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Lightweight pushchairs are better for your toddler or baby and for the one that’s travelling frequently using public transport or other methods. It’s easy to fold and put in or take out of the car. The lightweight carriage is a very good option if you travel away with the family. You can use the pushchair at the airport to move about without you carrying your toddler or baby or even your things. The airport usually has lightweight pushchairs or strollers you can use, but they cost and its usage is limited to certain areas which makes it a little bit useless. It is therefore important to  consider buying your pushchair.

From my experiences travelling with my toddler, I can assure you that it’s very difficult to carry your toddler and your things with you at the airport, it takes time and you get tired. You can use a baby carrier but it still is a weight on you. You shouldn’t have any weight at all so that you can travel with ease and no disturbances.

A better option for everyone.

The lightweight pushchair is a good option to leave at the grandparent’s house, other relatives, or baby sitters. The pushchair is very easy to understand and use, and, therefore, spares you the time to explain it to others how it’s used. A normal pushchair comes with a lot of features that you may need, but at the same time, it can be heavy and not easy to use which can be difficult for some parents. 

I bought a normal pushchair because it came with a lot of things and now I have difficulties using it because of how heavy it can be when my toddler is on it, especially when I’m going up on a hill. I get very tired and now I`m not using it. My child walks, but sometimes she gets tired and needs to seat and rest but I just pick her up. You can of cause buy a lightweight pushchair and put the other away but it’s better to buy a pushchair which suitable for your child and you until they are comfortable walking.

Things to consider before buying a Lightweight Pushchair.

  • Age suitability – Nowadays many lightweight pushchairs are advertised being suitable from birth, but that’s not always true. Few of them don’t have a lie-flat option which can’t be used on your newborn up to 6 months old, this depends of course if you want to use the pushchair from birth. I advise you to buy one you can use from birth because it always saves you time and money. Make sure to always check to avoid buying something you don’t want. You can also buy a carrycot suitable for the lightweight pushchair which is also an option but is better to just buy everything from the beginning.
  • Parent facing or world facing seats – Many pushchairs have both options but a lightweight pushchair usually has a world facing option, so it’s always good to check if it’s for your newborn or your toddler. As for me, I had my baby’s pushchair facing me until she was 1 year old because I thought that time was right for her to have other views. Before that, I thought she was too little, but it’s different for every parent, you choose what’s makes you comfortable. Manufacturers are producing more of both options, but it usually costs more. The important thing is for you to buy the pushchair that’s best for you and your toddler or baby. Children often want to face the world. You can do both, time to time when your child is little.

  • Sun cover – You need to buy a pushchair that has sun hood or canopy to shade your child from the sun. I consider this to be extremely important especially if it’s a newborn, but of course, this is in every parent. You still need to check before buying because not all of them come with it.
  • Recline – Most lightweights have a reclining option, this is important if your child has fallen asleep and you want them to lie flat as possible.
  • Adjustable calf support – It gives your child somewhere to rest their leg but not all pushchairs have them so it’s good you check before if you require that.
  • Shopping basket – Lightweight pushchairs have much smaller shopping basket than normal pushchairs, if you plan to use the pushchair for a lot of shopping then it’s not the best one to buy. Having a big shopping basket can be helpful when you love to do grocery shopping. You, therefore, need to have a reason as to why you’re buying a specific pushchair.
  • Rain cover – Rain covers are extremely important to have especially if you live in a country where it rains a lot like the UK. When a bought my baby’s pushchair it came with a rain cover and this made it possible for me to go out when it was raining or it did shield my baby from the rain when we were out. These kinds of pushchairs don’t usually come with a rain cover so is best to check. Not having a rain cover can prevent you from taking a stroll with your baby or even attending to other things.

How to pick a good lightweight pushchair.

