Is it Better to Get a Single or a Double Stroller?

I am sure you have asked the question above soo many times, and you might not really find the answer you’re looking for.

Is a question many new mums and even does who are mums are asking. What should I get for my coming baby? Single vs Double.

After doing my research and through my own experience I will try to answer the question, so you can relax and buy the type of stroller you want.

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What Type of Single and Double Strollers are Out There?

We first need to establish what type of single and double strollers exist. (I will not mention all, just a few. Does that are relevant).

If you have not been in the market looking in the past years then you will be amazed how much strollers have evolved.

Simple Single Strollers.

These you have properly seen them. It’s normal single strollers who are only forward-facing and some are suitable from birth and others are not.

They can last up to 3 years and have big wheels, sizeable basket, often all suspension and some might have lockable swivel front wheels.

It’s to make the ride easier. These are not the best out there, but for some lifestyles, they do work getting your baby to the places you want.

Standard Single Strollers.

The difference between these strollers from the other is that they can face both forward and rear and are compatible with car seats and carrycots/bassinets.

These also have better wheels and some may even offer all-terrain wheels and a bigger basket. The hood or canopy might come with extra accessories.

This also depends on the brand you buy it from. Some brands offer more features and quality on the fabrics.

Lightweight Strollers.

Lightweight strollers can come in both of these types above but the only difference is that these are much lighter. Weighing maybe 3kg up 7kg.

These are easier to carry, etc. However, light strollers are not always for everyone. Some tend to have much smaller wheels, basket and the hood can also be small enough for it not to cover your child.

Because of the lightweight, some features might be excluded, and again it depends on the brand. If you compare Bugaboo and Maxi Cosi there can be differences.

Light strollers can come in double as well.

Side by Side Double Strollers.

Side by side double strollers is what most parents think about when they imagine double strollers (I remembered I did).

These are two-seat placed side by side next to each other. So, your babies will be near each other.

If you are having a twin most parents go with this one.

Some side by side double strollers are simple, meaning you can’t remove the seat so they are only double and for twins.

Another side by side double stroller seat can be removed to be replaced by a carrycot or car seat, which means you can have it for your twins and your children of different ages.

Facing either forward or rear. The configurations are however not that much, and these types of double strollers can take up space.

Some can be used for single babies and then afterwards you can add another accessory for two kids.

Tandem Double Strollers.

So, tandem double strollers are when the seats are on top of each other. It can be a car seat, carrycot or seat unit. You can mix it up however you want.

Tandem double strollers do come in single and you only need to add one of these accessories to it. Making it a single to double stroller.

So they can be used for a single child just like the one above and then make it double if you have two kids.

These strollers are slimmer and can fit in doorways but they can be very heavy as well when used as double.

Tandem strollers are known to come in many configurations to suit many families. Some up to 30 configurations.

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Some Examples of Single and Double Strollers.

Simple Single Stroller:

Silver Cross Pop Stroller, Boots.

Standard Single Strollers:

Baby Jogger Tour 2, Uberkids.

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus, Uberkids.

Uppababy Cruz V2, Kiddies-kingdom.

Lightweight Strollers:

Joie Nitro, Boots.

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo, Samuel johnston.

Side by Side Double Strollers:

Bugaboo Donkey 3, Uberkids.

Tandem Double Strollers:

Silver Cross Wave, Kiddies-kingdom.

Uppababy Vista V2.

Icandy Orange, Uberkids

Getting a Single to Double Stroller is Better.

So, after giving an example of these strollers types, it’s time to answer the question. It will be base on your lifestyle.

Our lifestyles are changing and have different needs, and why not buy things that accommodate your life?

Getting a single stroller from the beginning might be good because it is cheaper and from the beginning, it will help your child.

What happens if you get another baby within a year or so? Well, now you have to buy a separate stroller but this time double.

Even if your child is big, they might still need to seat on a stroller.

For some parents getting a standard double stroller from the begging for a single child sounds crazy, which it is by the way.

So, you can’t go for that and it’s expensive as well. You might end up not needing it all.

What You Need.

My solution and many other mothers solution is why not get a single to double stroller. Single strollers that convert to a double.

Just like a special side by side stroller and a tandem double stroller.

So, it’s not any side by side double stroller but one that can be single and then double. This kind of stroller is the best one that will accommodate many lifestyles.

Although it’s expensive from the beginning it will save you time and money. Many of these strollers are also long-lasting made with quality fabrics and materials.

Some come in many colours and their colours are always in trend. They are compatible with car seats from different brands.

My answer will be both. Is it better to get a single or a double stroller? Well, buy a single stroller that will convert to a double when the time comes.

Do you also know that some of these can have a buggy board? You will end up pushing three kids.

Getting a standard single stroller is not the way and neither is a normal double stroller.

Well, this is my solution to the question and if you end up not using it then you can always use the single version.

Afterwards, you can sell it for a good price or passed it to a family member. Many are looking for second hand single to double strollers.


We all have different lifestyles as I mentioned above and we also have different plans for the future, so what you choose will depend on that.

It’s sometimes better to be on the safe side of things and choose a stroller that will save you money and at the same make your family comfortable.

At the end of the day if you decide to go with a single stroller or a double then that’s good.

You alone can decide what’s best for your lifestyle at moment or in the future.

Another piece of advice would be to test strollers with other kids. Do you have family or friends who are using single and double strollers?

Why not test to push them and asked questions. When I had my first baby I wished I had bought a single to double stroller because I could have really used it now.

I know people who have bought single to double strollers and had different scenarios, and they still like the choice they made.

What will it be for you? Do you think buying a single to double stroller is necessary?

Let me know in the comment section and if you need any help let me know.

All the best,


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2 thoughts on “Is it Better to Get a Single or a Double Stroller?”

  1. I started reading this, thinking it wasn’t an either/or equation. I guess now I have something to keep in mind. My wife and I had a single, and it’s just turned out to take a long time for baby number 2. I guess there’s a real advantage of the convertible option, even with just one child.

    • Hi Fyne. Yes, the convertible strollers is better in my opinion. You might not end up using it but its better to be safe. If you wamt to save money then go for it.

      I hope to see your visits in the future.


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