Kinderkraft Grande Review.

Kinderkraft is a brand that offers families all over the world strollers/pushchairs that can be used in their daily lives. It’s simple and yet well designed. It gives a modern look and the strollers are easy to use. Parents are more attracted to strollers/pushchairs that they can easily use.

The Kinderkraft brand always tries to provide strollers/pushchairs that have the best features, and at the same time makes it available and affordable for many parents. One of these strollers is the Grande Pushchair, which offers your little one a cosy and quiet environment.

Product: Kinderkraft Grande Pushchair.

Price: £129.00

Size of the Product: 43 x 112 x 97.5 cm

A Cheap Place to Buy: Kiddies-Kingdom, Amazon.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ranking: 8.5/10.


The Kinderkraft Grande Pushchair/Stroller is a standard and well-designed stroller that offers babies and toddlers a comfortable environment to be in. Its high-quality fabrics and materials make it cosy and offer a smooth ride.

Multiple reclining positions and swivel wheels offers smooth manure. Suitable from birth up to 15kg, extensive seat and big canopy that can be folded.

Shock absorbent wheels and beneath it is a medium-size basket that’s good for your daily grocery shopping and other things you can store there.

Folds with one hand and the bumper bar can be removed. A simple but quality stroller for your daily stroll with your little one.


An extended canopy or also called a bassinet. The Kinderkraft Grande Pushchair comes in many colours, so the colour of the canopy/hood depends on your choice.

The canopy/hood is extended with a zipper and is very big. Your baby or toddler can comfortably move their head and even play with their toys while laying down. They have a lot of space.

The zipper makes it easy to control the size of the canopy/hood. Whether you want it extended or not. An extended canopy/hood protects your little one from the sun, wind, and also from rain and insects.

A canopy/hood can provide a quiet and comfortable environment for your children to be in, especially babies. They will need it to sleep.

Seat And Fold

You can change the pushchairs/strollers position by pulling the strap that’s located behind the seat. It enables your toddlers to sit up straight.

A good rest is also included that can also change positions. Combine both of these and your child is ready to take the nap of their time. If you are laying comfortably you tend to sleep like a log.

The seat comes with two accessories the footmuff and rain cover which protects from the cold and rain. This is a good way of protecting your child during wintertime.

A spacious and comfortable sitting and sleeping area for your baby or toddler. They are able to move as much as they can and you can wrap them with many clothes without it being too narrow.

A safety harness for your child to buckle in and feel safe during your strolls. The seat and canopy have the same colour. The colours are grey, red, blue and black. One colour can be sometimes the only thing you need.

It can be folded easy with a one-hand good mechanism. It gives a compact fold, easy to store in your car boot or your house.

Wheels And The Basket.

All shock wheels offer a smooth ride. The wheels have large foam which makes it easy to use the stroller on many terrains. It enables you to stroll in different places without many limitations.

Underneath the stroller is the basket. It can be easily accessible from the back and you don’t need to bend that much to reach your things. You can easily place the nappy/diaper changing bag there and also grocery bags.

Between the wheels, a stroller board can be attached to it. If you have two children, the toddler can join the journey. They won’t need to walk or feel left out. It will give you peace of mind.

Are There Any Cons?

The Kinderkraft Grande Pushchair looks well designed and modern. It also offers the features that is necessary to have, but of course, it also has cons. It does not have all colours, just 4 colours. You might not have blue or red as your favourite colour but instead pink, purple or green.

For some parents, the colour can be a reason to not buy a specific stroller. The good thing is black is one of the colours. Black matches anything and many don’t mind all black strollers. It might not be eye-catching and fit in the city because of the plain colour.

No mention of the handle being able to extend and it does not come with nappy/diaper changing bag. Without being able to extend the handle makes it difficult for many to use it. It will be impossible to adjust it to a person’s height. If you intend for relatives and friends to help you out then an extendable handle is a must.

It’s always good when a changing bag comes with the stroller/pushchair because it’s usually is the same fabric, design and material. It will be hard to find a changing bag that has the same design, fabrics and materials as the stroller

It can also take time and sometimes you will end up spending more money. The same money can go to something else like your baby’s nursery.

It’s not mentioned anywhere that the stroller is suitable for a car seat and a carrycot/bassinet which means it cant be transformed into a Travel System. A Travel System is always a better option because it makes it easy for the baby or toddler

Its only Forward-facing, which means your baby or toddler cant face you. This can be problematic for many parents, including me. See my article where I talk about the importance of having both facing positions.

Apart from having these cones there many pros, which I mentioned above and also the price. It’s cheap. Makes it affordable for many parents and the stroller/pushchair can also be bought in many offline and online stores, which also makes it available for many.

What do you think of this baby carriage? Is it worth it? Will you recommend it to friends and families? Can you name 4 reasons why you love or dislike this stroller?

If you have anything else to add or ask I am here to help.


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