MotherCare Pushchairs – Mothercare Journey vs Mothercare Amble.

Mothercare is a very popular brand here in the UK, and it’s loved by many. They don’t only have pushchairs, but also many other things like baby and maternal clothes.

Their pushchairs are considered to be one of the best, but you of, course have pushchairs that are more popular and have more quality.

For this post, I will be reviewing my baby’s travel system, and one of my friend’s pushchairs. The Journey Travel System and the Amble pushchair.

I of course have more insights and will be able to tell you which pushchair is the best out of both of them.

About The Journey Travel System.

This the special edition, however the design is the same.

£239.20, Boots. Click here.

Size of the Product: Unfolded dimension: H109 x W58 x D100cm. Folded, dimensions: H66 x W58 x D95cm.

Suitable from birth with the car seat or carrycot up to 6 months, and with the car seat up 12 or 14 months. The seat unit can be used from 6 months upwards, until around 3 years.

The seat is actually a convertible seat. Meaning the carrycot can be turned into a seat with help of straps. It’s a bit tricky to do, but once done that’s it.

The seat comes it a seat liner and an apron. It’s a rear and forward-facing seat which is good. Your toddler or baby has the option to face you or the world.

I liked this feature of the stroller. Having both options made my baby and toddler relax, and enjoyed many views. A bumper is installed with it to offer further protection.

Height adjustable handle it’s also included. This is one of my favourite features I liked about this stroller.

More Features.

It also has a swivel and removable bumper bar. Easy for you and your child when they getting out of the pushchair. All suspension and lockable front wheels make the ride better.

The wheels a very lightweight, and does not make the pushchair heavy. I love pushing the frame. Made with super-lightweight materials and fabrics.

The wheels can be removed to offer a compact fold. When folded the pram can stand on its own. A footmuff to keep your baby warm.

I never really used mine. The travel comes with a rain cover. A spacious basket with a magnetic pouch to make life easier. The basket can take a lot of weight.

I have used it for all my grocery shopping, and not only that. I have benefited from it a lot. Although the car seat comes with the stroller, and it’s suitable with almost all cars it’s only compatible with the journey pushchair.

The adapters are included in the package. The pushchair is easy to fix and has easy instruction to follow. One more thing, the fabrics are washable and easy to assemble back.

A bit harder with the car seat fabrics.

About The Amble Pushchair.

£104.00. eBay. Click here.

Size of the Product: Unfolded Dimensions: D92.5xW64xH101 cm. Folded Dimensions: H48xW22xD66 cm

The Amble stroller is the one my friend bought, and it’s only a pushchair. It does not come with a carrycot or car seat. Suitable from birth up to 15kg that around 3 years.

Just like the other, the frame is super lightweight. I have tested pushing it a few times, and it’s true. The seat has soft fabrics to give your baby a nice cosy environment.

A place for them to sleep. It also has chest pads and a reclining footrest. An additional feature is a backrest. Which of course enables the baby to lie flat.

Lockable and 360-degree swivel wheels for a smoother ride and journey. All suspension makes it easy to go anywhere. It’s easy to push with one hand.

The canopy or hood has sun protection and the rear wheels have a lock-in in case of emergency. Easy to access both of them. This one also comes with a rain cover.

More Features.

When folded the seat is compact and can stand on its own. Good for travelling and using public transport. It’s easy to use and push around. Weighing only 8.2kg.

A shopping basket underneath for the groceries. My friend has been using hers too. The Amble pushchair is suitable with the Mothercare Maine car seat, Cybex Aton and Maxi-Cosi pebble plus. 

See my reviews on both of these. You will need to buy adapters separately.

Journey with car seat
Journey with car seat

Difference Between These Two.

These pushchairs have many differences I can point out, but I will just point 3 major ones which are more noticeable and are more likely to affect the decision when buying the strollers.

Because the journey it’s a travel system I will only compare the pushchairs, not the whole bunch.

1. One Has A Carrycot and The Other Is Suitable From Birth with The Seat.

The journey has a carrycot which must be used or the car seat for your baby. In the description, it states you can use the seat from birth, but that’s, not the case.

I used the carrycot and car seat for my baby, then I which to the seat later on. It does not have a reclining position which makes it harder for your baby to lie flat as possible.

