Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro Review.

Maxi Cosi is probably one of the most famous brands for providing quality and well-wanted car seats for families. Alongside Britax and Graco.

Many of their car seats are compatible with many strollers from different brands, and you only need to use adapters to make that happen.

One of these car seats is the Pebble Pro which is one of the updates stemming from the original Pebble car seat.

I have done a comparison on it with other Maxi Cosi car seats, but for this review, I wanted to go into detail. Detailing the pros and pointing out the cons.

Also compare it to another car seat from another brand, and see how it holds up against that one.

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  • An I size infant car seat. ( R129 regulation safety checker).
  • Suitable from birth up to 75cm (12 months).
  • Familyfix3 base.
  • Car seatbelt installation is also included.
  • Hugg inlay, headrest cushion, and deep side inlays for protection.
  • Side hooks, 3 point harness system, and option to have a canopy.
  • Blue indicators for belt installation.
  • Adjustable handle.

Maxi Pebble Pro Review: Car Seat.

Product: Pebble Pro.

Price: £397.99. (Including base).

Weight: 4.5kg.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

Pebble Pro Fabric and Canopy.

The Pebble Pro is a good standard car seat that will help out with your baby. It comes in a few colours that fit different lifestyles.

These colours are Black, Grey, Graphite and Blue. These colours are on the fabrics. Suitable from birth up to 75cm which is around 12 months.

It can also depend on your little one’s growth. It can be more than 12 months as babies grow different. At that age, your baby can move on to the stroller seat.

Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro comes with a hugger inlay and headrest cushions attached to the frame of the seat. These are there to keep the baby comfortable.

Support their head in the early stages and keeping them from tilting forwards. You can adjust the fabrics as your baby grows and they are also removable.

A 3 point harness system is attached as well, which has a one-hand release and it can be adjusted with one hand as well. Making it easier for the parent.

The harness has chest pads and a one-click and release button. If you want it out of the way there are side hooks designed on the seat.

Hang the harness there and place your baby without worrying something getting in the way. Looking at the canopy It’s easy to fix and detach.

Pebble Pro has two side hooks on the handle as well, these are there to attach the canopy after inserting them from behind.

Not the biggest canopy but it will keep the baby’s face away from the sun.

Pebble Pro Frame and Handle.

The frame and structure of the seat are curvy like all car seats. Outside is designed in a way to make it easier. You hold on to the handle and swing the seat.

Made with good materials to keep it long-lasting. When looking inside you have a deep car seat. Absorbing side impact to keep your child well protected.

The Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro is I Size car seat which means it has the newest EU regulation, safety checker. It has the R129 compliant.

This makes it much better than a regular car seat. It absorbs 50% of all impacts which is good. Keeping baby safely tucked away in the seat.

This makes it also offer the best rear-facing option. (By the way it’s only rear facing). When facing the rear, your child is in the safest position.

These are covered around the frame keeping safe and durable. You also have blue indicators that signal where you place the car seat belt.

Pebble Pro is easy to carry weighing 4.5kg which is a normal car seat weight. Not the lightest and not the heaviest.

The handle is sleek and easy to handle and also adjustable. You will need two hands to push the buttons on the sides.

Pebble Pro Stroller Compatibility.

The Maxi Pebble Pro is only compatible with all Maxi Cosi strollers and also all Quinny strollers. According to manufacturers it only needs a one-hand attachment.

You can fix it and detach it easily. If you own one of these strollers then the Pebble Pro will be a great addition.

I have done reviews on the Maxi Cosi Zelia, Lila and compared Stella and Lara2. I have reviewed Quinny Zapp Flex, Zapp Flex Plus and the Moodd travel system.

View these if you have not gotten a stroller yet.

Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro Review: Accessory.

You only got the base. Being part of the Familyfix makes the base useful. This means it can fit other car seats and is easily installed.

You either use the base two to fix it or use the seatbelt, whichever you prefer. The base can be prefered because it keeps the seat more steady.

It also has indicators showing if you have fitted it correctly. Another accessory that’s not with the purchase can be a rain cover.

Universal rain covers can fit the Pebble Pro which you can buy from Amazon.


  • Only suitable up to 12 months. (You have other car seats up to 15 and even 18 months).
  • Only compatible with two brands.
  • Not the lightest car seat.
  • The canopy is simple and basic. Does not have a window, it’s not UPF50+ and it’s not ventilated.
  • Available in a few colours.
  • It’s not that cheap.

Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro vs Joie I Snug Car Seat.

Joie is also a leading brand when it comes to car seats. One of their famous baby car seats is the I Snug car seat. Which one is better?

It’s the Maxi Cosi car seat or Joie better? I will do a quick comparison between these two. Mentioning the basic and major features to see which of these are better.

Both are quality car seats so they do share similarities, and these are:

  • I Size team car seats.
  • Compatible with more than one brand.
  • Side impact protection.
  • Headrest cushions and other fabrics are removable. Gives good comfort.
  • Curved frame so you sling your baby.
  • 3 point harness system with click and release button, chest pads and removable.
  • Adjustable handle and is easy to grab.
  • Blue indicators.
  • Used with base or seatbelt.
  • Both are from birth up to 75cm.


Aside from these the Joie I Snug has a bigger canopy with UPF50 protection and it’s reclinable as well. The Joie I Snug has an ergonomic handle which makes it better to hold.

The I Snug is also lighter around 3.2kg and much cheaper than the Pebble Pro.

If you look at the Pebble the hood is not better but it can be detached with ease. It has side hooks to help with the harness. It’s also compatible with a base that can be used for many car seats.

Its colours are more as well. The Joie I Snug seems to be better considering the major features are better and it’s a lot cheaper.

However, the Pebble Pro is still wanted because of soo many reasons. The brand is one of them.


Although not the best car seat in the market the Pebble Pro will still make life easier for families around the world. Many people have Maxi and Quinny car seats.

It will help you and make your baby comfortable because the Pebble Pro has the important features car seats should have. It’s also I size compliant which makes it already a top car seat in terms of safety measures.

This is a major reason why car seats are bought, and other things are secondary, although still important.

What’s your opinion on the Pebble Pro? Do you think it will be comfortable for your baby?


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  1. I like the maxi Cosi pebble pro because it has all the features needed for a baby car seat. The size and the materials are look premium and good quality fabrics suitable for babies which is the most important part for choosing anything for them. Different color options are also available and the regulatory authority approval makes it safer for use. Although it is on the heavier side and only usable for up to 12 months. 


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