Icandy Orange vs Peach – Comparing Baby Strollers.

Are you still wondering what Icandy pram or travel system to buy?

Your mind has already decided that Icandy is the brand you are going for, and maybe you don’t mind spending?

However, you can’t figure out which one to choose. Stroller or pram comparisons can help you out a lot, and for this comparison as the title suggests, you will get just that.

Icandy Orange vs Peach. Which one is better and why should you buy it.

I have already done full reviews on both of these, so for this article, you will only get a shorter description.

I will link the full review and where you can buy them. (A direct link to purchase if you have already made up your mind).

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Icandy Orange vs Peach: About Icandy Orange.

£1095.00, Amazon. (Double stroller price).

So the Orange is a tandem double stroller either for twins, and children of different ages or it can also convert into a single stroller. It can convert into 30 configurations by using the carrycot, car seat and seat unit.

Which means it’s a travel system convertible. The seat unit offers forward and rear-facing and can be reclined to suit your toddler’s needs.

Icandy Orange offers a seat that has back pockets to put your phone and other valuable things and it’s also elevated, meaning it’s higher than average.

Giving you a closer bond with your baby or toddler. The seat has 5 point harness system and a bumper bar to keep the baby safe. It’s suitable for up to 25kg with single mode and 15kg with double mode.

The carrycot offers zip pockets, and a ventilation system, peek a boo so does the seat unit canopy. It’s the canopy that converts into a seat.

A light chassis that’s easy to fold, rear and front so suspension wheels, adjustable handlebar, etc. With link includes an extra seat/carrycot, integrated buggy board, rain cover, changing bag, footmuff and 2 car seat adapters.

Comes in more colours.


Icandy Orange vs Peach: About the Peach.

£1052.00, Amazon. 

This peach is a new upgraded version so it comes with many features and offers top quality. Suitable from birth with either the cot or car seat.

This link comes with a cot and not a car seat. The seat unit takes over from 6 months up to 25kg which is around 4 to 4 and half years.

The peach is also a double convertible. The cot can be used for overnight sleep with a soft mattress, liner and apron. With a big canopy to keep the baby safe from UV.

The seat unit has 5 point harness system, bumper bar, adjustable handlebar, leg rest and it’s bigger and spacious. Proving a good place for them to be.

Comes with adapters to convert the seat into a higher position. Forward and rear-facing and its canopy have a peek a boo window.

All suspension wheels, swivel wheels and puncture-proof tyres. The back wheels can be removed and the chassis stand when folded.

Available in more than one colour and marches many car seats from other brands as well. Included in the purchase are a changing bag, footmuff and a buggy board.


The Difference Between the Icandy Orange and Icandy Peach.

1. Weight Difference.

One thing you will notice when viewing the Icandy Orange is that it has lighter chassis than the Peach. It weighs about 12kg and the other 14kg which 2kg indifference

Although not that much it’s a huge difference in some and can be a deciding factor for many parents. The Peach chassis is heavier and many parents have said that’s the major con.

If you use the double mode it’s of course much heavier. The Icandy Orange is not light, but it’s lighter compared to many similar strollers or at least it has the same weight.

2. Difference in Wheels and Tyres.

The Icandy Peach offers swivel wheels and puncture-proof tyres which the former don’t offer, but it offers all suspension wheels. The Peach has two modes on the wheels

It can be locked and unlocked. This is also an important difference and a major one for certain lifestyles. Not all strollers offer puncture-proof tyres, but many offer swivel wheels.

The Orange pram lacks what many prams and strollers offer. That’s also a deciding factor for many.

3. Other Differences in Features.

When folded the Peach frame can stand on its own and its back wheels are removable to proved compact fold. These features are not offered by the Icandy Orange.

The latter also offers legrest to keep the baby comfortable when sleeping and resting and, this is a feature that the former doesn’t offer as well.

The former also offers features that the Peach don’t have. Its carrycot has zip pockets and ventilation to keep the airflow. It has a lighter chassis which makes it easier to carry

The Canopy is convertible into a seat unit which makes them share the same features. It also can save you space if you live in a tiny area.  While the Icandy Peach has a separate cot and seat unit.

Which One is Better?

