Lalo Daily Stroller Review.

Have you ever heard of Lalo’s daily stroller? Well, I haven’t. The brand is not familiar to me because it’s based outside of the UK where I live, but I did do some research on it and saw that it’s a favourite for many parents. It’s something that I will recommend to my loved ones.

It’s just a regular stroller but it has its uniqueness. In this article, I will be going over the Pros and Cons.

Product: Lalo Daily Stroller

Price: $515.00

Size Of The Product: 24.8” x 24.8” x 40”

A Place to Buy:

My Ranking: 9/10.


What’s The Fuss About?

So, what’s all the fuss about, well the Lalo daily stroller is car seat and carrycot/bassinet compatible, it’s quick and easy to fold and compact when folded.

The tyres are well punctured, extended canopy and a medium-size basket for your groceries. The seat offers 3 reclining positions for your baby and toddler to seat and sleep comfortably.

It’s well designed and stylish like any other famous brand out there but at the same time, it’s cheap for being this well designed. Maybe there is more to it?

The Canopy And Frame.

The UPF+50 canopy is extended offering protection from the heat and other elements but at the same time, your child gets to view the outside world. With its shock absorption and its excellent tyres, the frame offers a good and smooth ride to children.


Seat And Fold.

The seat has 3 reclining positions, upright, sitting and sleeping positions, perfect for both toddlers and babies. The fabrics are non-toxic, for those parents who want to use non-toxic things for their baby’s health and the climate.

It offers forward and rear-facing options and has 3 height positions. It offers your baby or toddler to be able to see more from the world and not only your face. You can also lower it if they are sleeping to give them some privacy for them to sleep in peace.

Lalos Daily Stroller can be used from birth with the Lalo carrycot/bassinet and car seat adapters, these are sold separately with the link I used. It might be sold with them in another store. It fits these car seat brands:

  • Cybex
  • Nuna
  • Maxi-Cosi
  • Clek.

You need to push once and with one hand to fold the stroller, and it happens quickly with no issues. You can buy a parent organiser, without the phone charger. The stroller comes with accessories like a rain cover, bumper bar and machine washable seat liner.

Wheels And Basket.

The wheels are well punctured and offers are smooth ride for your little one, attach near is the brake, it’s just one brake that can only easily be reached with your feet. Some people can find this easier because they are more likely to quickly use their feet when it comes to an emergency.

The basket is medium size and enables you to put many things on it. Like your baby’s nappy/diaper changing bag, school bags, groceries, etc. Well, you decide what to put there to relieve the weight on your shoulders and back.


Are There Any Cons? Let Us See What The Fuss it’s About.

Yes, there are cons to this stroller also. It does not come with some features and accessories you will need to buy them. Features like straps and cupholders.  Accessories like carrycot/bassinet, a car seat and diaper changing bag. Well, you can argue its a single stroller.

I see it as a con because I don’t see the stroller complete without these accessories. What’s all the fuss about? Well, the stroller has few cons and many pros. The stroller is also slim and lightweight, which makes it perfect for daily outings in the park or the mall.

Do you like to travel with your family to the Bahamas, Africa, Asia or anywhere in the world then this stroller it’s for you? It’s easy to push, with the all-wheel suspension. You will need to have an all-wheel suspension when travelling the world, you never know what you might encounter.

Maybe you like to use public transport because you don’t have a car then you won’t need to worry about it being heavy for you to push and carry especially during winter times.

Maybe you are also the type of person who loves to stroll in the city and do some shopping. The cities are packed with people and all streets are densely build, so there is not that much space. It’s good to have a lightweight and narrowed stroller/pushchair. You, of course, can use a pram, but its harder depending on where you are going.

Do you leave in a flat and with no lift/elevator? Then maybe you should get this stroller or lightweight strollers in general. Try to go up the stairs with a pram or another stroller/pushchair type. It won’t be a nice experience.

A friend of mine had this problem and she switched strollers, she had to buy another one because she wasn’t willing to go out that much.

Do you think this stroller offers you what you need? Which features do you think will help you and make your child comfortable.


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