If you decide to buy a pushchair it always comes down to how much you’re going to use it, because in that way you will be able to buy a pushchair which fits you and your baby or toddler. They usually advise you to spend more money if you’re going to use the baby carriage a lot because it gives you comfort. This advice is good if you have the money, I will advise you to buy a Bugaboo pushchair. However, not all parents can spend that much on a pushchair especially when you have other things to buy.

As I mentioned many times on my previous post manufactures of these pushchairs are always finding a way to produce pushchairs which have a lot of quality but at a lower price than previously. There is absolutely a lightweight pushchair out there which you can afford and be able to use frequently. It’s not bad for you as a parent to want a quality pushchair that has a reasonable price. If you’re of course not going to use your pushchair frequently then buy a cheap one to save money.

If you’re going to use your pushchair then you should consider buying the one which reclines, has a rain cover, a roomy hood, swivel wheels, and padded seats. Think about the places you will use the baby carriage because a lightweight pushchair without swivel wheels may not be suitable to use everywhere.

Some of the best Lightweight Pushchairs in 2020.

Besley Lightweight Stroller/Pushchair, Price 81.28 – 109.99 pounds:

  • Pros: This pushchair can be carried on most aeroplanes but some aeroplanes don’t allow you to carry a pushchair. If it’s allowed the Besley is one of the best pushchairs to buy. The armrest is the second safeguard for your baby or toddler during strolling and it has a detachable one, this makes it easy to lift your baby or toddler without needing to struggle. It has 360-degree swivel wheels to use on uneven surfaces, a huge storage basket, brake system, canopy with a peek a boo window, 5 – point harness system, a second security lock so that you don’t accidentally push the folding button with your child inside and an adjustable footrest. This pushchair has almost everything mentioned above you need and it’s cheap.
  • Cons: It’s lacking a rain cover and a travel bag if you want to use it for travel only, but it instead has a pull rod, which allows you to pull it after folding it.

Sonarin Lightweight Stroller/Pushchair, Price 109.99 – 155.95 pounds: 

  • Pros: This pushchair is also compatible with travel and suitable from birth up to 3 years, which is usually the time most children use their pushchairs for. It has comfortable sleeping space, It’s very lightweight and easy folding, has a 5 – point harness system, silence, and shock absorbing wheels and it comes with storage bag, cooling seat mat, mosquito net, seat liner, and saliva towel. The seller offers free replacement parts after the sale which most sellers don’t do. Sonarin lightweight stroller/pushchair is very good to buy if you’re going to use it frequently because it comes with features that a satisfying and it’s very cheap to compare to a normal pushchair. You save money and time.
  • Cons: This one is more expensive than the other one and it too doesn’t have a rain cover

 Babyzen Yoyo, Price 190- 389 pounds: 

  • Pros: The pushchair is suitable from birth, it has a parent – facing options which the other two above don’t have and it takes a car seat. It’s travel friendly and has a stylish design, a favourite among the parents. It has a lot of features and comes with a rain cover.
  • Cons: It’s a little bit expensive, it depends where you buy it.

 A list of some others: 

  • Silver Cross Avia, Price 199 pounds.
  • Diono Traverze, price 179 pounds.
  • Familidoo Air, price 150 pounds.
  • Ickle Bubba Globe Prime Stroller, price 239.

For more information on all of these items and view please visit,, John, and

The choice is yours.

Lastly, one thing I want to mention is every parent is different and therefore all of our needs are different so it is therefore always important to understand that you need to buy a lightweight pushchair that’s a better option for you and your baby. Some parents may plan to use the baby carriage until their children are 1 or 2 or 3 and some even much later. For example, some parents don’t want to use the stroller after the child is 1 year and that may impact your decision when you’re buying the carriage. All of that is fine as long as you are satisfied.

Your baby’s development can also be a factor, some babies can support their head by 6 months or even less and others may need more time. Some babies may walk by 10 months and others much later, but it’s always good you buy the one that doesn’t lack important features so you save money and time.

Do you think lightweight pushchairs/strollers are ideal for travellers? Name 4 reasons why if you agree.

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