Why the Icandy Orange Be Better.

So, all of that I have listed above makes it better than the Icandy Peach. It’s also cheaper with the single. You can save a lot more money if you buy it than the former.

So, with the back pockets behind the seat, you use it for many things other than what I have mentioned. Going out you don’t always have to bring your bag with you.

Just place it in there and you are good to go. It’s reachable as well. If you use the double pushchair it can be hard to push so any extra weight will make the situation harder.

The same thing can be said with the zip pockets behind the canopy. Although it’s not that near. Having a ventilation system to allow fresh air to always circulating is good for both your toddler and baby.

Good to have during summer. The lighter chassis also makes it better even though it’s just 2kg lighter. Heavy strollers are nightmares so the less heavy the better.

Good when travelling, using public transport, etc.

Why the Icandy Peach Can Be Better.

Many parents might not want a convertible carrycot and want two separate things. Such as having a carrycot and seat unit. The Peach delivers just that.

The Peach canopy has been approved to be used as an overnight sleeping area for your little one. It has a soft mattress just for that, which the Icandy Orange lack (The overnight sleeping place).

If your baby happens to sleep there you don’t have to wake them up or worry they might suffocate. The cot is big and spacious.

It also provides a legrest which as mentioned above to be good to have. This is important if you have a taller toddler. It can be good for them to have a place to rest their legs, instead of having them dingle around.

The swivel wheels, puncture-proof tyres, removable back wheels and standing part when folded makes it top the Icandy Orange.

These features can make the journey easier, and when visiting different terrains you don’t have to worry about struggling. Being able to have a chassis that can stand when folded can help a lot if you can’t carry it or when you lack space.

Which One Wins?

It’s hard to choose because they both offer almost the same features and designed with top quality fabrics and materials. They are double convertible and has many accessories to offer.

They are both suitable for up to 4 or 4 and half years and offer a journey from birth. Both have large baskets and excellent wheels.

Good chassis, carrycot and seat unit. The difference ain’t that much but it’s noticeable and that’s why the Icandy Peach wins. It has more valuable features which a more useful to more parents.

Such as the swivel wheels which will make travelling anywhere easier and the puncture-proof tyres offer the same. It also has removable back wheels and stands when folded (A very useful feature, my baby’s stroller has this).

Although it’s expensive but still worth it for many.

The Icandy Orange is Still Chooseable.

Many parents after reading this will still go ahead with the Icandy Orange. Why is that you might ask? Well, the answer is simple and above you.

Some want simpler things and also cheaper. The Orange pram is not cheap but out of the two, it is. These parents or guardians don’t mind lacking excellent wheels and such.

The Icandy Orange does not offer other features that might be better in terms of durability and quality, but it still has top quality features. So, the Orange pram has a chance.

Potential Cons.

These are excellent but they ain’t perfect, like any other pram or stroller they lack certain qualities. Both don’t have UPF50+ sun and water protection.

The peach doesn’t offer air ventilation and lacks more storage. The former does as well lack things as you can see above. Both don’t offer all-terrain wheels which means it can be a bit harder to push on certain grounds.

Besides being very expensive both are heavy only with the single-mode. When converted into a double mode it will be worst. Heavy strollers are not easy to handle.

I have had people complaining to me about heavy strollers, but with these features and quality materials no wonder it’s heavy.

Many say it’s worth it though because of the quality features it will offer families.

So, Which One Is It? (Icandy Orange or Peach?).

What’s your answer? I will love to know because everyone differs in their choice depending on their lifestyle. I would personally go with the Icandy Orange.

It’s not because it offers more but because of the price. You might choose it because of something else. Whichever you choose I guarantee you that you will have a top-quality stroller.

Both are widely liked and searched every single month.



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  1. Hi Fatoumata. Thank you for very interesting article. I was just looking for kid stroller and your post will save me lot of time. Its not easy to choose with so many options on market but your review clearly shows that icandy Orange may be what I am looking for. Its practical, with great design and price is really reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice.

  2. I currently have the iCandy orange while a friend of mine has the peach version. I would agree that both have their pros in different ways but I would still prefer the orange version personally due to the extra storage space it has underneath.


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