How To Be Stress – Free With 4-5 Kids – Stroller Edition.

One child is a headache especially if you have someone who doesn’t listen and do whatever they want, but still that’s a minor headache compared to 4 or 5 kids. The more you have the more have to think before going out.

When you have triplets or more they can still be manageable because of their similar age but children with different ages will need different things and to suit that in the same stroller can be a challenge.

What difficulties will you face? How to overcome them? These questions will be answered and I hope they will relieve any stress you are going through now.

This post/article will only address those with multiple single children and twins, not more than that. Its to help parents who have children of different ages cope. If you have quadruplets or quintuplets see strollers that are suitable for that here.

The Struggles.

It was not so long ago I got contacted by a mum on my Instagram account. She has three toddlers and one stroller, and she was struggling to manage all of it.

Her stroller/pushchair was heavy and she had many bags to carry. It wasn’t an easy situation to be in, especially if you have to go up a hill as she did.

No matter your situation is not easy to deal with it. What are some of the challenges you will face with the stroller/pushchair?

When you bought your first stroller/pushchair you might have just bought a single stroller or a Travel System thinking just of one child.  Now you are here with 4 or 5 kids and your single stroller won’t do it.

Even if you bought a double or strollers for triplets it won’t do it, you will need accessories with it for you to be able to go out will all of your children.

What about your things? Where should you put your shopping/grocery bags, children’s school bags or your child’s changing bags? Again you will need accessories for that kind of help, It won’t be easy strolling with all of these things.

You indeed have parents who have already solved all of these problems before having their fourth or fifth child, but there is a chance that some might not have. People do not always know things even if you have many children.

Let’s see your situation and find a way out of it so that you can begin to enjoy strolls with your baby.

Maybe Do Double.

If you only have a single stroller and have more than 2 kids maybe it’s time for you to switch to a double stroller. It will be easier for you and your children.

A double stroller can be a twin or a tandem stroller. You can use it for either a baby and a toddler, two toddlers or two babies. It goes both ways. Anything to keep you away from stress.

You will need to look into the stroller you are buying, not all of them can have a seat and a car seat at the same time, so the stroller you are going to buy will depend on your situation.

Strollers for triplets is also an option if you can afford it. Try to focus on the features and the quality it brings instead of the brand and design because if you focus on that you might spend more than you need to.

So, maybe do double or triple if it’s necessary. You will of course need to use accessories to help you out if the situation is becoming too stressful.

I have written facts about stroller boards and hooks/clips before, but I will just mention it as a measure you will need to take for you to be stress-free.

What About A Board?

What can stroller boards do for you if you have 4-5 kids, a lot I must say. After buying a double or triple stroller it might not be enough, so might need to buy a board you can attach behind the stroller.

Your toddler can ride on the board she or he won’t need to sit. You will save money with a board because it’s cheaper than the seat. It also takes less space when stored. The stroller will be slimmer than usual but longer. With the board, your children can communicate more if the one sitting is facing you.

They tend to be less stubborn if they are busy playing with each other, and you can keep an eye on both of them if they are closer.

I already mentioned in detail the benefits of the stroller board, check it out here. I assure you that with these measures you will lessen the amount of stress.

How About Hooks And Clips?

It’s not only the children you will need to worry about when you are out with the stroller, but also the things. Carrying the bags on your shoulder can tire you off. That plus the yelling and shouting of the kids will just make you tired and stress you out even more.

You will need to put them or hang them somewhere else. Your shopping basket might be tiny or you already got there the changing bag or other things and there’s no space left.

Just use the Hooks/Clips to hang them on the stroller, let the stroller/pushchair do the work. You will do the pushing which sometimes can be challenging. Get a lightweight pushchair/stroller to make it easier.

Again I detailed the benefits of Hooks/clips here, check the link.

Less Stress leads To A Relax And A Comfortable Stroll.

Stress is something serious you should not take it lightly. Many have done this and they come to regret it. You are more than likely to feel stressed and be depressed just after having a baby so, take precautions before that happens.

Another thing is, you will never have a relaxed and comfortable stroll with your children if you are stressed out. So, try to keep away from stress as much as you can.

What is your take on this? Do you think will be stress-free if you take these measures? If you agree tell me how it helped you out? If you don’t, tell me other things parents can do.

If you have a question or want to add something please do so below, all the best.


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