Joolz Geo 2 Review.

If you are looking for a good tandem stroller for your coming twins, or maybe you are having another baby and you need a double stroller then the Joolz Geo 2 can be an option.

It’s a simple tandem stroller with high-quality fabrics and materials. Not as popular as the Vista or the Donkey, but quite popular among some parents.

In this article, I will go over the pros in detail and point out the cons. Do a comparison with another pushchair to see its value in the market.

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  • Suitable from birth with the bassinet and car seat up to 15kg (3 years, seat unit from 6 months).
  • Reversible and reclinable seat unit. (Sits high on the frame, 3 positions, buttons on the side).
  • Big canopy with zip-out panels and extendable features. (UPF50+ canopy with peek a boo window).
  • Excellent fabrics and materials.
  • Leather made bumper bar and handlebar (Handlebar is adjustable).
  • 5 point harness system with centre button lock. (Chest pads).
  • Two hand fold but quick and quiet. (Folds compact without the accessories. It folds with the seat unit as well).
  • Smaller wheels that are swivel and lockable. The back wheels are puncture-proof. All suspension on all wheels.
  • One brake system on the back wheel.
  • Large shopping basket.
  • Additional Accessories.

What’s included in the purchase.

  • Joolz Geo 2 stroller.
  • Joolz Geo 2 carrycot.

Joolz Geo 2 Stroller Review.

Product: Joolz Geo 2.

Price: £566.40.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: H93-109cm × W60cm × D80cm. Folded dimensions: H65cm × W43cm × D30cm. ( Chassis weight: 8.9kg. Chassis + seat unit is 14.3kg).

Handle height: 93 – 109cm.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 9/10.

The Joolz Geo 2 has quality fabrics with a silver chassis and black wheels to make the journey more luxurious. These materials and fabrics are made to resist water and impacts.

With nice colours that are made to resemble Earths colours.

These colours also match many environments, and these are Elephant Grey, Gris, Hippo Grey, Noir, Parrot Blue, Camel Beige.

You are allowed to customize and choose from 20 different variants of these. With that done let’s look into the seat unit.

Suitable from 6 months up to 15kg it will take your baby up to 3 years. Around this time some toddlers are tired of using the stroller.

The Geo 2 seat is reversible, meaning it can face you and the world. It also has 3 reclining positions and these are the famous ones:

A napping position, a play position and an upright position. Joolz made the seat higher so your little one is closer to you.

This creates a great bonding time between you two. To recline the seat you need to push a button on the side which can take two hands.

With 5 point harness system to keep your little one safe. It has chest pads and a centre button to lock and release. A bumper bar is also included to keep the baby safe.

You can remove the bar to place your baby on the seat with ease.


Joolz Geo 2 Stroller also offers an extendable canopy with UPF50+ protection. This means the fabrics are water-resistant and also it protects from the wind and the sun’s UV.

Not only that the hood has ventilation panels on the sides. It also has zip-out mesh to allow airflow and it can act as a window to view your baby.

Geo 2 window is located at the back. Just before the sun visor and at the back of the hood you have two silver aluminium materials to keep the hood steady.

It also adds to the look and design.

The colour is the same as the seat unit. One colour pattern many may prefer.


The handlebar is also made out of leather. This makes it softer to grab and push, and it’s not always about the looks.

The handle is made to be pushed by many people. Whether you are short or tall. Its height is from 93cm up to 109cm which makes it possible for both short and tall parents to adjust it according to their height.

Moving on to the folding part, which is done with two hands but according to testers, it’s easy.

You just need to remove the carrycot if you are using it and then squeeze the triggers on the bar and lower them.  After doing that you will need to pull the bumper bar forward.

This makes it collapse downwards and folds. You can choose to have the seat on or not. It’s more compact without it.

When folded the dimensions are H65cm × W43cm × D30cm making it similar to the Vista stroller. It also has quite a height when open.

The open dimensions of H93-109cm × W60cm × D80cm makes it suitable for the average human height.

Like many of these fancy strollers, it’s quite heavy around 14.3kg. With the chassis only it’s 8.9 that’s light to carry.

Some strollers are lighter than 8.9kg even with the seat unit. So, it’s a heavy and bulky buggy.

It has a one brake system on the right side of the back wheels. Not that flip flop friendly, but reachable. You also have a basket underneath.

It can carry up to 9kg of weight which is very good and better than many standard strollers out there. It’s deep and will be able to carry your changing bag and some groceries.

It’s more reachable from the back whether you have the seat unit or the carrycot.

Wheels and Tyres.

To complete the Geo 2 Joolz makes it an all-terrain buggy which means it’s able to stroll on any terrain. Whether it’s grass, sand, snow and other uneven grounds.

Features such as all suspension on 4 wheels and lockable swivel front wheels make it possible. When pushing the wheels glide smoothly, and will be able to handle harder terrains than normal wheels.

The back wheels are bigger than the front wheels. When the wheels lock and swivel you are able to push through the city’s narrow streets without that much hassle.

If it unlocks, it’s easier to push when going a straight line. It’s perfect for urban and suburban terrains. A walk in the park or visiting relatives in the countryside won’t be that difficult.

Joolz Geo 2: Modes.

Double Stroller.

This is the single-mode, but you are able to purchase the double tandem mode. The chassis that comes with this stroller can’t be converted into a double mode.

However, if you purchase the double stroller you can have it for your twins and children of different ages. This tandem pushchair differs from the others.

This one can’t be built upwards rather the other accessory is put underneath. Meaning if you use it you can’t have the basket.

You can use the carrycot and the seat underneath. A car seat can’t be attached underneath only up. So, you can’t have two children of the same age use the car seat.

