Maclaren Double Stroller Reviews – Maclaren Twin Techno vs Triumph.

Maclaren is known for its lightweight buggies whether it’s singles or double strollers. Are you looking for a lightweight double buggy?

It can be for travelling or to use on public transport. Then these twin buggies are good for just that. In this article, I will compare these Maclaren twin buggies.

Highly praised by parents, which there must be a reason for right?

I will highlight the similarities and the differences in many aspects so you can see which of these two is better.

Let me first do a short introduction on these two twin buggies.

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About the Maclaren Twin Techno.

The twin Techno it’s an award-winning buggy that has a lie-flat option for newborn a to use and it also has a newborn safety system to make it comfortable for them.

It has 4 reclining positions that can be adjusted with one hand. 5 point harness system and a footrest and an adjustable legrest to keep your toddler comfortable.

Do you know that each seat reclines on its own so you can keep your babies satisfied? The fabrics are water-resistant and washable.

It has a big hood and there are reflective highlights on the sides. Sun visor and a peek at a boo window on the hood. All suspension and foot-operated brakes.

It has a one-hand fold and when folded you use the handle to carry.

It has an umbrella fold which makes it easy to store anywhere. An ergonomic handlebar makes it easy to grab and push. (Made with foam).

Twin Techno is only forward-facing and comes with a rain cover. Small baskets underneath both seats.  The weight of the buggy is 11.9kg. (A weight many standard single buggies have).

About the Maclaren Twin Triumph.

The twin Triumph is suitable from 6 months for your twin babies or toddlers. It has reclining positions to suit children and each seat recline on their own.

A 5 point harness system on each seat which are adjustable with straps. Two big hoods with UPF50+ waterproof and resistance, and also protection from the sun.

It has a sun visor and is extendable. It has all suspension and swivels lockable wheels with foot-operated brakes to make it comfortable.

The Maclaren Twin Triumph has a legrest and a one-hand umbrella fold. It also has an ergonomic handlebar to make pushing easier.

Two small baskets underneath which are reachable. You will get the stroller fully assembled, a lifetime warranty and you have replaceable parts available to buy.

It weighs 13.6kg (The weight of some standard single strollers).

Similarities Between the Maclaren Twin Techno and Triumph.

Some Similarities with the Seat Unit and Canopy/Hood.

Both seats have adjustable positions to make the babies or toddlers comfortable. They are similar with the upright and play positions.

The seats can also be reclined with just one hand and they have 5 point harnesses on each seat with adjustable straps. Each seat can be adjusted on its own.

This enables one baby to nap while the other wants to play and view the world.

Both seats also have a legrest and they do have a footrest underneath. Giving your babies and toddlers comfort.

They won’t need to have their legs dangle around, well your toddler at least.

The seats are operated with straps, and both have been advertised to have water-resistant fabrics and softly padded fabrics on their seats.

Both seats are suitable for up to 15kg which is 3 years.

Both have large hoods with extendable sun visors and UPF50+ sun and water protection. Both are sturdy and not flimsy giving your babies or toddlers much protection.

Frame and Wheels.

Both are aluminium frames/chassis that lightweight double buggies. The frames have ergonomic handles made with foam and are easy to grab and push.

Both can be folded with one handle and offer compact folds, which makes them easy to store and travel with. You have each seat offering underneath baskets.

One basket for each twin. You also have feet operated brakes which each twin buggy offer. Both have all suspensions on their wheels.

This gives good manoeuvrability on even terrains. The Maclaren Twin Techno and Triumph have 4 wheels and each wheel have 2 wheels systems and they are quite tiny.

Both Offer Similar Accessories.

Both have good rain covers and you also have accessories like a cupholder, which are useable on both of them. The accessories are not that much though.

The rain cover is the most important one. The one exception is the Twin Techno offers footmuff.

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Difference Between the Maclaren Twin Techno and Triumph.

Some Differences with the Seat Unit and Canopy.

Twin Techno has two seat units that are suitable from birth but the former is from 6 months, which makes a huge difference. The Twin Techno also has a newborn safety system.

It keeps the head and feet protected and Twin Triumph does not have this. You cant use the latter on newborns so you will have wait until they grow.

When it comes to the fabrics the Twin Techno offers reflective ones on the sides which the other lack. This can be good during nightime.

The Twin Triumph does not have adjustable legrest like the Twin Techno has.

