Maxi Cosi Lila Review.

Maxi Cosi has existed for 35 years, and they are providing parents all over the world with strollers and car seats.

Mostly famous for their car seats though.

For this review, I decided to view the Maxi Cosi Lila travel system. Detail the pros and point out the cons. I will also compare it with another stroller to see its value.

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  • Suitable from birth with the seat unit, carrycot or car seats. (3.5 years, 15kg).
  • Build like a cocoon.
  • 3D reversible mattress. (Temperature regulation).
  • So-called nap keeper (bug shield).
  • Adjustable UPF50+ sun canopy. ( Ventilation holes on the sides).
  • Adjustable leg rest( 1 position).
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Adjustable handlebar with a click mechanism.
  • Leather made bars.
  • Long-lasting ride with innovative wheels.
  • Punctured proof tyres and all-terrain wheels.
  • Big shopping basket that is removable  (More than 2kg).
  • One-hand fold.
  • Double convertible. (Tandem pushchair).
  • Travel system convertible.


Package Includes:

  • Maxi Cosi Stroller.
  • Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Car Seat.

Maxi Cosi Lila Review: Stroller.

Product: Maxi Cosi Lila (2019).

Price: £399.00. Sale price. (OG Price: £699.00).

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: 104 cm (D) x 105 cm (H) x 61 cm (W). Folded dimensions: 42 cm (D) x 105 cm (H) x 61 cm (W) (Weighs: 11.6kg).

Handle Height: 92-105cm.

Delivery: Only to the UK (Ireland included).

My Rating: 9/10.

So, with this stroller you are able to carry two children if you wish. We will get more into that below. Let’s first start with the single mode.

Suitable from birth either with a carrycot (You can get Orio or Jade Maxi Cosi carrycots), seat unit and car seat.

The seat unit offers a lie-flat option that’s really flat, and unlike other strollers, it does offer carrycot like positions.

Confirmed by a mother who did a review on Your baby is able to lie flat from day one with a comfortable adjustable headrest.

The headrest is cushioned and soft making it safe for your newborns tiny and fragile head.

One rarely finds this feature it comes with, which is the 3D reversible seat liner/mattress.

It’s a temperature-regulated mattress that’s comfortable to use on cold and warm days.

For the cold days, it offers warm and thick fabrics, and for the warm days, it offers airflow and a breathable environment. Making it a seasonal buggy.

As stated above it gives a cocoon-like feeling. This happens because of the so-called “nap keeper: which is a bug shield mostly.

Designed to keep insects away, and also to keep the sun light away. Super helpful when your little one is sleeping.

It totally covers it, a 360-degree angle.

The seat also has other reclining options, it can be a snooze position and play positions. Giving the child other views will make them bond with you and also enjoy the ride.

A mum reported this to be easy. You can recline it while your child is on board.

More on the Seat.

Not yet done with this one. A Forward and rear-facing seat unit are available. They can face any position you want. It’s good for their development and your peace of mind.

An adjustable legrest as well with only 1 position, but still helpful. Keeping your toddler’s legs rested and not dangling around.

A 5 point harness with chest pads to keep baby comfortable and have something soft to touch. It also helps keep the harness clean.

Moving back up, you have the big sized UPF50+ canopy. It gives shade from the sun and tiny rain.

The hood is also adjustable giving the option of having an open view as well. Good for your toddler to see all angles.

Lovely design with the option of choosing from many colours. Available in grey, red, black, blue, etc.

The Chassis/Frame.

Beside the harness you also have leather made bumper bar. Not only does it give a stylish and modern look, but it’s there to keep the baby safe.

Keeping toddlers at bay and keeping them secured.

A leather made handlebar as well. It offers a 2 click mechanism when adjusting it.

Perfect for tall parents and even short confirmed by a mother on

I love the adjustable handlebar because it does help when pushing it up a hill. You have two big back wheels and two much smaller front wheels.

The wheels have rubber tyres and are puncture-proof. They also are “all-terrain”  Taking it anywhere you like.

If you are an adventurer then this one might be it. Strolling through the city, countryside and taking it to other rougher terrains.

All suspension as well which makes it glide smoothly when pushing.