Well, you can place the seat underneath but it won’t be attached properly. This makes the configurations less as well.

Carrycot and Car Seat.

As mentioned above you can have a pram mode and a travel system mode. Making it 2in1 or 3in1 travel system.

Let’s first analyse the carrycot that comes with the purchase. Suitable from birth with a lie-flat option up to 6 months which is around 9kg.

It has a breathable mattress and apron to keep the baby comfortable. It has loops so you can attach toys to it.

You also have a zip-out panel at the back to keep the air flowing and at the same time keep an eye on your little one. It’s big and spacious suitable for babies of different sizes.

The weight of the canopy is 4.9kg which makes it weigh 13.8kg with the chassis making it lighter than the seat unit with chassis.

With adapters, you are able to attach car seats from different brands. These car seats are Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30, Maxi Cosi Mico 30, Maxi Cosi Mico Nxt, Nuna Pipa, Kiddy Evolution Pro, Kiddy Evoluna iSize.

Additional Accessories.

  • Footmuff.
  • Adapters for car seats.
  • Parasol
  • Changing bag.
  • Mosquito net.
  • Rain cover.
  • Child tray.
  • Cupholder.
  • Travel bag.



  • The pram mode is expensive. With the other additional accessories, it can go up to £700.00 which compared to Uppababy and Bugaboo is not bad but when compared to other strollers it’s expensive.
  • This frame can’t convert into a double mode. You will need to buy a separate frame for that.
  • Joolz Geo 2 has a different tandem pushchair. It can’t expense upwards, rather you can only use the underneath set. This also makes the configurations limited.
  • The basket is not that reachable from the front. It’s designed in a way that makes it possible to reach more from the back.
  • When reclining the seat you need two hands and it has been reported that you need to stop the buggy.
  • The wheels are not removable and it does not have a legrest.
  • Geo 2 is not freestanding when folded either and with the seat, it’s not that compact when folded.
  • Very heavy with the seat. If you want to carry it with ease you need to remove the seat unit.
  • When using the carrycot the basket is not that well reached on both sides.
  • You can’t fold with the canopy.

Joolz Geo 2 vs Babystyle Egg 2 Pram.

Both of these buggies are tandem double strollers and are famous in the UK. All over Europe as well. Coming from high-quality brands with excellent fabrics and materials.

The Joolz Geo 2 is often compared with the Uppababy Vista, but I thought to compare it with the Egg 2 pram and see if it’s better or not.

They do share many similarities and these are:

  • Suitable from birth with a car seat or carrycot.
  • Tandem pushchair.
  • Seat unit from 6 months.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Reclinable seat.
  • Extendable canopy with UPF50+ protection. Peek a boo window.
  • Available in many colours.
  • High-quality fabrics and materials. Long-lasting for years.
  • One brake system.
  • All suspension wheels and puncture-proof tyres.
  • Both have carrycots that seat high up on the chassis.
  • Both can be only expended from underneath.


Although they share soo many similarities both of these are different as well. Starting with that the Egg 2 is suitable for up to 25kg which is around 4 and half years up to 5.

This also depends on your child’s growth. It also has a legrest and a one-hand fold according to manufacturers. It’s more expensive though.

It also has a softer seat fabric. It’s reversible and can be changed to suit the weather.

You only need adapters you convert it and you don’t have to buy a separate chassis for the double.

When it comes to the Joolz it’s much cheaper and weighs 200g lighter. It has swivel lockable wheels and the wheels are advertised as being all-terrain.

Joolz also offer ventilation mesh panels, can be folded with and without the seat unit, has a bigger basket, and the handlebar is more adjustable.

The other is from 99cm to 111cm. This makes it more suitable for shorter parents. It’s also more compact when folded which makes it easier to store.

Looking at things it looks like the Joolz wins. The reason for that it offers almost the same things but at a cheaper price. Although the Egg 2 pram last longer which also can make it accommodate others better.

The Joolz Geo 2 is slightly better because of the features it offers as well. It offers more space.


In conclusion, the Geo 2 is good if you compare it with other expensive prams. It has almost everything prams like Vista and Donkey offers minus the more configurations.

It’s still cheaper which makes it a better option for those who don’t want to spend that much. You can use it on any terrain and also have many features.

Not the best tandem pram on the market, but it still offers quality design. A head-turner indeed.

What do you think of the Joolz Geo 2? Is it the one for you?

Video demonstration of the Joolz Geo 2:


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  1. This article is perfect for me at this time, I’m just in the middle of looking to buy my brother a stroller for his first child. After reading this article the Joolz Geo 2 seems to have all the qualities I was looking for as well as the car seat and bassinet. I love how it has big storage for shopping items underneath as well as that’s always a big selling point for mothers. Great Article!

  2. If I were having twins my primary concerns would be safety, comfort, ease of use and finally price tag. In terms of the first two criteria, the Geo 2 seems like it does alright against other brands. However, I must admit that the lack of freestanding, that it is heavy, that it can’t fold with the canopy and limited configuration are major drawbacks. Often times you want to move quickly and with two kids the Geo 2 should not delay me or add to my burden. Therefore if I am going to pay 566 pounds I want to get a little more bang in my buck. I do appreciate the all-terrain wheels and even if they can’t come off that is not a deal killer. What would also factor into my decision would be the cost of accessories particularly rain cover, child tray, cup holder and mosquito net.

    • Hey. Thanks for reading the review and responding. There are many pros and cons with the Joolz Geo 2. You will need to to see if it fits perfectly into your lifestyles and sometimes these expensive buggies don’t always fit. 


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