One difference with the canopy is the peek a boo window. Maclaren Twin Techno offers a peek window so you can view your child. Both are forward-facing so this feature is quite important.


The 2018 version of the MaclarenTwin Triumph is only availabe in two colours. Black and Denim. The Twin Techno is available in more than two. It’s Black, Red, Blue and Grey.

You have more colours to choose from which is good. Colours that are favoured by many and suitable for the city.


There’s a price difference and the Twin Techno is more expensive around £349.99 and the former is around £240. As you can see it’s quite huge.

The prices however differ depending on where you buy them from, but the Twin Techno it’s still more expensive. Of course, these are cheaper than most umbrella strollers.

Many might go for the Twin Triumph because of their budget but you will be missing out on some features.

Weight and Dimensions.

Maclaren Twin Triumph has an open dimension of 104 cm x 74 cm x 78 cm and folded dimensions of 102 cm x 37 cm x 31.5 cm.

The Maclaren Twin Techno has an open dimension of 111 cm x 75 cm x 68 cm and folded dimension of 114 cm x 55 cm x 45 cm.

The Twin Techno weighs 11.9kg and the former 13.8kg which makes the letter lighter and easier to carry. The dimensions differ as well.

As you can see the Twin Techno it’s higher, has a wider seat but it’s shorter in lenght when in open view. Both differ in their fold as well.

The Twin Triumph gives a more compact fold because it has a smaller size. Although it weighs more it has a more compact fold.

However, both are still lightweight strollers.

Differences with Wheels.

Maclaren Twin Triumph has smaller wheels which make the Twin Techno maneuvrability better. The bigger the wheels the better ride it offers.

Twin Techno Can Have a Carrycot.

Maclaren sells a single carrycot for their strollers. You can use these carrycots for the Twin Techno because of its ability to recline flat.

Carrycots are the best options for newborns, and if you can do it then go ahead. This makes it a 2in1 travel system and you have the option to have a rear-facing baby.

Which One is Better?

Maclaren Twin Techno seem to offer the best features, compatibily, and suitability. So, this makes it much better than the Twin Triumph.

It’s suitable from birth with the seat unit and you are also able to use a carrycot. Besides it’s lighter and has more colours as well.

No wonder it won an award and it’s a favourite among many parents. It has been described to be useful when travelling with twins or children of similar age.

It’s also good for the city with swivel wheels and all suspension. The Maclaren Twin Triumph is cheaper so if you want to minimise you budget then it’s good.

If you also are buying it for your toddlers then it’s good as the Techno. It also comes fully assembled, has parts you can buy separately if it gets damaged.

A lifetime warranty which is perfect. Techno only offers the warranty other than it misses the other benefits. It’s still better, but some might prefer the Triumph because of the reasons above.


Both are umbrella strollers so that makes them lack some things. They don’t have all terrain wheels and the tyres are quite small which makes them more suitable for even grounds.

The double strollers don’t have adjustable handlebars and bumper bars are not included. The seats have been reported to be a bit narrow for bigger toddlers.

Both Maclaren Double strollers are only suitable up to 15kg which is 3 years. Your toddlers might want to use it a bit longer.

They are side by side double strollers, only forward facing and the folding mechanism has been reported not to be easy as well.

There are many more cons, but for umbrella strollers, these are the important ones.


To summarise this article, you can see that the Maclaren Twin Techno is better, they are both praised by many parents for being lightweight and easy to use.

Parents are always looking for easy pushchairs to handle and these are one of them. Your children will be comfortable with them.

If you live a simple life and you will use it for easy tasks then they are good. The Maclaren double strollers have some cons, but the pros are there as well.

Which one do you prefer? Do you agree with me that the Twin Techno is Better? If yes, please comment why.

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  1. Hi,

    What a useful article!

    I do like the Maclaren Twin Techno better. It looks better and seems more robust. Being robust is even more important when you have two children to keep safe and under control. I also think it increases your chance of being able to use it again, or at least pass it on to someone else when you have finished with it. 

    I also like the fact that it is suitable from birth and can take a carrycot!  This makes it both more convenient and more cost-effective.

    Thanks again!


    • Hey Julia. I am happy you like the Twin Techno more, so do I. Yes, it’s more expensive but at the same time it’s more useful and have great quality. 

      Thanks for reading. 


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