Joie Nitro Review.

Joie is a famous British brand and I am sure you have heard of their famous Joie Nitro lightweight stroller. It’s either you are planning to buy or just what to know more about it and then maybe buy it.

Whatever your choice is, I will do my level best to introduce the pros, and point out the cons. I will also compare it with another popular buggy to give you an idea of its value.

Let get started then.

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  • “Suitable from birth” up to 15kg.
  • One hand umbrella fold. (Compact when folded).
  • Easy to push with one hand.
  • 5 reclining options.
  • Adjustable calf rest.
  • Adjustable UPF50+ or UPF40+ sun canopy.
  • Static ergonomic foam handles.
  • 5 point harness with covers.
  • Handle used to carry.
  • Two system brakes.
  • All-wheel suspension.
  • Lockable swivel wheels.
  • Underneath shopping basket.
  • Rain cover included in the purchase.


Joie Nitro Review: Pushchair.

Product: Joie Nitro Pushchair.

Price: £80.00

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: H108cm × W48.5cm × L58.5cm. Folded dimensions: H109.5cm × W30cm × L35cm

Delivery: To Europe ( Multiple options).

My Rating: 8.5/10.

Joies famous single 4 wheels buggy is available in multiple colours, such as black, blue, red and yellow. So, you have the option to choose whatever suits your lifestyle.

Be it the city or countryside you choose the colour that matches you. Reported to be suitable from birth and up to 15kg, which according to madeformums and Mumsnet is not entirely true.

I will get more on that part when discussing the cons. Anyhow, up to 15kg is around 3 to 3 and half years, and at that time your little toddler would be tired of the buggy. (Stating from experienced).

Moving on to the real features you got a seat unit that can recline into 5 positions included in the near lie-flat position. These 5 positions are often the snooze, play, upright and a lie-flat position.

It will make your toddler and baby comfortable to seat. Designed with the Joie Nitro is the UPF50+ canopy according to Uberkids and UPF40+ according to boots, which provides shade, and you can also recline it.

Having an open area for your baby or toddler to view the outside world better. Integrated with the seat is a harness system with chest covers.

These covers will provide a comfortable touch for your baby and will also keep the harness from getting dirty all the time.

A 5 Point harness will strap important body parts to keep your little munchkin safe and secure.

An adjustable calf rest is also designed with the Nitro lightweight pushchair. These are excellent for their legs and will prevent them from tossing around.

It can be quite irritating to sleep in that position, so it helps a lot. Available in 2 reclining modes.

More Features.

Now moving on to the chassis or also called frame. You have a light frame at just 7.5kg and also reported near 7.6kg, which is not that much of a difference.

It’s lightweight to push and will make an excellent ride during holidays, using public transport, etc.

If you also love to visit the city having a lightweight can help a lot.

Growing up your baby will be heavier, so lightweight buggies do help. I know a few people who prefer light buggies all the way.

What makes the Joie Nitro even better is the one hand push mechanism.

It’s not always ideal to push strollers with one hand, but this one is said to offer that. Makes it more convenient on your journey.

According to the manufacturer, it offers all suspension on all 4 wheels and has lockable swivel front wheels.

The 4 all suspension wheels, lightweight and one-hand push go all hand in hand.

It makes using and handling to buggy easy for all, and according to other reviews, this has been proven to be right.

The wheels are designed to make the frame easy to push and goes with the flow.

Meaning there are not stiff and hard. Using the swivel wheels will make navigating through narrow streets easier, and you can use the locks to keep the stroller steady, and not move too much.

Unloosing them can make it a bit difficult to push as well (Experienced it). Pull the straps behind the seat to fold with just one hand.

Ergonomic foam handles to make gripping easier and these are static handles.

When folded is extremely compact and can be stored in tiny places, and another bonus is visiting your favourite restaurants at these times won’t be a problem.

Use the handles to carry it. Underneath there’s a basket that’s sizeable enough to fit some items and the baby’s essential things.

Nitro Pushchair: Accessories.

