Kinderkraft Grande vs Grande Plus.

Kinderkraft has been around for a decade plus now and they exist in many European countries and other places producing baby products.

Their most famous stroller the Kinderkraft Grande is quite famous compared with many strollers in the market. Kinderkraft Grande got an update some ago, the Grande Plus.

In this article, I will go over the similarities and differences between these two. There are 2020 and 2022 Grande updates which I’m not referring to.

I will also be detailing the cons. Is it still worth buying the Grande or will you be going for the Kinderkraft Grande Plus?

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Similarities Between the Kinderkraft Grande and Grande Plus.

Grande and Grande Plus Seat.

There are many similarities and the Grande Plus kept all of the best with the seat. Both are suitable from birth thanks to the backrest which reclines smoothly.

There are straps behind the seats which you can pull and adjust depending on how flat you want the seats.

According to the manufacturers, this is also done without that much noise to keep your baby or toddler sleeping. These are the backrest dimensions 35 cm x 47 cm.

Kinderkraft Grande and Grande Plus are also praised for their huge seat. Alongside the backrest, your growing baby and toddler will have a place to play and sleep.

While growing up they will discover the world from different angles. With such a big seat it can last longer than what the manufacturers recommend.

We know that every child develops differently. You have 5-point harnesses on both of the strollers. These are adjustable for your growing baby.

Also comes with pads to keep them covered and clean. Alongside the harness, you have a bumper to also keep your child from falling.

The bumper bar is attached to the seat in two ways. Fabric in the middle with the click button and then you have the normal way.

The two sides attach to the frame, and this can be removed on both sides. Super helpful for the parent because it’s easy to reach it in whatever position you are in.

You not only have the large seat, but the backrest you also have the legrest. It has 4 adjustable positions to keep your little one comfortable.

It will keep your newborn laying flat and your growing toddler will have a place to adjust their legs and feet.

These are the legrest dimensions 36 cm x 23 cm. Both seats only face forward.

Grande and Grande Plus Canopy.

This is another feature the Grande is famous for and the Grande Plus upgrade has it as well. The huge canopy gives soo much room for your growing toddler.

I have seen many strollers, and many of these strollers don’t have this big canopy on the seat. Both the Grande and Grande Plus canopies are extendable as well.

With a zip opening you can adjust it and the because the canopies are Uv50+ they will keep your child safe from the UV and also other weather conditions.

Mild rain and the wind. This is very useful for small babies when they are sleeping. The seats do face forward but Kinderkraft makes up for this with the peek-a-boo window.

This is located behind the canopy with a magnetic opening and according to past research, it does not make that much sound.

So again, you won’t wake your sleeping child. The window is a way of viewing your child without having to go in front of the buggy.

The magnetic cover will also give your little one some privacy. Kinderkraft also went along and designed a zip pocket behind the hood.

It’s for your essentials. Like keys, phones and nappies for your baby. Well, anything you need during the trip and you want it close.

Grande and Grande Plus are made from polyester and these are resistant to water according to manufacturers these stand scrapings and don’t wear off easily.

Grande and Grande Plus Chassis/Frame.

The chassis is the same in terms of design. Both are of steel which gives a silver look. The handlebars are not adjustable and are high.

It will be suitable for parents who are 165cm tall or above. Under that, it might be a bit harder to handle. Both handles alongside the bumper are made of eco-leather.

This gives the handles and bumper bars a quality look and it looks quite fancy. The length of the handles are not the same, but I will mention this below.

Both chassis are sturdy and easy to push even on hard terrains because it’s nice and designed. You have huge shopping baskets underneath.

Although the manufacturers stated it takes up to 2kg of weight, in my experience it will take more. Even exceeding 5kg.

I have a smaller shopping basket, but it takes more than 2kg. This means going out grocery shopping will be super easy and relaxing.

It’s also very to easy to reach the basket because of the open space. The tyres on both strollers are made of EVA foam and hard.

Which can be helpful when you are pushing on sand or mud. The wheels offer a 360-degree swivel. Do you live in the city? Having swivel wheels will help you manoeuvre those narrow streets.

Swivel wheels help you get out of hard situations (when your stroller is stuck).

The front wheels are 16 cm and the rear wheels are 25 cm. Big enough to keep the stroller going, but these are not for running or jogging.

The wheels are durable and puncture-proof. These are also lightweight and shock-absorbent.

There’s a footbrake on both the Kinderkraft Grande and Grande Plus, which some would prefer.

Aside from the legrest, you also have the footrest which is specifically designed for your toddler. You can use it instead of the legrest, although this one is not adjustable.

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Grande and Grande Plus Folding Mechanism.

The folding mechanism for these two is the same and it can be done with just one hand. You need to fold the canopy, meaning recline it backwards.

Then press the middle button on the handle which makes the stroller fold down smoothly. A so-called click-and-fold mechanism.

