Maxi Cosi Lara 2 vs Jaya.

Maxi Cosi is a well-known brand among many parents worldwide and they offer the simplest strollers which are also cheaper than what most brands offer in the market.

If you are interested in buying either the Maxi Cosi Lara 2 or the Maxi Cosi Jaya then in this article I will make your decision easier.

These are some of Maxi-Cosi best lightweight buggies, if not the best. The Maxi Cosi Lara 2 is listed on Madeformums mums 10 best lightweight buggies.

It’s listed as the best lightweight stroller for extra storage, which I will write all about below.

What do the Maxi Cosi strollers have to offer?

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Similarities Between the Maxi Cosi Lara 2 and Jaya.

Lara 2 and Jaya Seat.

These Maxi Cosi strollers are quite similar. The Lara 2 and Jaya are suitable for babies from birth up to 4 years which is around 22kg give or take.

Both seats can be reclined so that it suits smaller babies and your growing toddler. The seats are also padded and have a fancy design to them.

These are much-padded fabric where the head is meant to be and this is to keep it soft and comfortable for your growing baby.

This is more so though on the Lara 2.

The 5-point harnesses are designed to keep your baby safe and these are adjustable to keep accommodating your growing child.

The harnesses also have cover pads to keep them clean. Alongside the harness, you have bumper bars on both buggies. The bumper bars are detachable making it easy to take your baby out of the seat.

Maxi Cosi Lara 2 and Jaya have legrest that are adjustable to keep your baby’s and toddler’s legs and feet from dangling. This will also make them sleep better.

The seats are only forward-facing, which means your baby will only be able to face the world when they are on the seat and not you.

Lara 2 and Jaya Canopy.

Maxi Cosi Lara 2 and Jaya have very similar canopies which can be reclined.

They seem to be the same size. The canopies are UV50+ which means these will keep your baby safe from the sun and also mild rain.

Not a full cover, but it will keep them safe when they are sleeping. Behind the hood, you have a peek-a-boo window on both buggies.

The window is covered to keep air blowing in and out if it’s not needed. This will also give your busy toddler some privacy.

Maxi Cosi made up for the strollers by only having forward-facing options, with windows. This way you can keep an eye on your little one without troubling yourself.

Some lightweight buggies do not offer a window on the canopy, so this is a big pro.

Lara 2 and Yaya Chassis/Frame.

Starting with the handles which are quite similar. These are not adjustable so it can be easy to push or steer depending on your height.

Although different the heights are almost the same. Maxi Cosi Lara 2 offers a 104cm height and the Jaya offers a 103cm height.

These are good heights for people who are maybe 163cm upwards.  Due to my previous research and knowledge if you are shorter than this it might be a bit difficult.

Because the handles can’t go higher than these heights then if you are way taller, then you will have it harder to steer the strollers as well.

However, for the average height, it’s fine. Maxi Cosi Lara 2 and Jaya are designed very similarly when it comes to the seat, frame and the whole structure.

Although there are differences. You have baskets underneath the seat and the wheels are of similar design and size.

Just like all umbrella strollers, these are small. In an addition to the legrest, you have an unadjustable footrest.

This is more useful for your bigger toddler. Maybe from 3 to 4 years and it will keep their feet off the air.

Both tyres and wheels are designed for an urban lifestyle. Most specifically the Lara 2 is designed for the urban lifestyle and the Jaya is for the super urban lifestyle as stated by the manufacturers.

Wheels are EVA foam and are hard, which makes them not easy to puncture.

You have brakes on both strollers and a footbrake is something many will prefer. The brakes are located between the wheels.

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Lara 2 and Jaya Folding Mechanism.

A unique one-hand fold for both of these, which does remind me of the Didofy Aster 2. It also offers a so-called “magicfold”.

For the Maxi Cosi Lara 2 and Jaya, you only need to press the button on the handlebars and the whole pushchair folds quickly.

After viewing a video of the folding of these it’s a bit different. The Maxi Cosi Jaya is more similar to the Didofy Aster 2 quick fold than the Lara 2.

I will state the differences below.

Lara 2 and Yaya Accessories.

These come with rain covers and you are able to buy a parasol for the buggies. You can also buy a travel bag for the Jaya, and it’s the case for the Lara 2.

Other accessories such as changing bags, footmuffs, adapters, cupholders and buggy boards you will have to buy from separate brands.

Max Cosi does offer some of these, but these are not specifically designed for these strollers.

Click the links to see which changing bags and boards you can buy that match these strollers. These are also similar when it comes to not being compatible with a carrycot.

So, you can’t use a carrycot on the strollers but you can with car seats.

Differences Between the Maxi Cosi Lara 2 and Jaya.

Differences Between the Lara 2 and Jaya Seat.

Jaya has a lie-flat mode seat which has 3 reclining options and as it’s advertised it seems to be better than the Lara 2.  It offers reclining options but not a complete lie flat which can be more suitable.

Maxi Cosi Lara 2 has a more breathable seat with more padded cushioned fabrics. Easy for your baby to lay and sit on.

