Joie Versatrax Review

Joie Versatrax is a standard buggy known by many parents in the UK. Suitable from 6 months up to toddlers and has quality fabrics and materials.

In this article, I will be going over the pros and cons. Give you a detailed review of this buggy so its easier to decide.

Product: Versatrax Stroller/Pushchair

Price: £320.00

Size Of Product: 99-108.5 cm × 58 cm × 88-101 cm

A Place to Buy: Uberkids. Click here.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ranking: 8.5/10

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Versatility is the thing many parents are looking for in pushchairs/strollers and the Versatrax pushchair/stroller comes with it and an I-Soft bundle car seat is included

This stroller/pushchair won the best stroller award from Red Dot in 2019, for being the ideal stroller/pushchair in both worlds. Those worlds are the city and countryside, with the provision of excellent fabrics and it cooping with any weather.

It’s suitable from birth with the reclining positions that are available and it can face you or others. Good punctured wheels provide excellent manoeuvre and come with a rain cover for your baby’s or toddlers comfort.

Let’s look into the details and see what we can find.

The Canopy.

For protection from the weather there is the car seat, but also the UFO+50 canopy is included. It’s big and has the same colour as the stroller. The Inner layer of the canopy is white and the material is thick and smooth.

You get to choose from different colours, which is good. If the colours are unlimited you can match them to your baby’s clothes or accessories. It might sound silly, but hey we all have our hobbies. Some of these colours are green, blue and black.

The handles material is leather, hard and fancy. Provides a long usage and modern look. If the handle and catch have a softer material it can tear pretty easy and your toddler can even bite the catch, you would end up buying a new one if it’s detachable. If not then you are stuck with a catch that has a hole on it. So, leather is better.

Seat And The Fold.

The seat is suitable for your toddler until 4 years, around 22kg. The seat unit can be attached to face you when your little one is tiny and wants to have bonding moments with you or face the world and have a lot of adventures.

Folding the Versatrax stroller is easy just press and lift the catch and grab the handle to fold it. No need to bend och kneel. Soft-touch harnesses, chest pads and footrest are all included to give your little one comfort and the safety they require.

You have the option to use the car seat on the stroller. The seat is useable from birth up to they are 74cm and it comes with different features that provide both safety and comfort for your little one. For more info on this car seat check the link above. The package does not come with a carrycot/bassinet but it’s suitable for the stroller.

Just buy the Joie Rumble XL car seat to transform the stroller into a Travel System. It can have a car seat and Carrycot/bassinet attaches to it which makes it a favourite among parents.

The colour of the seat is the same as the canopy not giving it multiple colours for those who prefer it that way. The seat can be on when you are folding the stroller, no need to remove anything. It saves you space and you don’t always need to attach and detach the seat.

Wheels And Basket.

The outside materials on the wheels are made from durable rubber, making it puncher free. Good to use on any road without causing any damage to them. Suspension on all wheels that are there for you whatever journey you decide to take with your little one.

The front wheels are closer and smaller than the back wheels which give the stroller a more narrowed look. Fitting into tiny spaces and is easier to put in your boot.

Versatrax stroller back wheels are more separated and bigger. The separation gives better access to the basket and you can bend to put your things or the changing bag and it also provides easy access for you to grab things when you need them. A stroller board can also attach behind the stroller for your bigger toddler, no need to buy a new stroller.

A medium-size basket provides good storage for your things so, why not use it to put your things and your babies or toddler things. It is more reachable if the seat is rear-facing than if it faces you, but you are more likely to have things in the basket when you have a toddler than a baby.

Toddlers tend to make you carry a lot of baggage because they are ready to explore more.

Versatrax Stroller, Another Award Winner.

Strollers that usually win prices or awards are always favourites among all parents. They also come with excellent quality, it can be the fabrics, features, colours, materials or the accessories they come with.

Although it comes with all of these features and accessories, it’s lacking some of them. No straps, back pockets, carrycot/bassinet, changing back, etc. Even though is a single stroller missing these things can be considered cons for some parents.

The Versatrax Stroller price is cheap considering the things it comes with because if you compare it to other brands like Nuna and Inglesina they are way more expensive to buy if they did come with these features and accessories. So, in a way you can save money with this one.

Hey, there must be a reason why parents voted for this stroller. Am I right or am I right. Visit the site to check the short reviews parents did for this stroller. Sometimes that might not help but the thing that can help you is if you have a deeper review.

The brand Joie is popular, have you heard of it? Have you heard of the Versatrax Stroller? If not, what’s your opinion on it? If you have used it or read about it before would you recommend it to people? Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

If you or any family member and friends need help with anything that’s stroller/pushchair related, please don’t mind asking.

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