falling if you forget to strap them with the harness (which you should not do).


As mentioned above you can have a rose gold chassis or normal aluminium chassis. Lightweight to handle and push around.

The chassis also makes you push in style while still having a comfortable pushchair. Design just for those parents who wants that.

Looking upwards you have a static handle with foam material. It’s soft and easy to grab and they are a bit ergonomic looking.

The handle is as well adjustable. Perfect for taller parents for their height. Adjustable handles can help out anyone because going up a hill would be much easier.

My Babiie MB51 is easy to fold and offers a complete fold because of how it’s built. When folding you only need to press with your leg under the seat.

It collapses downwards and folds easily. The handlebar act as a carry handle. Reported to be between 8.8kg up 10.5kg it’s tilting more on the heavy aide.

According to sources, it sounds heavy, but it really isn’t when you are pushing. The MB51 biggy is lightweight and easy to handle.

A sizeable shopping basket is next. It’s easy to reach and well suitable for you to store your groceries. Not the biggest, but reported to be quite helpful.


All suspension wheels make the stroller glide smoothly and offer manure. Lockable swivel wheels add to the convenience

You can steer through narrow places whether it’s streets, restaurants, favourites shops, etc.

Having a pushchair that fits almost anywhere and with style sounds good, the My Babiie MB51 delivers that.

You have two system flip flop brakes at the back. They are on the wheels and at your reach which makes them comfortable.

My Babiie MB51: Accessories.

Footmuff, Rain Cover and Cupholder.

The footmuff is made with the same fabrics as the buggy and matches its colours as well. Suitable for your child to use during winter.

Footmuffs are there to give warmth during cold seasons for kids. They as well add class and style to the buggies designed.

Mostly there to replace carrycots and when the seat is positioned in a lie-flat position your little one will sleep comfortably.

The rain cover covers the whole My Babiie MB51 pushchair and will keep the baby protected from not only rain but also other weather conditions.

A cupholder for those tea or coffee lovers. It’s designed to be installed on the sides. It keeps the handle-free without disturbing you, and at the same time, it’s reachable.



  • It’s quite expensive for a single buggy.
  • Tilting more on the heavy side.
  • Only forward-facing.
  • Not compatible with a carrycot and car seat. Which means it can be converted into a travel system. That’s a big letdown for many parents.
  • It does not have all-terrain wheels and puncture-proof tyres.
  • Two system brakes can be harder and especially flip flop brakes.
  • Doest stand on its own when folded.
  • When it’s completely reclined reaching the shopping basket is almost impossible. Which renders it useless from the beginning.
  • You might not have a place to hang your changing bag. Using clips on the handle can be possible but not too much. It might tilt the buggy backwards.

My Babiie MB51 vs Silver Cross Pop Stroller.

Silver cross first and most popular buggy is the Pop Stroller, and if you live in the UK I am sure you knew this.

This buggy is still bought by many parents and is a favourite. It has a high fan base and is very trusted. So, is the My Babiie buggies but not at that level.

However, how are these two when compared? Is the Pop stroller better or the former? I will do a small comparison to just see how much the My Babiie MB51 does against this popular buggy.

Like many lightweight buggies, they do share similarities and these are:

  • Suitable from birth with a lie-flat position.
  • UPF50+ canopy with peek a boo window.
  • Not travel system convertible.
  • Softly padded fabrics on the seat.
  • Carry handles.
  • Adjustable calf rest.
  • Bumper bar included.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Two brakes system.
  • Comes in many colours.
  • Sizeable basket.
  • Forward-facing only.


Their similarities cover almost all the features the two buggies have, which makes them pretty similar. Of course, there are always differences.

Starting with the age suitability which is up 22kg for the Pop Stroller. That’s around 4 years for the average toddler.

It’s much lightweight around 7.5kg and it takes you one hand to fold the Silver Cross Pop stroller.

When looking at the My Babiie MB51 you have a stroller that offers more style and design. It’s more modern. Rose gold chassis and detail designed fabrics.

The harness has chest pads and it has an adjustable handlebar (a big pro for many). Swivel lockable wheels and all suspension wheels.

A back pocket and has a removable bar as you can see above. Although it’s heavier, however, it does not cost much more.

Around £5 more which does not make a difference to some. The My Babiie MB51 is better and therefore wins.

You just have to compromise the weight.

Why the My Babiie MB51?

Well, the answer is above you. Not only is it stylish and classy it’s also simple and easy to push around within the city and using public transport.

It’s made for those who don’t want that many accessories, a pushchair suitable from birth and at the same time a sizeable buggy.

Although expensive it’s still much cheaper than soo many brands. For some parents, it’s actually cheap and not that pricey.

If you want a simple buggy to push your child on then the My Babiie MB51 is the one for you  Will last long with the family, and because of the luxurious design, it will be in trend for years to come.

Well, do you think it’s the one for you?


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