Icandy Lime Review.

This specific Icandy Lime came out in 2019 and took inspiration from the Icandy Strawberry, but this one made some features better according to some parents.

If you are looking for a standard buggy with the plan to move around the city and other terrains then the Icandy Lime is one of does.

A slim pushchair that’s easy to handle and comes with beneficial accessories and features. In this article, I will review the pros in detail, and list the cons.

I will also compare it with another popular standard buggy to see its value in the market. I hope with this article you will get your answers.

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  • Suitable from birth with carrycot and car seat up to 25kg.
  • Adapters to increase the height of the seat.
  • The seat has multiple reclining positions.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • 5 point harness system with chest pads, adjusted both height and weight.
  • Big canopy with UPF50+ protection, zip extension, peek a boo window and ventilation system.
  • Two hands total fold. (Seat Unit and bumper attached or detached).
  • Rotatable bumper bar.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Large underneath basket.
  • Big wheels, puncture-proof tyres and all suspension wheels.
  • One brake system.
  • An integrated ride on board.

Video for 2022 version.

Icandy Lime Review: Stroller.

Product: Icandy Lime 2019.

Price: £399.00.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: Folded dimensions: 74 cm x 62 cm x 30 cm (h×w×l). (Weight: 10.2kg).

Handle height: 98cm – 109cm.

Delivery: UK (Include Ireland).

My Rating: 9/10.

Icandy Lime Seat Unit.

The Icandy Lime came out with many features that will benefit soo many families.

According to Icandy they have thought of many things and have learned from their previous strollers when they made this one.

It’s designed to be with a family for a long time and this can be seen with the seat unit being suitable from 6 months up to 25kg, and this is around 5 years.

Icandy claims you can use the seat unit from birth because of the lie-flat option, but it’s not the best option.

The age limit gives your toddler the chance to use the buggy until they are tired of it. The seat is also covered with nice and quality fabrics that are easily cleaned with wipes.

You won’t need to worry if your child spill drinks all the time. The seat is both reversible and reclinable. Offering forward and rear-facing.

You will end up needing both during your toddler’s growth. You also have 5 reclinable positions which is much more than what other offer.

The seat unit will make it possible for children to play, sit upright and nap. Doing all of these whiles on the journey. By, the way it’s controlled with only one hand and the lever it’s near the side of the seat.

Icandy also gives you a 5 point harness system with chest pads, height and weight adjustable. Making it suitable for your bundle of joy. (Also done with one hand).

Do you want to get your toddler or baby closer? Why not use the height adapters to keep them close. With these adapters, you adjust the height and bond better with your little one. (Used for the seat and carrycot).

A bumper is attached as well and it can be easily removed. You can rotate it to place your child on the stroller and also remove them. Leather made which gives it are luxurious look.

Icandy also places a pouch near the seat for your items such as keys, etc.

Icandy Lime Canopy.

Along with the excellent seat unit you have a huge canopy. According to a mum it extends almost reaching the bumper bar. Giving excellent protection against the sun.

Big UPF50+ sun protection with a peek a boo window and mesh ventilation panel. Making the air circulating at all times to keep the baby comfortable.

The window can be covered with a patch when not needed. The fabrics are also made to withstand a little bit of rain and wind.

It comes in many bright colours similar to the Raspberry and these are green (lime), red (Cedar), blue (Glacier), yellow (Turmeric), purple (Mulberry), black (Onyx) and grey (Stone).

Icandy Lime Frame/Chassis.

Icandy Lime also has a leather made handlebar and not only that it’s height adjustable. From 98cm up to 109cm which makes it good for the average human height and tall parents.

Going up a hill and pushing it on other difficult paths will be easier. (I know this through experience). Icandy also claimed you can steer the Lime with just one hand.

Making it easier for whoever is pushing. You can hold your baby while pushing. Made from aluminium which makes it lightweight and durable.

The Lime has been reported to be easy to handle and steer on any ground. Weighting 10.2kg does not make it a light buggy but it does feel like it when pushing It, according to a mum.

Lime also has a so-called totalfold which is a new thing for Icandy prams. This means it folds and collapses easily. Although you will need to use both hands.

Has a dimension of 74 cm x 62 cm x 30 cm (h×w×l), making it one of the most compact standard strollers. One mum even confirmed it. It fitted into her boot and more space was left.

The open dimensions are 98-109cm × 37.5cm × 85cm (h×w×l). This makes the stroller higher than some and a bit slimmer as well. Although it’s good for many.

Icandy also built the buggy with an integrated ride on board. This takes up to 20kg of weight which is near 4 years. Giving you the option to carry two children.

The board works well with the cot as well. You will save a lot of money, avoiding buying a separate board.

A one system brake near the right side of the wheels and these are flip flop friendly. It’s reachable and easy to use even with the board near.

Icandy Lime Wheels and Basket.