Differences Between the Lara 2 and Jaya Chassis/Frame.

Maxi Cosi Jaya has a more bend chassis which was the first thing a spotted when I viewed both buggies.

Although both are lightweight and can be flight approved they weigh different. The Lara 2 weighs 6.4kg and the Yaya weights 6.9kg

It’s not that much but the Maxi-Cosi Lara 2 is easier to carry when folded. Lara2 is listed on the Madeformums site as being the best lightweight buggy with more storage.

This is true because it has two baskets on top of each other. These are also open and in clear view for the one pushing.

With more storage, you can bring many essentials during long walks. Jaya only has one basket underneath.

It looks like it can carry up to 4kg of items, and because the Lara 2 has more space it can carry more. A beneficial feature for many families.

Maxi Cosi Lara 2 also has double wheels on the front wheels and only single wheels on the back wheels. Yaya has only single wheels on both the front and back.

The legrest on the Lara 2 is flatter than Jaya giving it space for your toddler’s feet. Lara 2 has swivel wheels on the front wheels.

You can lock and unlock it by switching it up and down.

Differences Between the Lara 2 and Jaya Folding Mechanism.

It’s true both are folded quick, but there are differences. Jaya folds down quickly and it can be done with just one hand.

You first fold the canopy and then press the button on the handle and the whole stroller collapses down and it does so in a standing position.

You can use the bumper to hold the stroller and carry it around. Because it’s not that heavy it can be easy. These are the folded dimensions 26 × 46 × 55.5 cm.

When unfolding the Jaya you just need to pull the handle and it all comes back up. No need to bend down.

These are the standing dimensions 79 x 46 x 103.  For the Lara 2 folding it with one hand will take practice from what I saw. So it’s both hands really.

Although it can be done. You first fold the canopy and then the bumper bar. Press the button on the handlebar and the stroller collapses down.

It does so in a lie-down position instead and you can click it in to keep it folded. When folded these are the dimensions 27.6L x 19.7W x 40.9H centimetres.

These are the unfolded dimensions 70 x 50 x 104 centimetres. The Lara 2 is more compact and can fit in an aeroplane cabin. Call and ask before you travel.

It’s also more likely to save you space at home or in your boot.  The Lara 2 has a strap which you can use after folding it.

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Lara 2 and Jaya Compatible Car Seats.

These are compatible with Maxi Cosi car seats of course if you use the right adapters which are sold separately. These are compatible with the:

  • Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro.
  • Pebble Plus.
  • Cabriofix i-Size.
  • Maxi Cosi Rock.
  • Maxi Cosi Citi.
  • Maxi Cosi Tinca.

You are available to buy all of these on Amazon. The only difference is that the Lara 2 is compatible with the original Pebble, while the Jaya is compatible with the Pebble 360.

All of these car seats are compatible with many other stroller brands. Just in case you change the stroller in the future. You can still keep the car seat.

These can also go in the car without bases. If you don’t want to you don’t have to.

Lara 2 and Jaya Colours and Prices.

Both of these have two colours each, which is what I could find. The Lara 2 has graphite and black colours, and the Jaya also has a graphite colour, but it also has a light turquoise colour.

Maxi Cosi Lara 2 costs about £179 and the Jaya costs about £229. There’s a £50 difference which can be worth a save for some.

These are only the prices for the single buggies only.

Which One is Better?

The answer to this question can be a bit difficult to answer because people prefer different things. I would personally think the Maxi Cosi Lara 2 is better.

It’s more compact, lighter, has more storage, a better breathable seat and cushioned fabrics, and swivel wheels and you can also lock it when folded.

Besides, it’s cheaper.

On the other hand, you have the Jaya which does have a more lie-flat seat, quicker fold with one hand and comes with a travel bag

So, if you do analyse it the Maxi Cosi Lara 2 is better than the former. I also forgot to mention that with the strap it has you can carry the Lara 2 as a handbag.

If your toddler is not using it you can just fold it and then carry it.

Who Will Go for the Maxi Cosi Jaya Then?

Well, if you absolutely must have a quick and one-hand fold stroller then this one is for you. It’s also light and can be carried by using the bumper bar.

Although not as compact, it still is. It’s also compatible with the Pebble 360, which of course is an update to the original Pebble which the Lara 2 is compatible with.

If you are planning to go for this car seat, then you can only buy the Maxi Cosi Jaya, among these two.

Lara 2 and Jaya Cons.

With so many pros you might wonder if there are any cons, well there are and these are:

  • These are not compatible with carrycots.
  • The Jaya is quite expensive for only a single buggy.
  • Handlebars are not adjustable and are a bit high.
  • Only forward-facing on both buggies.
  • Although the fold it’s stated to be done by one hand for the Lara 2 is not really that simple. You will do some parts of it with one hand, but for other parts, you need two hands.
  • There is a chance these are not flights approved by some airlines.


What are your thoughts on these buggies? Will you go for the Lara 2 or Jaya? These are some of the best lightweight buggies out there and are compatible with car seats.

Not all light buggies do and compared with other brands in the market for the same features, these are cheap.

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