Maxi-Cosi Pushchairs – Maxi Cosi Lara vs Maxi Cosi Stella.

Maxi-Cosi pushchairs or strollers are very famous, and well known by many families here in the UK or across Europe. They offer strollers that are affordable, lightweight and quality.

Although when compared to many brands the strollers can be considered not to have the best quality, parents still love the simplicity.

For this post I will be reviewing two strollers and then compare the two  I will not go into the details of reviewing every single aspect of the strollers, but give a quick summary of their features and performance.

I chose the Stella stroller and the Lara2 stroller. These are single strollers, but it’s available to buy accessories separately. Let’s see what the two pushchairs have to offer.

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About The Lara 2.

£189.99, Uberkids. Click here. 

Size of the Product: Folded: H26cm x W50cm x D51cm, Unfolded: H104cm x W50cm x D70cm

Suitable from birth up to 22kg which is around 4 years. The frame is super lightweight and easy to carry to different places. It can be converted into a travel system with a Maxi-Cosi Car Seat. You will need adapters which are all separately.

The stroller, of course, offers reclining positions on the seat the lie-flat which makes it possible to be used on babies. After reaching 6 months you can adjust the seat to set them upright.

The canopy has UPFO40+ sun protection and a peek a boo window to make it easier for you and your baby. Keep an eye on them with the window, and keep them safe from the elements.

The seat only offers forward-facing so you can only view your baby rear-facing with the car seat. Most car seats are rear-facing only. Use the car seat whenever you want your baby facing you.

Lara 2 offers swivel wheels which makes the journey more smooth. Easy to use in the city and narrow streets. It also makes it easy to steer.

More Features

Because of the lightweight, the stroller offers a compact fold. Makes it easy to carry anywhere. If you love taking public transport then this stroller can be something to think about.

It will fit in your basement without taking much space, and even your boot. It only takes one hand to fold the pushchair which enables you to do other things with the other hand.

Fold it with the seat on which makes it easier than always removing the seat when folding. Easier for many parents who are always in a hurry.

Straps are included to make carrying the stroller easier. When in a rush this is very useful. Just fold quickly and carry it with the straps hurrying to wherever you are going.

A basket underneath for all the other necessary things like toys, clothes, changing bag, etc. The basket can be used for many things. I love using it when buying groceries.

A rain cover is included with the single stroller which is a must if you live in a rainy area. Rain covers are also good for the cold and wind.

About The Stella Stroller.

£369.00, Kiddies-kingdom. Click here.

The stroller is suitable from birth with a lie-flat position and up to 15kg that’s around maybe 3 years. Compatible with a car seat and carrycot which means it’s travel system ready.

A compact fold thanks to it being able to stand when folded, and it’s easy to fold to. Store it in tiny spaces. The seat can be taken out or kept when you are folding it.

If you have less space these options are useful. An adjustable handlebar is designed with it. A good future for those families of different height.

The tyres are puncture-free because they are air-filled, and shock absorbing. This enables all-terrain wheels that are easy to use on many grounds.

Swivel wheels with a lockable system. Good for urban lifestyle or when going to difficult environments. All suspension rear wheels.

Coming back to the seat it offers soft inlay fabrics for your baby’s sensitive skin. Very useful for newborns especially. The seat can also face forward or you.

Give the baby or toddler to see more views. It also has reclining positions for the option to lie flat, play and sit upright doing other activities.

More Features.

A footrest is included with the stroller. Good for your toddler’s legs to rest well. Sun protection on the canopy. It can be used for protection from all the elements.

A 5 point harness system offers more protection, and you have a one brake system which also makes it easy to secure your child in case of accidents.

You only need to push one button. The pushchair cover can be removed to be wash in the washing machine. It makes it last longer than if it wasn’t possible.

The bumper bar can also be removed which allows a more compact fold but also makes it easy to place your child on the stroller.

A nice spacious basket underneath and the stroller comes with a rain cover to offer more protection.

The Difference Between These Two.

1. 3in1 vs 2in1.

