MacClaren Pushchairs – Quest Arc vs Techno XT.

For this review, I decided to review lightweight pushchairs or strollers. Lightweight strollers or pushchairs can be used by newborns up to 4 years. One of the best brands out there that provide top quality strollers is MacClaren. MacLaren pushchairs are famous worldwide and are suitable for any weather.

I decided to review Maclaren’s two famous lightweight strollers. The Quest Arc stroller and the Techno XT. View Maxi-Cosi strollers for a comparison.

About The Quest Arc Stroller.


Size Of Product: 78.6 x 46 x 106.8 cm

This lightweight sporty pushchair is ideal for those busy parents and kids. It can be used from birth up to 25kg that’s 4 1/2 years depending on your toddler. This Quest Arc stroller has all the features that are needed and other things which makes it a favourite among parents.

It has a classic look which makes it more desirable and the Quest Arc is easy and safe to use. You can use it for years without it being damaged. You can register for the Sovereign Lifetime Warranty if you plan on buying this so that your investment won’t go to waste.

Basic weight of 6.2kg and has fully reclining 4 positions on the seat and leg rest for your little ones comfort. The extended hood is waterproof with a sun visor and window.

The seat can be removed and wash in the washing machine. All wheels suspension and EVA-flat freewheels. It also includes a rain cover and strap.

The handle can be handled with just one hand. Push, carry, close, open, recline seat and hood with just one hand.

Is it not that the best thing you have heard? Can be folded with one hand and is extremely small when folded, makes it fit into small spaces and it has a carry strap.

Handling a handlebar with one hand is very useful. Sometimes you are busy doing many things, so it’s good to be able to your pushchair with just one hand.

Many of the parts are replaceable which makes it more unique. If you are tired of it or have dirty parts you just replace it without buying a new stroller. It only has a rear face position, no parent face position.

About The Techno XT Stroller.

£189.18Amazon. com

Size Of Product: 35 x 35 x 110 cm-

This high-tech stroller with excellent comfort is an award-winning stroller because of its style, features and safety. Like the Quest Arc stroller, this one is too easy to use which give your little one a smooth ride wherever you decide to go, feels like an umbrella.

This MacClaren pushchair has a reclining 4-position seat using just one hand and leg rest with a memory position. When it’s fully reclined you can use the Newborn Safety System to build a cosy place.

Ideal for newborns up to 25kg at around 4 1/2 years, it also depends on your toddler’s weight and height.

An extended waterproof hood or canopy. Also called UPF50+ and built-in sun visor. All-wheel suspension and replaceable parts. The wheels offer your baby a smooth ride and make it easy for you to push the stroller.

A rain cover, head hugger, shoulder pads and tether strap is included. It’s only forward-facing, no parent facing.

The stroller is designed in a way to reduce weight. The seat is a bit higher than normal.

Which gives your baby plenty of sights they will able to view more. The brakes are easy to use with your feet.

With a lightweight frame pushing the pushchair makes things much easier. When you are ready for the day fold the pushchair with just one.

Straps are designed with it to make it easy to carry or push when folded. Good for when you are travelling.

The Difference Between These Two.

1. A Higher Seat.

The Tecno XT stroller offers your baby a higher seat than the other one. Which can make a difference to some babies or parents.

A higher seat like stated above can give you a better view. These can be useful especially during summer days or when you are using it for your toddler.

A high seat is also good when you visiting restaurants. No need to have an extra seat for your baby. Although the Tecno XT seat might not be that high, it can still apply depending on where you are.

2. One Has More Features Than The Other.

The Techno XT has the same features as the Quest Arc but it also offers more features such as a head hugger and teether straps. These features give your baby or toddler a smooth place to lay.

The head hugger provides a cosy and soft environment, and the teether straps can be used by your toddler. The stroller also has a harness system with chest pads.

Keeps it clean and safe for your baby not to be hurt by the straps. One feature the Techno ST lack is the easy manure of the handlebar.

Which might also be something many parents will prefer.

3. Quest Is More Lightweight.

Although both are lightweight and easy to handle the Quest Arc is lighter at just 6.5kg. A lighter stroller is easier to use on public transport and travelling.

It’s also easier to carry and put in your boot or house because it has a compact fold. Lightweight strollers a better in many ways and these strollers are often preferred by all parents.

It’s also easy to push with your baby on. You might not miss out on all of these with the Techno XT but these benefits are more likely to happen with the other one.

Which One Is The Best?

Why The Quest Arc Can Be Better?

I think I have already mentioned why the stroller can be better if you think about it. It’s super lightweight and offers a vast of features.

The only reason why this one can be better than the other one it’s the handle of the handlebar and its weight. Both of them lack many things like the ability to convert into a Travel System.

So, if you are a parent who moves a lot and want to push at ease then this one for you. If you live up a hill or in a difficult area then maybe the Quest Arc will suit your family better.

Why The Techno XT Can Be Better?

This one is also lightweight, but not like the other one. It does, however, offer more features and for parents, these features can be more favoured.

Such as a head hugger, chest pads, a higher seat and a well-designed stroller to offer an umbrella cocooned look. Which of these are you more leaning to?

It seems to give your baby and toddler more comfort and safety. Which many parents prefer than the easy handling handlebar.

Which One Is The Best?

If you are buying a stroller for your toddler then the Quest looks more promising than the other one. It’s lighter and way easy to handle. The stroller plus your toddler’s weight will not be easy to push.

So, having a lightweight stroller can be better. With the Techno XT, it looks to be more suited to babies because of the features. Babies are more in need of soft fabrics and therefore environment.

After analysing both of them, they both are good for babies and toddlers. It’s just one is better than the other depending on who you are buying it for.

The Techno XT looks more promising and therefore in my humble opinion is the best out of both of them. The stroller is still lighter than many other strollers.

It will be easy to manage. The Techno is also cheaper than the other one.

Potential Cons.

Both of these have many cons if we are going to compare them to some other popular strollers. They are only forward-facing. No rear-facing or in other words parent facing.

Your baby needs to face you at an early age. Well, that’s better and many parents will prefer that to their babies facing the outside world.

The strollers have windows to view your baby or toddler through, but still, when you are in a mass gathering it’s safer for them to face you.

Also when you are using public transport. However many parents don’t mind this. Everyone has their preferences. They can’t be converted into Travel Systems.

Which means no carrycot or car seat. Aside from these major cons they do offer many features that single and lightweight strollers lack.

So, you also have that to consider. You will need to outweigh the bad and good and choose.

Award-Winning, It should be good then.

All of these strollers are of good quality and are designed to suit parents all over the world. They are award-winning or favourite among parents because it is really good. I, therefore, say it must be something worth looking into is it in it?

The Maclaren strollers are for those who want lightweight strollers and simple design. Are you that person? Tell me why you think these a good investment.

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