Mamas and Papas Pram- Flip XT2 Review.

Are you looking for a modern and simple stroller for your baby? This mamas and papas pram will make things easier and lighter.

The Flip XT2 pram is loved by many and has been bought by many. So, what have you planned to go on your next adventure? Is it to visit relatives in the city or abroad?

The pram is not a new model, but it can still compete with many stroller brands out there. It has the features and accessories that are needed to make your journey easier.

Do you have a hard time finding the right pram? Well, we have all been there so, no need to worry. Take your time and read the cons and pros to make a decision.

If you are interested in reading more about what you might need travelling to the city. View here. Now let’s view the details of this lightweight stroller.

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  • Performance.
  • Flip XT2.
  • Accessories.
  • Cons.
  • Dual Positions


  • Compatible with a carrycot and car seat.
  • Can come in a bundle.
  • Extendable hood/canopy. UPF 50+ sunshade and air ventilation. A peek and boo.
  • Big back wheels and smaller front wheels.
  • One-hand fold and compact when folded.
  • Bumper bar.
  • Front and rear-facing.
  • Air vent on the carrycot and cushion mattress.
  • Safety harness.
  • A large shopping basket.

Flip XT2.

Product: Flip XT2

Price: £649.00

Size Of Product: H: 104 x W: 57.5 x L: 90cm (approx.)

Delivery: Multiple options.

My Ranking: 9/10.

This Mamas and Papas Pram is compatible with a carrycot and car seat. If you have a baby, especially a newborn a carrycot is ideal to have.

Fix the car seat on to make it easy on you and your baby. What if your baby sleeps while strolling in the park? If you are using the seat you will need to pick them up risking waking them up.

With the car seat, you attach it and take it with you. However, don’t let your baby sleep on the car seat unattended or too long. The Flip XT2 come in a bundle.

You have the adapters for the carrycot and a cup holder. Use the cup holder for your afternoon coffee or tea. It’s the easiest way than you holding it.

Now let’s review the amazing canopy. A big and extendable canopy with a UPF 50+ protection. A peek a boo window and air ventilation.

Keep them well protected from the elements. Give your baby a quiet and comfortable environment to be in. If they are facing the other way, use the peek a boo window to see.

Air ventilation for them to breath fresh air when cooked up, especially during summer. The seat offers forward and rear-facing and reclining positions.

It’s well adjusted for your baby to sleep and sit.

More features.

The bumper bar can be used to hang toys hanged on it. Prams toys make the journey more exciting. Pram toys can also be something you want for your baby. Toys that are not harmful and suitable even for newborns. View here for ideas.

After a long day of using the pram you a most likely tired. Fold it with one hand and it’s compact when folded.

Can fit in any tiny space. If you live in a small flat or house this can be of good use. A safety harness to keep your baby or toddler safe.

Buckle them up and relax on the way. Big back wheels and small front wheels will allow a smooth ride. It will fit anywhere and everywhere.

Buying groceries are part of our daily lives and to make it easier strollers offer you shopping baskets. The Flip XT2 shopping basket is big enough.

Place your bags and groceries. No more holding bags which I know was a nightmare before having a stroller. If you buy it from the link above it comes with a footmuff and a nappy changing bag.

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The carrycot that comes with this pram air ventilation allowing them to breath properly, which of course again is well needed during summer. For them have fresh air is important.

With cushion mattress that can provide a cosy and quiet environment. Let them have a good sleep. You can also use the carrycot for them sleep on providing that you don’t place any blankets, toys and pillows near.

Place the carrycot beside your bed and let both of you have a good night sleep. Buy your car seat for the stroller. Check to see if any mama and papas car seat would be suitable.

If you are interested in buying nappy changing bags to match this pram then head over here. See these stylish bags that are suitable for many families. Do you maybe want to provide a warm place for your baby to be In?

If you are using the pram in the winter and a want footmuff. View the footmuff that matches with this pram here. It’s used from newborn. (If you are not buying it from the link above).


  • Even though the pram is cheaper than many prams it can still be expensive to some.
  • The colour is limited which can be a con to many parents.
  • Does not offer other accessories. Like a rain cover and car seat.

Dual Positions.

So, are you ready for you and your baby to explore this mamas and papas pram? Tell me and us all about it in the comment section.

A dual-position is indeed the way. To provide these both options enables you to use the stroller in many ways. From newborn, up six months it’s good to have your baby facing you and then later you can decide what side to choose.

See more on this topic here. After viewing all of the details you are now more than informed and know the benefits of buying the stroller. It is also good that you know how the feature and accessories can help you.

You will need a lightweight pram for public transportation use. With the condition in the world today, using public transportation is not recommended, but it can be something many have to take.

Make it easier for you and your baby.

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