Joie Tourist Review.

Most mums are often looking for lightweight strollers to make life less complicated. Joie is one of the UK’s popular brands that offer just that.

The Joie Tourist stroller is a lightweight buggy meant to make life easier for parents. It’s easy to handle, carry and it suits many lifestyles.

For this review, I will detail the pros ad point out the cons. I will also compare it with another lightweight stroller to give you an idea of its value.

Is it the one you are looking for? Let’s find out.


  • Has a lie flat position (Said to be suitable from birth up to 15kg/3 years for the average toddler).
  • Travel system convertible.
  • Other recline options.
  • 5 point harness with chest pads.
  • Adjustable legrest.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • All wheels suspension.
  • Sizeable canopy with peek a boo window.
  • Accessable shopping basket.
  • One-hand fold (Compact fold, carry strap when folded).
  • One-hand push.
  • Bumper bar.
  • Stylish look and good fabrics and materials.

View this video to get a glance of the Buggy:


Joie Tourist Review: Buggy.

Product: Joie Tourist.

Price: £339.00.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: H106 cm x W47.1 cm x L83.1 cm. Folded dimensions: H66.1 cm x W47.1 cm x L24.3 cm (Weight: 5.9kg).

Handle height: 78cm – 105cm.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

Many lightweight buggies do offer lie flat positions, but some are not good but this one seems to be the opposite.

Through my search many parents have not complained on the lie-flat position. This means you can use the Joie Tourist from birth.

My advice would be to buy a carrycot instead, but I wanted you to know the option is there.

The seat unit also offers other reclining options. To keep your baby and toddler entertained seeing other views. Suitable from birth up to 15kg.

You find some sites state 4 years and others less. The average toddler weight of 15kg is around 3 years. So it’s between these years.

This is quite good because at this age most toddlers would rather walk on their own.

An adjustable calfrest will also make them laying more comfortable. They will be able to stretch out their legs without the legs dangling around.

A 5 point harness system is also attached to it with chest pads. Keeping them safe and protected. The pads are soft for babies to touch and it will also keep the pushchair clean.

Moving up you have a sizeable canopy with a peek a boo window. The window has a patch to keep it close during winter days.

Keeping your child warm and not expose to the cold. Because Joie Tourist only offers a forward facing option the window comes in handy.

You can view your child and know what they are up without going upfront.


Right in front of your baby on the seat unit, you have a bumper bar. Covered with soft fabrics to keep baby safe. It acts as a shield keeping your baby away from falling. (Some lightweight buggies don’t offer a bumper bar so this is bonus).

Moving back on the top you have the handlebar, which is adjustable. From 78cm to 105cm of height to accommodate taller parents.

Even for use short parents. Going up a hill will be easier.

The buggy offers all suspension wheels to make the ride smooth. When pushing the wheels glide easy on even grounds to give a comfortable journey.

You also have an accessible basket underneath. Even when fully recline you can use it without any hassle. A good size to fit a decent amount of groceries.

With all of that done let’s get to the folding part.

It’s easy to fold with just one hand. After it unlocks the pushchair is said to fold by itself. It auto locks when folded and offers a compact fold.

Emphasized by many parents through a review done on Motherandbaby.

Very compact to store in your boot and still have space and in your house as well. Using public transport or visiting public places will be easy.

The frame alongside the seat unit only weighs 5.9kg which is one of the lightest buggies out there. It’s super easy to lift according to many parents.

Lift it by using the strap either holding it or using your shoulders.

This makes it compatible with many airlines cabinets. Suitable for travellers to use and those who always are on the move.

When pushing you only need one hand as well. Keeping the other one free for something else.

Style and Design.

The style and design are quite simple, yet modern and has an urban look. Available in more than one colour and the colours are stylish yet simple.

Joie offers slim, sleek and durable buggy for those parents who like things light and simple. The fabrics and materials are modern and long lasting.

Joie Tourist: Accessories.

Carrycot, Car Seat and Rain Cover.

You can have a rear facing option by using either the carrycot or a car seat. The Ramble carry is suitable with it, at least from birth up to 6 months.

You can attached the carrycot on top of the sea unit after it’s reclined, or remove the seat unit and attached the cot. You will need adapters to do that.

These are sold separately online. Giving you these two options will make life easier.

If you don’t have time you can adjust the seat and attach the cot and be on your way, but it won’t look the best.

If you however have time then remove the seat to make it a good pram system.

With adapters you are also able to use a car seat. Either car seats from Joie or Maxi Cosi. View my review of the Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro and Tinca i-Size car seats.

A rain cover is also suitable for it.


  • Seat unit only faces forward.
  • The patch for the peek a boo is not magnetic which means it has the risk of waking a sleeping baby (Confirmed by a parent).
  • The canopy is also not that big enough to give a full cover. A sunshade should have been added.
  • It doesn’t have swivel lockable wheels and is not an all terrain buggy. (Only useable on even grounds).
  • Mums complained for it to be suitable for urban lifestyles, not rural or even suburban.
  • It does not offer a proper seating option. Meaning the upright position does not really exist and your toddler would not be able to seat in that position.
  • Not the cheapest lightweight buggy. (Expensive for some).
  • Only compatible with car seats from two brands.

Joie Tourist vs Micralite Profold.

These two pushchairs look similar in many ways. Both are lightweight and easy to use. I have not seen these to be compared its because maybe they both are not popular.

These are the similarities both share:

  • Both are suitable from birth up to 15kg.
  • One hand fold and a quick fold as well.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Compact fold.
  • Size hoods.
  • Adjustable leg rest.
  • Size basket.
  • Bumper bar.
  • 5 point harness with chest pads.
  • Forward-facing only.


When looking at the differences the Micralite Profold offers water resistant fabrics. It has a Bamboo fabrics on the seat unit.

On one side has soft bamboo fabrics and other it offers a better airflow. You can change it base on the weather and season.

It also has a UPF50+ canopy and it has a pocket behind the hood where you can keep your personal things.

It’s a bit tinier than the former which makes the fold size tiny as well.

When looking at the Joie Tourist it’s compatible with a carrycot and a car seat, it offers an adjustable handlebar, peek a boo window, etc.

It’s better when it comes to features and weight. The other weighs 7.5kg which is still lightweight but heavier than the Joie Tourist.

When it comes to design they are both equal. Analysing all the factors the Joie Tourist is better and is one of the easiest lightweight buggies to use out there.

It’s also cheaper than the other one.

Another Lightweight Stroller for Travellers.

Appearance in its name you can tell this one was meant for all of you who love to travel. Why would it not be because of the weight and such.

It’s not only easy to carry around but also easy to push. It has the features and accessories to make your journey quite enjoyable.

Not the best buggy out there because t does have it cons but when looking at the overall picture it does deliver.

If you live a rather simple life then it’s made for you.

Is it made for you? Do you think your child will be comfortable sitting or laying on it?


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