The back wheels are bigger than the front wheels, but the latter is still big enough to tackle many terrains. The tyres are puncture and made of ERF.

Made to withstand many rough grounds and you also have all suspension wheels to keep the ride bumper free.

The Icandy Lime can be pushed on grass, narrow streets and some uneven grounds. It works for the city’s different terrains.
Icandy Lime also have removable wheels to make the fold more compact and makes it lighter to carry.

Besides the wheels, you have a huge basket.

The basket is accessible from the back at all times, and when the seat is adjusted it’s reachable from the front as well in any position.

It’s very big with a capacity of 10kg weight. Making it similar to the Vista and Cruz strollers. You can fit in a big changing bag and your daily groceries.


Icandy Lime Review: Accessories.

Carrycot and Car Seat.

The cot comes with the main link. It’s big and suitable from birth up to 6 months around 9kg. Comes with a soft mattress, an apron and luxurious fabrics.

It’s attached to a bumper bar which you can use to carry it with you. Just like the seat fabrics the canopy is easily cleaned as well.

It has a big canopy, UPF50+ sun protection, peek a boo window and a ventilation mesh system to keep your little one breathing fine.

It attaches to the frame with the included adapters and you can also adjust the height as mentioned above. It’s big enough to keep any baby comfortable.

You also get car seat adapters with the link, and the Lime is compatible with a range of car seats. Visit Icandy’s Website to see its compatibility.

Additional Accessories.

  • Rain cover.
  • Footmuff.
  • Net cover.
  • Changing bag.
  • Cupholder.
  • Parent organiser, etc.


  • Some parents reported the canopy is too low nearing the seat unit. This means it can be difficult for tall toddlers.
  • The seat unit has been reported to be a bit too slim. Making it harder for larger toddlers to fit in. This can mean the seat suitability can be up to 4 years for some.
  • It’s quite expensive with only the seat and canopy. If you add other accessories it can reach up to £800.
  • Only suitable for single babies.
  • Although not the heaviest is still not that light to carry.
  • It can be hard to reach the basket from the front if you don’t adjust the seat.
  • It does not have an adjustable legrest/footrest.
  • The wheels are not reported to be swivel and lockable.
  • Icandy didn’t state they are all-terrain as well, meaning they can’t handle sand or other similar terrains

Icandy Lime 2019 vs Uppababy Vista 2019. 

These are sometimes pared and compared to each other. They both came out in the same year and have the same quality standards.

I will only do a quick comparison to see how the Lime holds up against one of the most popular buggies. Is for you to see how good the Icandy Lime is.

Is it better than the Vista or not? Like most standard buggies they share many similarities and these are:

  • Suitable from birth with a cot or car seat.
  • Seat unit from 6 months.
  • Leather made bars and the handlebars are adjustable.
  • Forward and rear-facing seat units.
  • Reclinable as well.
  • Puncture-proof tyres and all suspension wheels.
  • Big basket carrying 10kg of weight.
  • A big canopy with zip extensions and peek a boo window. (Ventilation system).


There are many differences as well. Vista offers more colours and it can be converted into a double stroller. It has all-terrain wheels and they seem better.

When it comes to the Icandy Lime it offers a more compact fold and it’s lighter in weight. The former weighs 12kg which is 1.8kg more.

The Lime also has a height-adjustable seat, with an integrated ride on board and it’s much cheaper. A £100 difference is the difference between them.

Aside from the double mode on the Vista both of these travel systems are equal and in some aspects, the Icandy Lime is even better.

Many parents like a light, compact and easy to handle stroller which the Lime is superior in. It all depends on your lifestyle and what you prefer.

So, both take the first spot if you analyse what both offer. The Vista might be more prefered though because of the double and twin mode.


Icandy offers almost all of it with the Lime. The only major con is the double mode it lacks. Other than that the Lime is perfect for many lifestyles.

It has an excellent, seat unit, canopy, wheels, frame and basket. It can be folded and carried with ease. You navigate mostly with one hand and this will help you out during your journey.

The colours are also bright and perfect for the city. Although expensive, it’s better than other popular strollers.

What’s your intake? Would you go for the Icandy Lime or not?


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  1. Hey! Thanks for writing such an extensive review. I am hoping to buy a stroller for my sister since I always see her struggling and I have heard really good things about the iCandy collection. Does this particular model have machine washable fabric? Also, I know you mention that this may not be the best for newborns, what ages do you think would be best suitable for this? I am hoping to buy something that will grow with my nephew so we won’t have to replace. Thanks for your time! Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hey Emilie. It’s fabrics are washable. If you want to use it for a baby you will need a cot or car seat as the seat is only suitable from 6 months.

      If you want another suggestion see the Icandy Orange. It’s light and you can convert it into a double stroller. That way your sister won’t need to buy another stroller if she gets another baby later on.

      I have reviewed the Orange on my site. Check it out. Thanks for reading and get back to me if you need more help. 


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