Joolz Hub Review.

Joolz is a Dutch company that was founded in Amsterdam, and this is my first time writing a review on one of their strollers.

I decided to go with the Joolz Hub which has made it to the UK, and the rest of Europe. It’s either a 2in1 or 3in1 travel system suitable for babies and toddlers.

In this article, I will be reviewing it in great detail. Pointing out the pros and cons, and I will also compare it with another popular buggy from a different brand.

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  • Suitable from 6 months with the seat up to 15kg (approx 3 years).
  • Travel system convertible (carrycot, cocoon, car seat).
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • 6 adjustable positions (3 forward and 3 rear).
  • Adjustable footrest.
  • Padded 5 point harness.
  • Removable bumper bar.
  • UPF50+ big canopy with mesh ventilation panels. (Extended and a zip out window).
  • Adjustable handlebar. (Made with leather and one hand steer).
  • Air-filled tyres and shock absorbing.
  • All suspension wheels and swivel lockable wheels. (Removeable front wheels)
  • Folded with seat unit and without seat unit. (Stands when folded with both).
  • Carry straps and brake at the back.
  • A big and deep shopping basket that’s accessible. (5kg of weight).

What’s included with the purchase:

  • Joolz Hub stroller.
  • Joolz Hub carrycot.
  • Adapters for car seats.

Joolz Hub Review: Stroller.

Product: Joolz Hub.

Price: £574.99.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: H96.5-106cm × W53cm × L85cm. Folded dimensions: H28cm × W53cm × L66cm. (Weight with seat: 11kg. Chassis weight without wheels: 5kg. Seat weight: 4kg).

Handle Height: 96.5-106cm.

Warranty: Lifetime, if registered within 6 months).

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 9/10.

Wow! Too many features to look at with just the stroller. The Hub stroller comes with so many things.

Besides its quality and city like design, it offers you and your baby adventurers. The available colours are three and these are Parrot Blue, Hippo and Quadro Nero.

Although few these are colours which match many environments, and especially the city.

Let’s first analyse the seat unit. Looking at it you can straight away see the padded 5 point harness system with chest pads.

It has a release button on the end.

These are adjustable to suit children of different ages. Suitable from 6 months and according to manufacturers up to 3 years or 15kg.

Whichever comes first as we know toddlers differ. (Mine reached 15kg around 3 years). This enables your baby to grow with it until they are not in need of it

Well, maybe not for all. Another feature that makes the Joolz Hub good is the facing options. Forward and rear.

You fix it on either to give your baby more views and to make it easier for yourself. It offers 6 reclining positions (3 with forward-facing and 3 with the rear-facing).

These are napping, play and upright positions. It reclines enough for your baby or toddler to nap.

With adjustable footrest to help along the way. A removable bumper is also included. (Made with leather).


A large canopy with UPF50+ sun protection and also water-resistant fabrics. Which gives the baby all the protection it needs. It can also be good for the wind.

The canopy has also a zip-out mesh window. This allows air flow and at the same time, you can view your sleeping child without disturbing them.

It’s also adjustable and not flimsy (Hasn’t been reported to).

The Joolz Hub canopy has the same colour as the seat. A one colour pattern stroller which many prefer.


Starting with the leather made handlebar. To provide a smooth touch for whoever is pushing. It’s also for the looks because how classy is it to have a leather bar?

It will surely turn some heads.

The bar is adjustable to accommodate any parent (going up hills will feel good and less stressful). It’s especially good for taller parents.

With a height from 96.5cm up to 106cm. It’s a win for many parents. You can have the grandparents help out.

A one-hand push is also possible which is reported on madeformums.

Moving on to the folding part. Which takes two hands according to parents, but is not that difficult. You can fold the Hub with the seat, and also without it.

The dimensions are above and without the seat it quite compact. It’s also self-standing which is good when using public transport or visiting tiny spaces.

With carry straps you can carry it anywhere you like. However, it won’t be that easy because the weight is around 11kg, and that is quite heavy.

On and off brakes are behind the seat to help out when you need to stop the buggy.

Many loved the basket. It’s big and deep to fit many essential things. Whether it’s a changing bag or groceries.

Has the capacity of carrying 5kg of weight. It’s reachable even when the seat reclines (According to a mum).

An aluminium chassis that’s sleeky and looks classy.  It does not take much to assemble because it comes with almost all the parts attached.


All suspension wheels will give you a smooth ride and are possible to use on multiple even terrains. The wheels are made for the urban lifestyle and will take you far on these terrains.

With shock-absorbing tyres and punctured proof as well. It keeps them steady and long-lasting.

It also has swivel lockable wheels that are used to navigate the city’s narrow streets. When not in use you can unlock them for a straight-line stroll.

These wheels are also good when visiting restaurants and shops. Joolz also made it possible for you to remove the front wheels.

It gives a compact fold, and you can wash them to keep them clean and long-lasting. (You got to make your investment worth it).


Joolz Hub: Accessories.

Canopy and Adapters (Car Seat).

