Icandy Orange vs Lime Lifestyle.

Icandy has become one of the top leading brands with its pushchairs. It started with the Icandy Peach model.

Today they have Peach, Orange and Lime as one of their famous prams. In this article, I will compare the Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle.

Giving you the ins and outs of both these. Looking at the similarities and differences.

If your mind has settled to choose either one of these, then I hope with this article you will find your answers.

I already did a comparison between the Icandy Peach and Lime Lifestyle, and the Icandy Orange vs Peach. View both if you are interested.

I will first do a quick review on both so you can see the main pros.

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About the Icandy Orange.

The newly updated Orange can now be converted into a double stroller with 30 configurations. Suitable for single babies from birth with the cot and with the seat up to 25kg.

It’s a tandem pushchair meaning you can use the seat unit, carrycot and car seat, placing them in different positions.

It has luxurious and well-designed fabrics with phantom or aluminium frames.

You also have a reversible and reclinable seat unit with a 5 point harness system. The harness can be adjusted and has chest pads.

The carrycot converts to the seat unit. It has features such as an extendable part with the zip, sun visor, peek window and mesh panels.

Icandy Orange can have a higher seat unit and it has pockets behind it. With rear and forward suspension on the wheels. Easy and compact fold to make things easy.

When using the adapters to adjust the seat height it can only take up to 15kg of weight, meaning you can’t use it for your 4-year-old.

A sizeable basket and in double mode the seat unit is suitable for up to 15kg only as well. Adjustable handlebar and it can be folded with the bumper still attached.

About the Icandy Lime Lifestyle.

The Lime style is an update from the Lime model and with this model you have a pushchair that’s suitable from birth with the cot and car seat. It’s up to 25kg.

One-handed recline on the seat that has 4 positions and can be elevated. A forward and rear-facing seat unit with a 5 point harness system that’s adjustable and has pads.

You also have a big canopy with UPF50 protection, sun visor, peek a boo window and it’s extendable. You can adjust it as well.

A one-handed foldable stroller that’s compact and can stand on its own when folded. Adjustable handlebar and removable bumper bar.

It has straps to carry it with. You have a big underneath basket carrying around 10kg of weight. All suspension wheels and puncture proof tyres.

Similarities Between the Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle.

Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle Seat Unit and Canopy.

Both of these have the same similarities with the seat unit and canopy. Both are suitable from 6 months up to 25kg that’s around 5 years.

A 5 point harness system with chest pads and they are adjustable as well. Higher seat unit to keep your little one close to you. Forward and rear-facing.

The only difference would be the number of recline options on the seats, which is 4 on the Lime Lifestyle but 3 on the Orange.

Other than both are reclined with one hand as well. Both have rotatable bumper bars that are also removable, which makes it easier to put your child on the seat and also remove them.

These Icandy pushchairs also have convertible seat units. Meaning you use the seat frame and turn it into a cot.

Both canopies are big, extendable, adjustable and they have sun visors to keep the sun away. Both have zip extensions and peek a boo window.

A mesh ventilation penal behind the hood. They are quite similar. Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle have a pocket behind the seat for you to put your phone or keys.

Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle Carrycot and Car Seats.

The strollers share similarities with the cots as well. Both are suitable for overnight sleeping and have soft mattresses with aprons.

Just like the seat unit both have zip extensions, sin visor, ventilation panels and peek a boo window. Look almost the same in size and design.

Both are from birth up to 9kg. They are also compatible with the same car seats using separately-sold adapters and these are:

Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix, Pebble, Pebble Plus, BeSafe iZiGo, iZiGo Modular, Kiddy Evo Lunafix, Evolution Pro 2, Evoluna i-size, Cybex Aton Q, Cloud Q, Joie iGemm, Nuna Pipa & Recaro Privia.

This is the 2018 Orange model and only for the Lime Lifestyle. Some car seats might differ.

Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle Frame and Basket.

There are minor differences with the frame, but first, let’s look into the similarities. Both are told to offer totalfold. Meaning you fold them quickly with one hand.

When folded both can stand on their own as well. Both can be folded either forward or rear-facing and with the seat still attached.

Making it easier for whoever is pushing it. Both also share the same wheel system. All suspension and puncture-proof tyres to give a better ride.