The video I have seen does not imply it folds quickly as I was expecting.

However, it does fold all the way down and easily so. Both have double folds. If you also want to know how to assemble the Grande and Grande plus see this video:

Grande and Grande Plus Accessories.

The Grande comes with rain cover and so does the Grande Plus. This means you are covered and don’t need to buy one, although it’s cheap.

The only difference which I will mention here is the leg cover or footmuff, which the Grande comes with and not the Grande Plus.

You might maybe order one separately, but it does not come with the price according to what I have seen. The footmuff will keep your baby warm during winter or late-night walks.

Perfect for your toddler.

Differences Between the Grande and Grande Plus.

Differences Between the Grande and Grande Plus Seat.

It’s true both are suitable from birth and up to toddlerhood, but the Grande Plus is suitable for up to 4 years while the former it’s up to 3 years 22kg and 15kg.

Whichever comes first. The Kinderkraft Grande it’s a maximum of 110cm in height. Your child has more chances of lasting in the stroller if you choose the Grande Plus.

Differences Between the Grande and Grande Plus Chassis/Frame.

The Kinderkraft Grande weighs 10.2kg and the Grande Plus weighs 9.8kg, although not that much it’s still better. These are not excessively heavy but not light either.

It will be easier to carry the Grande Plus while folded. The unfolded and folded dimensions differ. Grande has these unfolded dimensions length of 97, a width of 53 cm, and a height of 100 cm and these folded dimensions length of 78 cm, a width of 53 cm, and a height of 28 cm.

For the Grande Plus, you have these unfolded dimensions length of 95 cm, a width of 57 cm, and a height of 106 cm and, these are the folded dimensions length of 83, a width of 62 cm, and a height of 27 cm.

Grande Plus is wider and higher but the length is less although not much. The Grande is more compact than the Grande Plus and easier to store.

From the dimensions, you can also see that the Grande is more suitable for short parents with a 100cm handle height.

However, the Grande Plus is more suitable for tall parents with 106cm height. Although both are good for tall parents, it can be difficult for those of short height to push the Grande Plus.

The design is the same, but these updates were done for the Grande Plus.

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Grande and Grande Plus Colours and Prices.

The Grande has three colours which are black, dark and light grey. The Grande Plus has these colours as well, and it came with another one.

The colour pink to add a more colourful canopy for those who want colourful colours. It’s a bright pink colour which if you live in the city will make you blend in.

Because of the changes, the Grande Plus costs more and because it’s less old of course The Kinderkraft Grande costs from £119-£134.

Depending on where you buy it. Some stores have a discount which explains the price drop, but the average price is 130+.

Kinderkraft Grande Plus costs £153 on Amazon and £159 in other places. There are £30 to £40 differences which is not much compared to other brands.

These buggies are also cheap if you compare them to what others offer in the market. For what the Kinderkraft strollers offer other companies would charge £400+.

It is down to brand value and popularity. This is the reason why the Grande strollers are quite famous because they offer many features for a cheaper price.

Which One Is Better?

There are not that many differences between these two, but what is different in the Grande Plus is a bit better. It’s suitable for up to 22kg (4 years).

It’s also lighter and has a wider seat. The pink colour makes it a bit colourful. You can use it longer which is safer to go with because you don’t know how your child’s growth will go.

We also love to have less weight when we are busy with our children so the Grande Plus offers it more. Grande Plus is more suitable for much taller parents and works well for the average female and male height.

Who Will Go for the Grande?

Well, it’s cheaper, comes with a footmuff and is a bit more compact than the former. If you are also very short then buying the Grande is much better

Pushing the Kinderkraft Grande Plus will be a challenge and too difficult, but it’s easier with this one.

What do you consider to be important? Depending on your lifestyle your choice can be either the Grande or Grande Plus.

Grande and Grande Plus Cons.

Many pros and benefits but the cons are also there and these are:

  • These are not compatible with carrycots or car seats, meaning these can’t be converted into travel systems, which is a big con for many parents. The seats are suitable from birth, but having cots it’s safer for many.
  • Rain cover and leg cover are the only accessories that come with these strollers. If you want more you will need to order separately. (If you want a buggy board for your toddler then view the Lascal buggy boards).
  • According to a review, I read the harnesses are not that strong.
  • The handles are not adjustable and these are pretty high. It will be a bit hard to handle the stroller if you are short. The Grande Plus is definitely not ideal for someone very short. (Although it depends on what one can handle and can’t handle).
  • Only forward facing.


Kinderkraft did an amazing job creating these strollers with soo many features and yet, a reasonable price. Which is why the buggies are liked by soo many parents.

The buggies together have 714 reviews on amazon and the average reviewer gives these 4/5. Which is a lot. There are also positive written reviews.

The Kinderkraft Grande strollers are not perfect, but worth the price.

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