One difference that’s easy to see is the compatibility with the necessary accessories such as a carrycot and car seat. The Lara 2 is only compatible with a car seat and not a carrycot.

Although it’s suitable from birth with the pushchair and car seat, it’s always advised to use the carrycot for newborns. It offers more privacy than the other two.

The 3in1 Travel System offers more flexibility depending on when you are going. Many parents usually buy 3in1 Travel Systems to be on the safe side of things.

2. The Stella Stroller Offers More Features.

By just reading through above you will see that the Stella stroller offers more features than the other one, its features are what might make many parents choose this one over the other.

Features such as forward and rear-facing, adjustable handlebar, removable bumper bar, one-click system and softer fabrics on the seat make it stand out

Of, course there are more features as you can see. This is why t’s more expensive. The Lara 2 also offers features such as a one-hand fold and straps to carry the stroller around.

3. The Lara 2 Is More Lightweight.

The Lara 2 weigh only around 6kg and the other around 13kg there is a much difference there. It makes the Lara 2 super lightweight and the other one a bit heavier.

A lightweight stroller can be handier to other parents than any other feature. I know people who have bought a stroller like the Lara 2 and found it very useful and helpful.

So, the weight is also a major difference and matter much when comparing.

Which One Is Better?

1. Why The Lara 2 Can Be Better?

Like I just stated above the Lara 2 can be better if you don’t mind having a simple stroller for your newborn with few features, but long-lasting fabrics and materials.

It’s better in the sense that it’s super lightweight, can be carried with the help of straps, can be folded with one hand and last until your toddler it’s 22kg.

Which makes the seat last longer than the Stella stroller seat. Your toddler can need the seat for up to 4 years depending on their growth.

Some parents might also prefer to use the stroller up till that age because it’s easier when going out. A travelling parent can also love this pushchair.

Easy to carry on the airport or when you are abroad. A heavy pushchair is not easy to handle when travelling. Trust me having a light stroller is very beneficial.

This stroller can also be used for toddlers only. If you want a single stroller for your toddler then this one is ideal which makes it stand out from the other.

2. Why The Stella Stroller Can Be Better?

If you are looking for a complete travel system then this is the one. It can be better in the sense that it offers more useful and beneficial features.

The stroller is roomier and will make a perfect place for your baby or toddler to be in. Because of the wheels and certain features, this stroller is suitable for any lifestyle.

Accept if you are a jogger then it’s not ideal. That’s the difference. The other one is only suitable for certain people not all.

Which One Is The Best?

I will have to choose the Stella stroller because of all the things I have stated above. Base on my lifestyle it will have to be an ideal stroller.

It’s also up to every individual. What can you afford and what can’t you? Both are good in their way but the Stella will make parents with different lifestyles happier.


Who Will like The Loser?

The Lara2 will be liked by travellers and or those who want a simple stroller as I stated above. It’s also cheap so it can be that people will buy it for the price.

There are always those who will choose the opposite of what you have chosen because of their lifestyle. There might be order reasons why people will take this baby carriage.

Lifestyles differ with many people, so there can be endless reasons why someone will choose a certain stroller. The Lara2 is popular among many parents and considered to be a good stroller from Maxi-Cosi.

Potential Cons.

What potential cons can there be with these two? Well, if we start with the Lara2 I believe I have stated the obvious above. Other cons can also be that it’s too simple.

It cant be converted into a tandem stroller. You will need to buy another stroller or stroller board. Which can make it useless if you happen to have a new baby after 1 or 2 years.

The Stella stroller major con’s the weight, but also that it’s lacking many things compare to popular brands such as Nuna and Bugaboo.

It can only go the toe with Mothercare strollers. The stroller is also expensive for a single stroller. Many parents may not choose it because of this reason.

Two Different Choices Available.

You have two different choices available with these two. If you want simple and cheap then the Lara2 is the one, and if you want more then the Stella stroller is the one.

It’s easier to choose than if you had two strollers offering the same things with just minor differences, but with these two it’s major.

What is your choice? Tell me why you will choose the one you did. I will love to know why in the comment section below.

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