Teach Shapes to Toddlers – Numbers and Colours Too.

So, time to teach your preschooler the 4 basic things we all parents start with. The alphabets, numbers, shapes and colours. These 4 categories revolve around everything we know in our daily lives.

If you are more interested in-depth post about the alphabet, view this post. It explains 7 tips on how to teach your toddler the alphabet, and go into further details on which ways.

This post will only mention the above 3, but the main focus will be the shapes. Shapes are more complicated to learn for preschoolers than numbers and colours.

Everywhere we go we see shapes and toddlers are always amazed and looking to explore different things that often have different shapes. Colours also fit into that category.

What is that? Why is it formed in this way? What is this colour? These are the kinds of questions that pop-ups on their minds and they need answers so, as parents, we need to give them one.

I will recommend activities and different ways you can teach your toddler these 3 categories. I guarantee you they will work for all toddlers.

Method 1. Is It All About Sensory Activities And Play?

I believe the best way to teach your toddler anything is by doing activities with their hands, especially when it comes to colours and shapes.

Shape worksheets: Let’s begin with worksheets which involve them figuring out things. It’s like a quiz and it’s both fun and interesting for your toddler. There are different worksheets activities your toddler can do. It will teach them to focus on only one thing at a time and also teach them different ways to figure things out. The good thing is these activities allow your child to also learn the colours. They can use different drawings to colour which also makes them recognise the colours faster.

Shape charts: Now comes the drawing part. Let your child explore how the different shapes work and how they are built. Give them different colours to explore this. Again, for them to also learn the colours. Begin with the basic colours that are seen or known most. These colours are also bright which will make them want to explore more.

Flashcards: Play more quizzes with your preschooler. Present to them one card at a time containing one shape for them to focus on that. Test their thinking skills and enhance other skills to make it interesting. Quizzes motivate everyone to do good and better and it’s also fun. Adding fun to everything you do with your toddler can make things easier to learn.

Click here to see more sensory activities you can use to teach your child the shapes and colours.

Method 2. Toys.

Do you know that toys are a good way of teaching any child anything? Children are driven to it, even babies. There are different toys of shapes out there that you can buy for your toddler.

Even toys can be a good way of learning numbers. So where should you place these toys and how does your child learn with them?

Simple, place them near their sleeping area. Hang it above the bed, buy shaped pillows and make it colourful. Do the same thing with the numbers. Begin with the easiest shapes and numbers.

It’s often square, circle, rectangle, triangle and heart. Begin with 1 to 5 and after that 6 to 10. You can find many people who have sewed pillows or made toys for all of these things.

If your toddler sees these shapes, numbers and colours every day near their beds or at the house they will learn faster and it will also interest them to learn more.

It will be embedded in their memories and they will love the toys which will make learning it easier.

Method 3. Teach With Videos.

So, I believe that videos are also one of the best ways of teaching your child the different shapes and colours. The video will most likely contain all of these other methods.

My toddler learned to say the colours, shapes and numbers with videos. Be creative in teaching your child these things, and videos do just that.

They come with different play methods you can do. Instead of talking too much and boring your toddler, they show it. What’s this saying again? “Actions speaks louder than words”

With videos, they also only focus on their 2 senses. They only focus on hearing and seeing which will make them absolve more.

You can also pick up other creative ideas on how to teach these 3 categories. View this video that did wonders for my child.

Top 15 Books, Flash Cards And Sensory Activities.

I will list 15 Books, Flash Cards, Sensory Activities of numbers, shapes and colours that I believe will help your child learn these categories and advance in them. All of these recommendations will work well for your 2 to 4-year preschoolers.

Choose the ones that will work well for your toddler or toddler.

My first-word book numbers (I use this book).

Numbers, Shapes and Colours (Priddy books).

Toddler Flash Cards.

Play-Doh shape and learn.

Magnetic letter numbers (FUQUN)

Sound book learning toy ( Yiran Books).

Water colouring card, magnetic pens.

Wooden number puzzle.

Educational preschooler poster.

4 sets of flashcards.

Modelling clay.

My very first library (Books of colours, shapes and numbers)

My first numbers, let’s get counting (DK).

Megablocks, big building blocks.

Rainbow wooden puzzle.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts.

So, what do you think of these methods? Which method do you think will work best for your toddler and why?

My final thoughts and advice to you is this. Don’t overcomplicate things for your toddler. Don’t buy and try all of these methods at once.

Do 2 at a time and if the first 2 methods didn’t work, move on to the other 2. Try using the different ways in these methods. Not all toddlers are the same even within your children.

What work for this toddler may not work for another toddler.

Preschoolers also have different interests. Some are driven to do activities others want to play with their toys or watch videos. My toddler learned many of these numbers, shapes and colours by singing, watching videos and drawing.

Reading books was also included in there, but not too much. Different things will give different results. Take your time with them and start slowly and easy.

Start with 1 to 5, the basic shapes and the colours. Do these things and they will slowly learn and even find it interesting. Like I stated above. Make things interesting to catch their attention.

If you want to find other methods to apply visit here. No need to scroll up to click that link.

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