Jogging Stroller – Exercise With Your Child.

Whats comes to your mind when you hear Jogging Stroller? Well for me is a stroller you use to jog with.

This, of course, it’s true but there’s more into it. It is not a regular stroller that usually has 4 wheels and other features which this don’t one have.

I have not that long ago heard of jogging strollers, might be because I never exercise with my baby. Let me be honest here running as an exercise, I have not done that in ages.

Running is an easy and healthy exercise that many parents do, with or without their babies.

Some parents choose to exercise with their babies because its fun and entertaining for the child but others don’t do it, it can be tiring and is not I hobby they like.

So, this can make some parents unaware of what a jogging stroller is. I was in that category. So, let me tell you all about this unique stroller, if you do know it then maybe you are interested to buy a new one or buy it for a family member.

All About Jogging Strollers.

Like I mentioned above jogging strollers are used to run with. Jogging strollers are easy to spot, they have large BMX Size wheels, that’s different from regular wheels which a much smaller.

The jogging strollers usually have a better suspension, to absorb the shock and bounces that come with pushing a stroller of the road at speed. The materials are also harder.

The strollers can be very long, which makes it easy to use around the city. Because of the size of the wheels it cant be folded down you will need to take it out.

So, most of them have the option to remove the wheels. It can be pro if you think about it. Gives you more space.

Take note that you only need to buy this stroller if you intend to jog with it, so it can be a side stroller you can have. The stroller is not compatible from birth because it doesn’t support your newborns head and neck and even babies up to 6 months. Well, who runs with newborns anyway?

Most of the parents you see use a jogging stroller use it with their toddlers when the child can sit upright and has a strong grip.

The unique pushchairs also come with handbrakes, swivel wheels and all of the features a regular stroller has.

What’s Unique With A Jogging Stroller?

So, what makes this type of stroller so difference from the others? What makes it unique? Well for starter, it’s wider than a regular one.

The front wheels are fixed for better control, and the handlebar has a better steering system.

You need a better steering system if you are running, which means its easier to control and if you do come across some difficulties it might save your baby’s or toddlers life.

A hand strap is included with a jogging stroller and they are heavier and durable than regular strollers for stability. With the jogging pushchair, your child almost always needs to sit vertically and the front wheels are easy to turn.

They are designed for you to run with, so every detail counts.

A regular stroller is not designed to endure rough roads and other things that might be harmful to your baby. If you use an all-terrain stroller, it does not help.

Those are for walks and are not used for running. So, this makes the jogging stroller unique and are not for every parent, only for those who will use it for exercise

Can It be Use For Something Else?

The jogging stroller is not designed for everyday use because of how its build. Its big wheels and longitude make it not easy to use in public transport and or place it in your boot. Some boots may be too tiny for a jogging stroller.

The stroller is not ideal for travelling either, I don’t think it fits in a cabin because of its size. Pushing it might not be easy.

So, to answer the question. Is best to stick to a regular stroller for regular walks and strolls, and buy the jogging stroller only if you will use it for exercise.

Thule Glide 2 Jogging Sport Stroller/Pushchair.

Product: Glide 2 Jogging Sport Stroller/pushchair.

Price: £585 – £772.

Size Of product: 103.12 × 68.58 × 103.89 cm

A Place To to Buy: Amazon click here.

Guarantee: Yes.

My Ranking: 9.5/10


  • Lightweight, aerodynamic designed., rear suspension and compact fold. Car seat compatible for extended use and to prevent a back injury, and there are extended handbrake and handlebar.
  • The wheels can be removed for cleaning and to be able to fold the pushchair. They are air punctured which gives a smooth ride.
  • An extended canopy that has ventilation and sunshade.
  • Has a 5 point harness, to strap your toddler if they are sleeping.
  • The handlebar can be adjusted for any height.
  • Comes with a shopping basket, you can store your changing basket or anything else. There’s a pocket at the back of the seat to store your phone, keys, wallet. When you are out and jogging I don’t think you will want to hold your keys and wallet.
  • Suitable from 6 months up to 34kg.


  • Rear-facing only
  • Its colours are limited
  • It can be expensive if you buy a new one, but there’s always an option for a second hand.

Jog Away, The Ability To Have Active Moments With Your Child.

Jog away, can I use that term? Well, I just did I guess. Have one of the most exciting journeys with your toddler. Toddlers for the most time are home during autumn and winter and if you live in the west these seasons last for months.

So, they hardly get any fresh air especially if you are a busy parent.

They need to go out and have fresh air, through strolls or jogging. Toddlers love to run it excite them and boost their energy.

My toddler loves to feel the air. The sleeps so well afterwards, fewer headaches for me.

If you love to jog do so with your toddler, let them feel the fresh air and excitement. They will be entertained and at the same time view the outside world, which will boost their development.

What are your thoughts on this stroller/pushchair type? Have you bought one before? if so please tell us more about it. If you have any questions, I will be more than willing to answer. Leave them below.

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