Suitable from birth you have the three accessories I mentioned above. The carrycot is the best option for babies from birth up to 6 months.

Reported to be sleek and a spacious place for babies to feel comfortable. Comes with a so-called breathable mattress, an apron and a large canopy. (Just like the strollers).

With UPF50+ sun and water protection. Just like the stroller canopy it also has a zip-out window. Allowing airflow and for you to view your child when they are sleeping.

It has a rear-facing option. By the way, you don’t need adapters to attach it on. This is a bonus because you won’t need to buy more things.

Adapters for car seats are also included with the main links. Joolz Hub is suitable with many car seats and these are:

Joolz: iZi Go Modular by BeSafe
BeSafe: iZi Go, iZi Go Modular
Maxi-Cosi: Cabriofix. Pebble, Pebble Plus, Rock, Mico 30
Kiddy: Evoluna i-Size, Evolution Pro 2
Cybex: Aton 5, Cloud Q, Aton Q i-Size, Aton, Cloud Q+
Nuna: Pipa Lite.

Additional Accessories.

  • Cocoon.
  • Rain cover.
  • Footmuff.
  • Child tray.
  • Parent organiser.
  • Changing bag.
  • Stroller board.
  • Mosquito net.
  • Cupholder.
  • Travel bag.
  • Covers for cocoon and carrycot.


  • The seat unit is suitable only from 6 months up to 15kg. (Some strollers have up to 22kg and from 3 months or from birth).
  • The seat is also narrow which some have reported. It won’t fit bigger toddlers. Some even say it’s up to 2 and a half years. (It all depends on your child’s growth).
  • It’s expensive on its own and even more, if you add other accessories.
  • The bumper bar sits a bit higher for babies, so it won’t give them the best experience.
  • Also, the adjustable footrest has been reported to not fit toddlers older than 2. It’s perfect for babies though.
  • Joolz Hub does not have all-terrain wheels and is not really for suburban lifestyles.
  •  It’s heavy at around 11kg, which makes it not easy to travel with.
  • Can’t be converted into a double stroller.
  • The rain cover is not included with the purchase, so you have to buy it separately (Living in the UK this is important).

Joolz Hub vs Icandy Raspberry.

Joolz Hub stroller is often compared with the Icandy Raspberry. Both are in the same spot in the market and have almost the same features.

Which of these two offer the best experience? I did a comparison with the Icandy Raspberry before but it was with the Bugaboo Bee 6.

Now, let’s see how these two will play out. Like many quality standard strollers these share similarities, and these are:

  • Suitable with carrycot and car seat.
  • Rear and forward-facing.
  • Folded with a seat and without a seat. (Stands when folded).
  • Big canopies.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Big baskets that are reachable with ease.
  • All suspension wheels and puncture-proof tyres.
  • Bars are made with leather and the handlebar is adjustable.
  • Peek a boo window with ventilation panels.


The Icandy Raspberry is higher in some cases and the length is more as well, which depending on your size can be good or bad.

It’s much lighter around 8.8kg and the seat unit is suitable from birth (Not the best experience though). It’s suitable for up to 25kg and looks to have larger seat.

With adapters, you can have a higher seat which is good for a closer bonding with the baby. Available in many colours and the colours are only on the canopy.

However, It’s more expensive around £550 and this is only the buggy.

When looking at the Joolz Hub it’s compatible with cocoon. Which is a “carrycot” that functions almost like a car seat. It has swivel lockable wheels.

It has a footrest, a bumper bar, the front wheels are removable, carry straps and its shopping basket is deeper than the other.

What makes the Raspberry soo good is the weight and the age suitability. It’s hard to choose, but it looks like the Raspberry is a bit better because of that.

Although it’s expensive and bigger, which can take up space. However, the Joolz Hub is better in many ways and many would still go for it because of the amazing features, accessories and less expensive price. (Myself included).


I can imagine you have a lot to think about. Well, it should be that case because buying strollers is a huge investment. You should take your time and decide.

Joolz does offer you a lot with the Hub stroller, and it’s a good stroller to use for years. Not only now, but you can pass it on to others.

The fabrics and materials a great, although it’s not the best stroller in the market it’s still good. It’s better than many standard strollers.

Think about the warranty as well, which is a lifetime.

What do you think, do you agree? If yes, comment 5 reasons why.

A video demonstration of the Joolz Hub:


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  1. Yes, I admit that I like how large the canopy is and the protection it can provide for my baby, as well as the fact that it has so many useful features. I appreciate that it can be used on all terrains, that it comes with a lifetime warranty, that I can pass it on to someone else once my baby is older, and that it looks nice. The Joolz Hub, in my opinion, is a good stroller. The price is reasonable, and the only thing I find difficult is the weight, which I can manage. Of course, the Raspberry is better, but I like the Joolz hub because of its nice features. It’s my favorite.

    Great review

    • Hey Lio. Thanks for reading. I am glad you found my review useful and I hope you recommend it to friend. If you need any help let me know.


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