How to Travel with a Stroller on Holidays?

Welcome back to the topic of How to Travel with a Stroller. This is part 2 where I will discuss and give you some tips on what to bring with you on your holiday.

In my last post, I wrote about travelling to the city. You can view that article here.

It’s not easy travelling with a stroller/pram, especially if you have multiple babies and if you are alone. We have to do it anyway because without a stroller the journey will be hard, even while on holiday.

So, what are the things you need to have with you? Some things are more important than others. Things you have to have and other things that will make it easy for you and your baby.

Let’s get started so you can write your checklist for your journey.

What Stroller Is Needed?

First of all, let’s discuss the types of stroller you will need. There are light strollers and heavy ones and some of them you can use during winter and summer.

Other strollers are used only in summer and are a bit difficult to use during winter. Not all baby carriages are meant for travelling abroad.

Well, at least not the best option. A lightweight stroller that’s easy manoeuvred is much better. That also can fit in an aeroplane cabin or Its easy to fold it and place it somewhere safe.

A stroller that won’t complicate your journey even more. If you need a stroller for vacation purposes then view this single and lightweight stroller. If you have twins take a look over here.

Now, shall begin with the travel?

So, What Do You Need On Your Journey?

What you need on your journey and the journey back will depend on the season you are in if you are travelling alone or with a partner and if it’s one baby or more.

Let’s put two scenarios and view what can happen. If you are a single parent travelling during summer with two babies then an infant carrier is a must.

Carry one baby and place the other one on the pram. If it’s a cold season then buying a maternity parka is needed. You can have one that comes with a jacket.

You will also need a car seat with you. Although not every car seat can fit on an aeroplane seat, so check before travelling. Buy a bag for your pram and car seat.

If your stroller is lightweight but doesn’t fit in an aeroplane cabin then it will be placed in the baggage area. Without a bag that’s not good. It will damage the stroller and car seat. My story journeying to Sweden. (It’s frustrating).

I will advise you not to bring a carrycot/bassinet with you, but if you have to then, it will be easier for you if it’s foldable and if it has a bag.

Otherwise, it will get dirty. Try to buy a seat that’s suitable from birth and has many reclining positions. A stroller + car seat + carrycot/bassinet will be too much for you.

Don’t forget your baggage. That’s a nightmare, even if your partner is with you. A strap is needed. Strap your car seat or folded stroller onto the trolley/baggage carrier.

That way it won’t fall off and damage your things.

Another Scenario?

Let’s say you just have one baby and your partner is with you. Everything I listed above is needed except maybe the car seat and carrycot.

If you are not going to use a car while on holiday then the car seat is not needed so, it’s the carrycot. If you have two children, then, of course, your partner will be holding the other one.

Bring a rain cover and sun cover with you. This is not only to protect your baby but also the stroller. Protect the Stroller, it’s the only one you have.

If you are travelling with a toddler a car seat is not needed either, so it will be much easier. In conclusion, bring with you things that will protect the stroller and make travelling with a stroller easy.

You Have Finally Arrived, Now What?

Now you have finally arrived at your destination. Whenever you are and whatever season it is you will need the same things you used while home.

If you haven’t brought a car seat and a carrycot with you that fine. The stroller seat will do. If it’s winter you will need a pram mitt. Cover your hands and at the same time enjoy pushing your pram.

A baby carrier is also well needed. Take some weight of the stroller and be able to go up hills with a little bit of help. Rain and sun cover is not only needed on the journey.

Bring the covers every time you go out. A net cover for insects is important to have. Are there many insects where you are headed? If so, bring it along.

It’s not only for your baby but also for the stroller. Keep it clean and insect-free. Have you bought a nappy changing bag with you? Well if not then it’s needed. A backpack is much better.

Stroller clips to hang all of your bags. If you are on holiday, you will most likely buy many things for your family so the clips can help. You can’t put all of that on the basket.

Depending on what stroller you have the basket might not be that big. How about a booster seat for the car seat and even the stroller.

You will be moving a lot and all of that sitting can be uncomfortable for your baby or toddler. Making the seat soft and the booster seat can also make them view more things.

That’s it, parents. It’s not complicated. Make things easy.

Anything Else That Might Be Needed?

Do you want to add additional accessories to make travelling with a stroller easier? See the list:

  • A parent organiser.
  • A cup holder.
  • A stroller board.
  • A child tray.
  • A detachable footrest.

Don’t place your things out of your view even if it is on your stroller. Buy the accessories needed to keep your things close.

Keep Things Simple.

So, have you taken out your memo or pen and paper to write all of this down? Make a checklist and keep it. That way you won’t miss anything and the journey will be more relaxing.

Keep things also simple and don’t complicate them. If you know yo you don’t need anything don’t bring anything. Otherwise, it will only make it harder for you and your partner.

If you stick to the list and keep it simple you will have a happy holiday wherever you go in the world. These things are basic, and of course, if you might need other things, it depends on you and your family.

I hope you benefited from this. Let me know in the comment section.

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