Integrated built-in boards are included on both pushchairs. These can carry up to 20kg which is around 4 years. You have a chance of pushing two children of different ages.

You also have phantom chassis on both or you can have a normal one. Both also have removable wheels to allow better folding.

You can also carry the strollers easier with the wheels removed.

When it comes to the baskets it’s the same.

The same design and both can carry up to 10kg of weight. Both strollers can be carried easily.

Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle Accessories.

When bought with the travel systems both come with a rain cover, changing bag and adapters for the car seats.

You also have other accessories such as a cupholder, footmuff, insect net, parasol, etc and these all can be bought separately.

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Differences Between the Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle.

Icandy Orange Single to Double vs Lime Lifestyle Single.

The biggest difference between these two is this factor. The Orange grows with your family with the double tandem pushchair option.

Lime Lifestyle does not offer this. With the buggy board, it can be used for two children and there it ends, but the Orange can hold more.

Although the seat units only hold up to 15kg it’s still good. You have over 30 configurations that enable you to place your children in whichever direction you want.

It’s designed to accommodate many families around the world. You can use the Icandy Orange as a single stroller and when a second baby comes you only need to buy extra accessories to use it.

It’s for twins and children of different ages. If you are having twins the Icandy Lime Lifestyle is not the option.

Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle Handle Height.

The handle height of the Lime Lifestyle goes from 98cm up to 109cm. For the Orange, it’s from 97cm up to 110cm. Which makes it one of the best.

This makes the Icandy Orange more suitable for the average human height and very good for both short parents and much taller ones.

The correct size of a handle will determine how well you will be able to push a buggy. The Orange will make it easy for any parent to push it with ease.

The frames are quite similar, but some details still differ a bit.

Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle Weight and Dimensions.

I will only state the single weight and dimensions of the Orange stroller. Icandy Orange is quite heavy around 12.1kg and has the open dimensions of H:95cm–105cm W:60cm L:72cm. The folded dimensions are L:85 x W61 x D60cm.

When looking at the Lime Lifestyle it weights 12.4kg and folded dimensions of L 74 x W 62 x D 30cm with the seat unit.

The Lime Lifestyle is a little bit heavier, but it offers the most compact fold. Both win in this scenario, although a more compact fold stroller can be better for many.

Icandy Orange and Lime Lifestyle Colours and Prices.

Icandy Orange offers these colours:

  • Navy.
  • Light blue.
  • Black.
  • Grey. (Dark and light).
  • Red.
  • Orange.
  • White.
  • Green.
  • Pink.

With the Lime Lifestyle it’s:

  • Navy.
  • Dark Grey.
  • Light Grey.
  • Brown.
  • Black.

This is only for the Lime Lifestyle and not the other Icandy Lime models. As you can see the Orange offers more colours and some of the colours the former lack are wanted by many.

The Orange came out in 2018 so it cost £579 and the Lime Lifestyle came out in 2020 which makes it more expensive. It’s around £750.

Buying the double pram for the Orange cost of course even more.

Which One is Better?

Icandy Orange is better than the Lime Lifestyle. It’s about the double tandem option. You are better of with the single to double stroller than the single only.

It being able to carry three children will save you money in the future. Icandy Orange also offers a more compact stroller and the handle height is better suited for anyone.

Besides, it’s cheaper and has more colours to offer. Although it’s an older model it’s still in trend and compared to many top brands.

However, the Lime Lifestyle is still chosen by many because of the more compact fold and the more newly designed model. There can be many reasons.

These strollers share more similarities and look almost the same. You will need to look twice before noticing. Asides from the double mode option you are not missing out on major features.

However, the Icandy Orange is still better.


The Icandy Lime Lifestyle is not a double stroller which is a major con compared to other ones. Both don’t have adjustable legrest and are very heavy.

Although they can be quite compact it won’t be easy to carry them. Both don’t have swivel lockable wheels and the wheels are not really all terrain.

One last major con is the prices. Not that affordable for some. Other than that the pushchairs are made for many lives and will be with your family for years.


Icandy has over the years delivered the best prams and these two are one of their top leading ones. Although the Orange is better, they both are suitable for many.

Both come with many and useful accessories that will help your family for years. What is it going to be? The Icandy Orange or Lime Lifestyle?

Your choice will depend on your budget and lifestyle. (I will recommend the Orange because it grows with your family).

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