Mamas and Papas Pram Pushchair – Ocarro Pushchair Review.

Another review on a mamas&papas; pushchair. If you clicked on this post you are surely looking for a good pushchair for your baby or toddler.

With the Ocarro pushchairs, you will be able to offer your child a nice and comfy ride. One of mamas&papas; famous pushchair that’s loved by many people.

This review is only the pushchair, not the travel system or the pram. If you are interested in buying the Travel System I will link where you can buy it from below.

So, this is only for the single pram which can be used for your toddler and baby with the help of the seats reclining positions. I will list all of the features and list the accessories it can go with.

It’s to try and give you an idea, in case you need it. Last but not least cons are included. I will be the cons this pushchair has. It can’t be perfect for everyone.

View a comparison with the Oyster 3.

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  • Compatible from birth with a carrycot and car seat. (Can be used for 6 months only).
  • Reclining positions.
  • The seat offers an easy breathable area.
  • Comfortable fabrics and cushioned head support. (Also chest pads)
  • The handle can be extended.
  • A big and roomy canopy.
  • The wheels are punctured and the wheels trim are reflectable.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Easy access basket.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Easy fold. (Compact)
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Nice designed quality fabrics and materials.
  • Pockets for rain cover and adapters.

Ocarro Pushchair.

Product: Ocarro.

Price: £849.00

Size of the Product: 96 x 59 x 104 cm; 13.5 Kilograms

The Place to Buy: Boots. Click here.

Delivery: Multiple options. (No click & collect).

My Ranking: 9/10.

This mamas&papas; pram pushchair can be ideal for those parents who want to use the pram seat from six months beyond. Many parents like I do will want to use the carrycot or car seat for up to one year.

You can still do this option of course. It’s also ideal for those who want to buy a separate car seat. Let’s analyse the pram deeply.

The lightweight frame offers an easy way to push the stroller. With an extendable handle, you can use it to match your height. None of that hard pushing.

This can be helpful if you live up a hill. If the handlebar doesn’t fit your height it can be hard to push it, especially during winter.

Additional to the handle you have all-terrain wheels ready to help you. Snowy, muddy, sandy grounds, etc. The wheels and tyres are designed to go in many places.

If you love to have adventures well there you go, it’s waiting for you. Waste no time. Going over to the seat you will find many features that suit many lifestyles.

It offers reclining positions for your baby to lie flat, sit and play. All of these things are needed for a baby and even for a toddler. Make the ride comfier for your children.

The seat also offers cushion fabrics, inlay and head hugger to make it more cosy and soft. A place where your little one can relax and be settled.

With the harness system available to add more safety and comfort. Buckle them up for a ride. It also has air ventilation. Makes it easy to breathe, especially during summer and winter. During the winter they cooked up, so fresh air would be good.

Hold on, More Features?

The seat is forward and rear-facing. During the early stages, you might want to keep your baby rear-facing to offer a quiet and secure place.

Having this option is good because you have the choice to choose which side you want your child to face. There will be days where you need to switch.

Are you ready for the day?  Then use the easy one-hand fold mechanism. Fold it with ease and it’s also compact when folded. If you live in a tiny house or flat then this will make things easier.

Nicely designed fabrics and texture. Offers more than one colour for you to use. Match it up with many colours. If you are like me, then it must match.

Not only are the wheels all-terrain, but the tyres a punctured and have reflectable trim. Which is good to have when it’s dark. The punctured wheels make the pushchair steady and can handle the hard ground.

Any Additional Benefits?

The canopy offers even a bigger place for your baby and toddler to be in. It’s extendable and also just like the seat it offers quality and modern fabrics.

All pushchairs come with a shopping basket underneath. It’s a norm and has been for years, but not all of them offer an easily accessible basket.

Both from the back and front you can store and place your things. You don’t have to or need to drag yourself back to place something.

Pockets are installed to place the adapters there and a mesh pocket to place your rain cover. You will need this feature. My toddler’s pram does not have this accessory.

I always have a problem placing the rain cover under the basket. A mesh pocket can be useful. If you are interested in buying the whole bundle view here.


  • It’s suitable for six months and you need to have the carrycot or car seat to use it on your newborn. Which can be a major con for many.  Other brands and pushchairs offer pushchairs that are suitable from birth, with only a single pram.
  • It’s highly expensive for only a single stroller. I will not buy this stroller because of the price, but it does come with good features that make it attractive. So, this is for your parents who love to spend.
  • Any additional accessories like a rain cover, nappy changing are not included. This is, of course, available to buy separately or you can buy all the bundles. See the link above.
  • It does not have all features. Like a parent organiser, cup holder and child tray. (All can be both separately).

An All-Terrain Pram Pushchair.

This mamas&papas; pram pushchair offers you an all-terrain pram. Which is good to have wherever you decide to you. Wouldn’t you agree?

Do you love to visit many places? Would this stroller be any of use to you and your family if you decide to buy It? Let us know on the comment section. I am sure other readers will be interested to know your thoughts.

The Ocarro Pushchair does not only make it easy for you and your baby or toddler but also your future kids. If you decide to expand your family even more the pram will be there to welcome your baby. Buy the carrycot or car seat and you are good to go.

Or if you want to save more money buy the bundle one time. The choice is yours. Anything that makes you and your child satisfied, go with it.

If you are interested in buying similar strollers, see this one.

That’s it, parents, all you need to know about this cosy pram is here.

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