Mamas and Papas Prams – Mamas and Papas Flip XT3 or Strada Pushchair.

Are you in need of a pram bundle for the soon arrival bundle of joy? Then you should look no further than these Mamas and Papas Prams.

Flip XT3 is one of Mamas and Papas famous pushchairs. I have already made a review on the Flip XT2 pushchair, but for this, I will look at the newer model.

The Mamas and Papas Strada is also growing and loved by Many, so I will be detailing the Strada model to see what it has to offer. Let’s see which of these two are better by going into the details.

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Mamas and Papas Prams: About the Flip XT3.

Product dimensions: Pushchair:
H100cm × W59cm × L96cm Approx.
 Folded: H36cm × W59cm × L73.5cm.
Carrycot: H59cm × W38cm × L76cm.

Reported to be one Mamas and Papas lightest pushchair. Easy to handle anywhere you go and it provides an easy fold with just one hand.

The Flip XT3 has slim chassis that’s easy to steer and it also has a big space on the seat. Allowing your little one to move around freely.

It has a lie-flat position and other adjustable positions to give your baby, or toddler the options to seat however they want. UPF50+ sun protection on the good and it also has a mesh ventilation system.

The hood is big as well with a magnetic peek a boo window. This makes it possible for you to see your little one without going in front of the stroller.

A big hood not only provides shade from the sun but also rain, wind and gives your baby some privacy. The seat is suitable from birth up to 4 years which is around 22kg for most baby’s.

Promises to provide a compact fold making it easy to store in your boot, house and to make it easier when travelling. The Mamas and Papas Flip XT3 have dual positions.

It can face you or the world. Giving them options both will make the journey more relaxing and good. It has a bumper bar and an adjustable handlebar.

More Features.

It’s a travel system ready so it has a car seat which you can buy separately. Not included in the purchase with this link. The carrycot however is.

The cot is of course the best place for a baby to be. This one has a quiet place to offer. It has a handle that makes it easy for you to move the carrycot.

A hood with an air ventilation system to make breathing easier for your little one. The cot also offers a soft and comfortable mattress.

It’s suitable for up to 9kg which is around 6 months of age. It can be longer or less depending on your baby’s height and weight.

A harness system on the seat to make things easier for your baby and a spacious shopping basket. This bundle has a cup holder and adapters included.

Mamas and Papas Prams: About the Strada.

Just like the one above this one is lightweight and easy to handle. It offers an easy quick-fold by just using one hand. The chassis is slim and will perfectly be ideal for city dwellers but also for holidays.

Suitable from birth with the lie-flat position and you have also other positions to give your baby more views. It can be used up to 15kg which is around 3 years.

It offers rubber tyres and has reflectable wheels to make things easier. You can almost go anywhere with these tyres. The fabrics are washable to keep them clean and long-lasting.

Mamas and Papas Strada pushchair also offer adjustable handle to make life easier for those taller parents, and it’s for everyone if you think about it. Going up a hill will be much easier.

The pushchair also offers dual positions, a bumper bar and a big hood. The hood has a peek a boo window, extended sun visor and mesh ventilation system.

A 5 point harness on the seat and with a shopping basket underneath. It has lockable swivel front wheels which means sliding through the city will be much easier.

More Features.

Also, its travel system convertible with the car seat sold separately. Included with the purchase are a cup holder and adapters. A carrycot as well to turn it into a pram system.

This is cot is truly amazing because of the features it offers. It has a magnetic attachment to the chassis which makes it easy to attach.

Designed with leather and other fabrics. It has a peek a boo window and airflow to give your baby a good environment and also make it easy for the parent.

After you are done using the cot, it offers a flat fold with its bar. How amazing is that? Now you able to store it anywhere and it saves up space.

The Difference Between the Mamas and Papas Flip XT3 and Strada Pushchair.

1. Strada Has More Features.

By just viewing these two you can see that the Mamas and Papas Strada offers more futures on the pushchair and carrycot. Features such as wheels that can reflect light and rubber tyres.

Giving a better steering experience and it has swivel front wheels. Other than both pushchairs are the same. Except for the Mamas and Papas Flip XT3 has fewer features but the same quality and offers the same accessories.