A rain cover is included in the purchase of this pushchair, but you can also buy universal fit rain covers. There are those for light buggies.

With the rain covers especially living in the UK it can come in handy. It not only shields from rain but also blocks other elements.

When reading through Netmums review it was stated that the Joie buggy can have a buggy board attached to it.

This is good because most lightweight strollers don’t really have the option.

The way the Nitro Stroller is built you won’t think is possible (My view of it at first glance).

Having the buggy attached means you can have another child with you.

Two toddlers or one baby and a toddler. If your older toddler still wants a ride then there’s no need to buy a double buggy.

Another idea I thought of was to use stroller clips on the handles.

You can hang there lightweight bags and such. Not too much to tilt the buggy.



  • According to both Mumsnet and Madeformums is not a good idea to use the buggy from birth. Lightweight buggies are not known to offer the best experience for newborns. (Through my experience I will recommend maybe 6 months onwards).
  • The hood or canopy is not big and won’t be able to provide protection that well.
  • No all-terrain wheels.
  • No bumper bar to keep baby more protected.
  • The harness system is a bit tiny.
  • The basket is not that reachable if you have a lie-flat position and it’s not that big to fit many groceries.
  • It only faces forward which for some can be a major con, and does not offer a peek a boo window to see your baby either.
  • Two system brakes can be a bit hard. According to Madeformums review, the brakes are a bit stiff and not that easy to use at first. Locking the front wheels will make things easier.
  • Using static brakes are not the best option. (Through my experience I have come to know this). These are ergonomic so it’s a bit better.
  • Can’t stand when folded.
  • Not travel system convertible, I.e no car seat and carrycot/bassinet.

Joie Nitro Buggy vs Mothercare Nanu Buggy.

Both of these buggies are quite similar in design and have much in common, but they differ as well. Let’s first view the similarities and these are:

  • Available in multiple colours.
  • Suitable from birth up to 15kg.
  • Other reclining positions.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Adjustable canopies with weather shield.
  • Static handles.
  • Calf rest.
  • Sizeable basket.
  • Swivel wheels.
  • Two system brakes.
  • Both lack more features on the hood.
  • Forward-facing only.
  • No travel system convertible.


Quite a lot in common. If you view both of these strollers you won’t believe they differ in certain aspects as well.

For starters, the Nanu has an adjustable harness system and a bigger hood.

Mothercare Nanu buggy also offers a one-hand reclining mode. It’s cheaper as well, but heavier around 9kg.

When looking into the Nitro pushchair you have an adjustable calf rest, chest pads, UPF50 or 40+ sun canopy, all suspension wheels and it’s lighter at 7.5 or 7.6kg.

The Joie Nitro of course wins because of the better features it offers and the lighter weight, no wonder is more expensive.

Joie Nitro is One of the Best Lightweight Buggies.

Although not the best because it does have its fair share of cons, but the Nitro has been praised to provide comfort for the parents and baby.

As you know buggies should satisfy both the guardians and the child. It’s lightweight, easy to push and handle, easy to fold and not expensive.

It’s a good investment to use on your 6 months old baby up to 15kg. Bring along during strolls, long walks and vacations.

What do you think? Will the Joie Nitro Buggy make a good addition to your families life?


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  1. Really thank you so much for this review. The pushchair in this post will be very important to my best friend. Because she has a little son. He is also in Europe. So he can do deliver it to his door. another thing is The prices are very reasonable. I will definitely send this to my friend. Thank you so much for the review.

  2. I love umbrella strollers for their compact build and ease of folding/unfolding.  There are a number of downsides to these types of strollers, such as no cup holder and the inability to take it “off-road”.  Two of the other downsides seem to have been addressed with this stroller:  storage underneath and a reclining seat.  All-in-all, I think an umbrella stroller is a great choice to keep in the car or for small storage spaces and this one looks to be of high quality!  Thanks for posting!

    • Hi Cynthia. Yes umbrella strollers are indeed very good. Especially for travellers and perfect if you live in a flat as well. They tend to be cheaper too. 

      Thanks for reading. 


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