The Amble does have this feature which makes it possible for your baby to use it. Both are suitable for a travel system, but the difference is the journey it’s a 3in1 one, and the Amble pushchair 2in1.

2. Both Offer Unique Features The Other Don’t Have.

The features the journey offer are a footmuff, magnetic pouch and removable wheels, detachable and swivel bumper bar, forward and rear-facing options, visor and height-adjustable handlebar.

The Amble pushchair offers an adjustable footrest, a sun cover with a hood with UPF50+ protection, suitable with car seat from different brands, backrest, lockable and 360-degree swivel wheels, the seat is suitable from birth, more soft padded fabrics and it’s lighter.

Both of these offers features that are needed for many parents, but this often happens. It can’t be easy to find a pushchair that offers all of the things you need.

If it does it will be expensive.

3. One Offer Washable Fabrics and The Don’t.

The journey has fabrics that can be washed which is good because these fabrics tend to get dirty very fast. The Amble pushchair doesn’t have this option.

You need to just clean it with a towel or wipe it clean with something else. Although washing fabrics is good, you don’t do it regularly.

You can use wipes to clean the dirt which works wonders for many.

Which One Is Better?

Why The Journey Can Be Better?

The only reason the journey pushchair will be better than Amble has to do with the facing options and the height-adjustable handlebar.

For me, the swivel bumper bar and removable wheels didn’t really make a difference, but it might be for someone else. The most important features the pushchair alone offers are these two.

I also use the magnetic pouch, but the basket is big enough to handle most of your things. I didn’t use the footmuff because I didn’t find a need to do so.

Using blankets can be an option. The pushchair with or without the wheels is still compact fold. All of these can be important to some parents, so it’s a bonus.

I will have to favour this one over the other because of the two features I mentioned above.

Why Amble Pushchair Can Be Better?

The Amble stroller is compatible, more swivel wheels and sun protection can be something many parents will prefer. It’s also suitable from birth which it’s super good.

The only problem with this stroller is that your baby can’t face you, and the handlebar is not height adjustable. That’s a major downside in my humble opinion, and many parents will agree.

With those, I have spoken to anyway. I will state both are better depending on the circumstances. With travel systems taken as a base then the journey it’s better.

Without it, the Amble can be considered to be slightly better.

Who Will Want The Loser?

So, who will want the loser? Well, there are two losing pushchairs here. Without the carrycot and car seat, the journey will be wanted by parents who absolutely must have a height-adjustable handlebar.

It can be because of the height of the family members or that it’s easier to have it whenever you go. Which is true. Having a forward and rear-facing seat is much better.

For newborns or baby up to 6 months rear-facing is better. Don’t expose them to the world because it’s not always safe, and without a peek a boo or visor you need to keep an eye on them.

The Journey offers a visor to keep an eye on your child when they are facing the world which is a bonus. The other additional features are also something one might find beneficial here in their lives.

What about the Amble? Well if you don’t mind a forward pushchair only and want a pushchair with features that makes the journey more relaxing then the Amble is the one.

If the pushchair is the right fit for your height then go for it. If someone tall is using it, it can be difficult for them. My friend doesn’t struggle because it was perfect for her height.

Potential Cons.

After telling you about all the amazing feature the pushchairs or strollers have, they do have cons like any pushchairs. The Amble has been reported to be a bit hard to steer, the basket wasn’t big enough and the wheels were difficult.

Another con is that it would have been better if it came with its own car seat. The Journey Travel System is super good, but the materials and fabrics are not the best.

The frame scratches easily, and the car seat is not that good. Hard to adjust the handlebar. The folding of the pushchair is not easy as well.

It takes you time to get the hang of it. To this day I am the only one that can fold it with ease. The fabrics can be easily removed by children, so you need to be aware.

It cant be steered with one hand. I always struggle. You can do it if you push hard enough, but it’s still hard.

However, for the prices, they have the pushchairs are worth it.

Simple, but Cheap.

As stated above they are both cheap. The Journey is a travel system and it’s still considered to be cheap when compared to many brands.

They are simply in their design, fabrics, materials and don’t offer many other additional features. However, I believe they are suitable for many lifestyles.

I am still using the journey, and it’s still is in good condition. My friend also has hers. It all depends upon what you like and your preference.

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