The cot also differs. Strada offers a cot with a peek a boo window which also has a magnetic attachment and can be folded when ready for the day.

Many more things by just viewing above.

Both have the same size and designed almost the same, but the features differ slightly. The Flip XT3 has a more spacious seat than the former which gives your toddler all the space they need.

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2. Mamas and Papas Flip XT3 is Suitable For 4 Years.

One major difference is this age gap between 3 and 4 which is a lot. For up to 4 years you will have the stroller a year more and many parents are looking for this.

Many toddlers will be needing that extra year before feeling more comfortable walking alone.

3. Flip XT3 Offers Wrist Loop.

It might not be a major difference but it is one of the few considering how similar these two are. The wrist loop helps you steer the pushchair better or the cot.

The tyres not being all-terrain can make it hard to push on certain grounds by using the wrist loop it helps you out, therefore you don’t need to hustle that much.

Which One Is Better?

Why the Mamas and Papas Flip XT3 Can Be Better?

So, these reasons are already mentioned above really. The Flip XT3 is cheaper, well the whole bundle is. When looking at the features it has the same as the other one which does not help it at all.

The wrist loop makes it easier to steer than the former and one major difference that gives it a higher status is the age suitability.

Many parents don’t mind taking it even if it has fewer features, to just be able to use it for up to 4 years. It can save you money in the future and will also allow your toddler to grow out of the pram on their own.

No need to rush. It also has a bigger seat which means it will last much longer and will be more suitable for baby and toddlers that are bigger.

Making it a better choice for those kids.

Why the Mamas and Papas Strada Can Be Better?

This one is obvious because the features it comes with make it easy to win. It has a better cot as well which gives your baby more comfort.

The tyres and wheels are better making it easy to go anywhere. A peek a boo window on the cot will make it easy to view your baby without going to the front.

Which One is the Winner?

I have to choose the Strada pram. It has many features families all over the are looking for. It’s also ideal for urban and more ideal for a suburban lifestyle than the former.

If you live in narrow areas or visit there a lot then this one will come to good use. Although more expensive it has the features to make up for it.

Potential Cons.

As we all know no pushchair or pram is manufactured without any cons. The Flip XT3 cons are the features it lacks which the former pram offers, and vice versa with the other one.

Both are expensive which makes them not easy to purchase for any parent. I included, but I must say the features are exactly what I and any parents should be looking for.

They can’t be convertible into double strollers which is a bummer. If you happen to have another baby while this one still needs the pram, then you either buy a stroller board or a new pram.

That can cost. This is the risk of buying single strollers instead of double that can be converted into singles. However, singles are cheaper and less heavy.

Buying them will give you fewer headaches. The wheels can’t be removed and also you will need a changing bag which means more spending.

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These are only suitable for parents who are willing to spend to save for lifestyle and adventurous journeys. If you have the money go for it.

They are reported to be lightweight which is a bit true because they both weigh around 11kg each. This is a bit heavy for a single stronger and there are much lighter prams.

Are These the Prams You Have Been Waiting For?

Well, are they? These Mamas and Papas Prams are one of the top leading prams right now. Although not the best options on the market they are still excellent.

You save a lot of money if you buy them instead of strollers from Bugaboo or Silver Cross which are usually more expensive. Which of these two is your ideal pram?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Mamas and Papas Prams – Mamas and Papas Flip XT3 or Strada Pushchair.”

  1. Buying your first pushchair is mission impossible. I read tons of reviews but realised that along the way what I really would have needed. You kind of need first hand experience to make a good decision. With that said, reviews like yours are still extremely helpful. Without them I would have been even more lost. 
    One of the things I’m looking for the second time around is a hood that folds all the way down. Does this one do that?

    • Hey. Yes it’s not easy to choose. It took about 5 months to find mine. Experience is needed. These two a very good, well they got good ratings.

      The carrycot/bassinet hoods can be folded all the way down. When it comes to the seat units hood well it’s extendable which makes it adjustable, but I don’t know if it can be folded all the way down. 

      Anything else you need drop by. 


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