After you are finish for the day, you can easily fold it using only one hand. It has a weight of 11.6kg with the single-mode.

Last but not least you have the detachable shopping basket. It can carry more than 2kg of goods.

It’s one of the noticeably and praised feature by mums. You can put in their groceries and carry it as well.

Easily folds with the chassis and you won’t have to remove It, and it’s reachable on all sides.

Maxi Cosi Lila: Accessories and Double Mode.

Double Mode.

So when you are expecting again, you won’t have to buy a new stroller because you can convert this one. Saving you a lot of money.

You are able to buy a separate seat unit with adapters to put on top of the other. Your toddler will use it or baby if they can sit upright and unattended.

While your newborn uses either the other seat, carrycot or a car seat. It turns into a tandem pushchair.

This means you won’t take that much space when using public and can fit in many doorways.

There’s a pedal available to buy to use with the duo kit. It’s easier to lift the chassis when stumbled upon high ground.

Car Seat and Carrycot.

It’s both a 2in1 travel system and 3in1 travel system with these two available. It’s compatible with car seats from Maxi Cosi and also from other brands using adapters.

This gives you the option to choose from many brands and higher quality brands.

With this link it comes with the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat, which is suitable from birth up to 13kg and weighs around 3.5kg. View my full review on it.

You can also buy a separate carrycot if you like to give your baby a bigger space. ( Cots are always advised to suit newborns better.

Additional Accessories.

  • Rain cover.
  • Changing bag.
  • Parasol.
  • Footmuff.
  • Cupholder.
  • Universal Buggy Board.



  • It is expensive, even for a single stroller.
  • Does not offer a peek a boo window on the hood.
  • No swivel wheels.
  • Its very heavy and will not be easy to carry. Much heavier with the double mode.
  • Does not offer a compact fold, which one mum said was a bummer. It won’t be easy to store in a tiny space.
  • Its not easy to push through narrow places if you have things on the sides.
  • “The basket is not attached to anything, it can easily come off and even fly away if there is a heavy wind“, a statement from a mum.
  • The basket is not that big when compared to many brands.

Maxi Cosi Lila vs Nuna Mixx Next.

Maxi Cosi is often compared to Nuna pushchairs, but it’s not really a high-end brand like Nuna. However, people always like to compared and know the value.

I have done a review on the Nuna Mixx Next stroller and would be able to give a deeper comparison. Although these two might not be the ones that are compared, I will give it a try.

Like many quality strollers they do share similarities, and these are:

  • Suitable from birth with the seat.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • One hand folds on both sides while the seat is on.
  • Big adjustable sun canopy.
  • 2in1 or 3in1 travel systems convertible.
  • Legrest.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Leather bumper bar, and adjustable handlebar.
  • All-terrain wheels and all suspension wheels.


Although they do share many similarities, the differences are there as well. Mixx Next is suitable for up to 20kg instead of 15kg, which does make a major difference for some.

Has more high-quality fabrics and designs.

It has a click fold mechanism and can be pushed like a trolley, sun visor and peek a boo window with fabric cover.

It has a bigger and integrated basket which some parents might prefer. Rear-wheel brakes and the canopy If bigger.

You can also choose to use either a 3 point harness or 5 point harness.

However, is more expensive and heavier around 12.7kg.

When looking at the Lila pushchair, you have the cushioned padded fabrics, meaning the 3D temperature regulation on the seat.

Headrest and a UPF50+ hood. It has puncture-proof tyres and had a removable shopping basket some might prefer.

The biggest pro and difference is the double converter. Maxi Cosi offers you to ride with two kids.

It’s less quality than the other which for some can be seen as a con.

The Mixx Next is tilting more to the winning side, but not much given that the Maxi Cosi Lila offers excellent features as well.

For many it’s the winner, so you can still argue.

A Versatile and Convertible Stroller.

When you have these options on strollers then they are perfect for so many lifestyles.

The Lila is versatile because of how it can give comfort to your little one during winter and summer.

The fabrics adapting to the temperature and making your child enjoy the ride.

Keeping baby protected from the sun and even small insects all year round. When you are ready to move on you have a double convertible option.

It saves money, and you won’t need to buy all the other accessories. It can work fine on its own.

What do you think? Is worth your money?


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