Micralite Profold Review.

If you are looking for a lightweight stroller to travel with or use daily then this one is ideal for any parent out there.

It’s one of the most search lightweight buggies and there’s a good reason for that.

In this post, you will learn all about the Profold buggy and what it has to offer.

I will do a review of all the pros, explaining every detailed pro, and then point out the cons.

I will also compare the stroller with other popular strollers in the market to see its value, and answer the question of why it’s for you and your family.

Well, then the decision is up to you and your family. Let’s delve into the details of find out, shall we?


  • Suitable from birth up to 15kg (3 years). (Weight 7.5kg).
  • Seat liner. (Soft Bamboo on one side and more soft airflow on the other side).
  • Water-resistant fabrics.
  • UPF50+ sun protection.
  • One-hand fold and a quick one.
  • Extremely compact when folded.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Small basket and a pocket behind the canopy.
  • A rain cover included.
  • A somehow big hood.

Micralite Profold: Buggy Review.

Product: Profold Buggy Carbon.

Price: £195.00

Size of the Product: L72x W44 x H105cm

The Place to Buy: Micralite.

Delivery: Multiple options.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

Just looking at the stroller you realise it’s quite simple and very lightweight to use. Simplicity is what most families are looking for believe it or not.

Suitable from birth for up to 15kg, which is as you see above around 3 years  So, this is an estimation for most toddlers and it can be less or more for your toddler.

Using it up to that age can depend on the toddler and also you, if you intend on using it up to 2 years then this one is perfect, and even up to 3 years.

It has a lie-flat position, hence the suitability from birth which gives your baby and even toddler to sleep cosy. The seat has soft cushioned inlay fabrics to provide comfort for your little one.

These are liners with Bamboo made on one side, and on the other side is has airflow to make them easy to breathe around. Amazing features indeed which your child will enjoy during hot and cold days.

You have also a harness system covered in pads to keep them clean and soft for your baby to grab on. The harness as you know will provide safety and security for your little bundle of joy.

The seat is spacious enough for your baby to move about, and enjoy the ride. It’s not narrowed like some lightweight strollers tend to be.

On top of those astonishing features, you have water-resistant fabrics. It seems Micralite are always there to save the day when you need it.

If you live in a rainy area this is super helpful for the entire family. It also means you can clean it easily without it getting damaged.

More Features.

The hood offers UPF50+ sun cover and a pocket behind the canopy. It’s here for the sun’s nasty UV and the pocket is perfect for you to store your personal belongings.

It’s near to you, so let’s say you need to take a quick stroller without bringing any accessories with you then your pocket is there to save the day.

The hood itself is not that tiny and it has an okay size, which will provide shade and privacy for your little one. According to manufacturers, this pushchair can be folded using one hand only

Which leaves your other hand free for your baby and other things. Extremely compact when folded and will make a perfect companion on your journey.

Whether using public transport or travelling abroad this is the one for you. When it comes down to the wheels which are always there to provide an easy push, the Profold is not an exception.

It means it has the basic all suspension wheels. Making it easy for you to push it. The Profold stroller comes with a bar to keep the baby safe and it’s not an open buggy.

It has a small basket underneath for those groceries or other personal things you like to place there. A changing bag can be an option.

The Profold Buggy: Accessories.

With this purchase, a rain cover is included. That will be one accessory of your back and less money to spend, although the buggy is cheap. Not the cheapest but still.

It’s not a travel system convertible so you have the changing bag left to buy. I have done some reviews on bags that I think will perfectly match this lightweight buggy.

If you are interested, see my review of and my list of 10 fancy baby changing bags. Pick the one you think won’t overload the pushchair and wear it down.


  • It’s only suitable for up to 15kg which can be good or bad depending on what you want. If it’s more then it would have been better.
  • Not travel system convertible. Although many parents don’t mind using a pushchair seat if it’s suitable from birth, a carrycot is still better. This is said by medical advice and has been proven right. In my humble opinion, a car seat is also better. So it’s a real bummer this one can’t have both.
  • It can still be considered not a cheap stroller for a single stroller.
  • Can’t be converted into a double stroller.
  • No removable bumper bar.
  • No adjustable handle bar.
  • No legrest and the basket is small. (Despite being advertised as big. I analyse it from my experience).
  • It does not have carry straps.
  • The profold colours are limited.
  • Not the newest stroller and it does not have the best wheels. (Such as no all-terrain and swiveĺ wheels, etc)
  • Only rear-facing which can be a major con for many.

The Profold Buggy vs Other Buggies.

There are many buggies out there that are lightweight and compact. What other light strollers can be in the market to compete with this one?

For this comparison, I chose the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Stroller. Although it’s more expensive they still share the same spot in the market.

I also chose the Babyhome emotion stroller.

Profold Buggy vs Quinny Zapp Flex Plus.

Not that similar in design and I have not seen these two been compared so I said to be maybe the first one. The similarities they share are:

  • Suitable from birth up to 15kg.
  • Folded with seat.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Small basket.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Water-resistant fabrics.
  • Big hood with UPF50+ protection.
  • Both don’t offer adjustable handlebar.

The Zapp Flex Plus is a travel system convertible with three available accessories. A cot, car seat and a cocoon. Its wheels can be removed and the brake is nearer to you.

Zapp Flex Plus buggy also offers a one-hand recline mechanism. It’s also rear and forward-facing, however, it’s more expensive.

When looking at the Profold stroller you have a seat unit that’s suitable from birth which the former does not offer. It has a pocket behind the hood.

Bamboo and airflow fabrics are easy to breathe around and protects your baby from bacteria. Offers an extremely compact fold and it’s lighter.

The Zapp Flex Plus has not a bumper bar to keep the baby secure this makes it miss out on a point as well.

The other one weighs 8.8kg. That’s 10kg+ more. This means you wiĺl push much less weight and have it easier when travelling with latter.

Its harness has soft covers all the way which the Zapp Flex Plus don’t offer. If we are only analysing the single strollers the Profold is better because of the fabrics, age suitability and weight.

It also has very good features, but if you are looking for a travel system then, of course, the former is ideal. So, theý both take the first spot if you compare their value.

Profold Buggy vs Babyhome Emotion Stroller.

These two look more similar in design than the other two and has almost the same price. Other than that they differ in many ways, but let’s look into the similarities first and these are:

  • 5 point harness system with chest pads.
  • Water-resistant fabrics.
  • Lightweight and compact fold.
  • Somehow big canopy.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Both only forward-facing.

The Emotion stroller is a car seat convertible and it can have rear-facing. This means the seat is removable. It has shock absorbing tyres which allows better manure.

A footrest as well, a canopy window, a bigger basket and it’s suitable for up to 25kg. Which is around 5 years. It can be expensive depending on the colour you choose.

As seen above the Profold offers better fabrics, one hand fold, UPF50+ sun protection, it’s suitable from birth, etc. It’s also cheaper.

This is also a hard choice but the Babyhome emotion stroller seems to win because it’s suitable for up to 5 years and can be used with a car seat.

When it comes to fabrics the former is indeed better but analysing everything together makes the Emotion stand out.

Is the Micralite Profold Stroller for Your Family?

Well, is it? You have to admit, it is a very good and ideal stroller for many families. It can be used for many things and has a few limitations.

For many, it’s cheap and affordable so they will save money. It has also the main features ready to go with. Although lacking many features it can still be used by many families.

If you want a simple and lightweight stroller this is the one for sure.

Click Here To Buy It.


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