How to Travel with a Stroller? – In The City.

The title can mean many things. Some people would want to know how you can use different strollers. How to best travel with it. What I intend to write with this title is how to best travel with a stroller in the city and while on holidays.

I will discuss the holiday part at another time.

What accessories you should bring with you to make the journey more relaxing and enjoyable. It’s always easy to figure things out. Considering the situation we are all in now. Travelling it’s limited for many of us.

There are still parents who go abroad with their baby’s and those who visit the city. In any case, this is also for the future. I have been to the city and abroad with my babies so, I will state my experiences and try to help you out with it.

This post is mainly for new parents, but if you already have other children you can benefit from this advice. There’s something you are missing, and if you add it, it will make travelling with a stroller much easier.

So, let’s begin with a list you should make. Make a list and keep it, to make life easier.


  • City life.
  • The perfect Stroller for the city.
  • Checklist on accessories.
  • How the accessories could help.
  • Make a list and keep it.

The City Life.

So, we will all know how the city is. Too many people and the roads are narrowed. It’s not easy to travel with a stroller. Public transport can be a nightmare.

It’s packed with too many people, and if you have a big and bulky stroller taking too many spaces you see people looking at you. You are not only pushing that bulky and spacious stroller but also you have too many things on your hands.

If you travel to the city centre from where you live it’s much easier than travelling from a city to another city. In both cases, you need to make a list to make sure you have everything you need.

The Perfect Stroller For The City.

Now before helping you out I need to ask a question. Do you have the perfect stroller for the city? If you already do then view the list below, and if not read further.

Have a lightweight, agile, easy to fold and compact stroller. When I bought my stroller I didn’t have any idea what I wanted and if I had bought the things I needed it would have benefited me.

You stroller should be lightweight which makes it easy to carry and push. Have reachable brakes and all suspension wheels. Big canopy and it should be easy to fold.

Can it stand on its own when folded? Does it have a strap for you to carry it? Avoid bringing car seats with you if you are going to take public transportation.

If you need to fold the stroller for any reason then it wont be possible with the seat. Otherwise, you have to hold the seat and the stroller. With a baby, the situation won’t be easy.

A big storage basket and reclining positions on the seat. These things are whats needed to make it easy. Views these reviews.

Check List On Accessories.

  • A spacious nappy/diaper changing bag. Different bag.
  • A parent organiser.
  • Rain and sun cover.
  • An infant carrier or maternity parka.
  • Stroller clips/hooks.
  • Stroller boards.
  • Cupholder.
  • Child tray.
  • Stroller/Pram mitt.

How The Accessories Could Help.

Some of these accessories are used depending on the seasonal weather. Whether it’s summer or winter. Whether it’s a baby or toddler or both.

A spacious nappy/diaper bag can be needed. It’s a whole day trip to the city centre or another city. So, you will need to pack many things with you.

What you and your child need can be different for every parent and child. Whatever it is a big and spacious bag would do. Something shoulder bags can’t be it.

If hanging on the stroller it may come in the way. Bumping into you and if the straps are not well fitted the bag will always glide down.

This is frustrating. So, maybe a back pack can fix the problem. However, it’s not ideal if you have a lot of weight. A parent organiser does not always come with the stroller/pram.

If you can buy one separately to store your valuable things. Like your phone and keys. You don’t always have to stop the stroller to take out to your things.

When it’s summer you might think it won’t rain when you see the sun. Have a rain cover with you to keep it safe. Even during the winter. It can rain and snow anytime.

Sun cover it’s also important. To keep your child protected from the heat.

Hold on, there’s more…

An infant carrier or maternity parka. If you want your baby off the stroller an infant carrier it’s the best option or a maternity parka if it’s winter.

The Stroller becomes lighter and pushing it through the city won’t be a problem. Infant carriers can sometimes come in the way, so put it on your back.

The Stroller basket won’t have space for all of your things. Buying stroller clips/hooks will make it easier. Stroller boards for toddlers.

Buy the boards you don’t need to detach if you are not using it. Otherwise, it will be more weight. Stroller boards will make it easy to keep an eye on your toddler and make travelling with a stroller much easier.

If you have a Bugaboo stroller, view this review here.

A child tray does not always come with a stroller, but it can be useful. Buy one to attach it on the stroller. If you visit your favourite restaurant or ice cream shop just attach it to the stroller.

It’s much easier for all parents and children. They will sit on their comfortable seat and you won’t need to worry about them breaking something.

A stroller/pram mitt it’s good to have when it’s cold. You are about to push a stroller for a whole day, so buy something to keep your hands warm.

Some pram mitts have phone holders. You don’t need to place it on your bag and the parent organiser. A cupholder can be something you could bring. Is not that important, but you can fix it on the stroller on a place where it is reachable.

Make A List And Keep It.

There you have it, dear parents. What do you think of this list? Will it help you and your baby or toddler? Let me know in the comment section below.

Make a list and keep it for every time you go out on a journey. It can be frustrating to not have some of these things. Remember not all of these will be needed for everyone.

I think this checklist will make it easier for you and your family.

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