How to Make a Baby Sleep in a Car Seat.

For your baby to sleep in the car seat is not always easy to achieve. Some babies are stubborn and only want to be near their parents and others don’t like the car seat.

This was the case with my second child. She was not comfortable in the car seat and it was not because of the size. She just didn’t like it.

When travelling in the car it can be relaxing to have your baby sleep so that you can focus more on the trip. In this article, I will give tips on how you can help your baby fall asleep in the car seat.

How to Make Baby Sleep in Car Seat.

Make Them Get Used to the Car Seat.

So, the first thing you need to do is to get your little one to get used to the car seat. This can be at home or use the seat when strolling outside with the stroller.

If it’s a convertible car seat then take short trips. So-called sightseeing just so they get used to sitting in it. It’s important that your little one feels comfortable in the seat.

We tend to sleep most of the time when we are comfortable in a place. When at home you can also put your baby in the car seat just for them to sit and relax.

Of course, you should always supervise them because leaving them unattended is not advisable by many medical doctors. This is an easy way to make the baby sleep in the car seat.

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Them getting used to the car seat will also make them see it as a safe heaven. It will be like a bed for them.

Create Distractions.

When your little one is seated in the car seat believe it or not distractions can cause babies to sleep.

You can keep them distracted by giving them food, toys or them watching something on a screen. Heavy items should be kept away and not near.

If you keep it safe your little one might sleep. These things can keep them busy and sometimes a bit bored. In some cases, it will make them fall asleep.

This works better if your baby is a bit tired, but it has also proven to work if they are not. You singing to them can also help. Although these things indicate the opposite they can make your baby fall asleep.

Distractions will make your baby sleep in the car seat (Hopefully).

Keep Baby Awake Before Trip.

If your baby was laking asleep the day before or didn’t sleep before the trip, it’s easier to make them sleep later on. This can be done on bigger babies. Not newborns of course.

This might not work for every child. Some are restless and get irritated when they don’t sleep. Other babies will long to sleep anywhere after not sleeping for some time.

Which in this case can be the car seat.

Take Breaks During Trip to Feed Baby.

It’s important to remember during your journey you need to take breaks to feed your baby. If your little one is hungry it can be hard for them to sleep.

Sometimes it’s not hunger it can be being stuffed and still in one place. Take them out from the car seat and walk a little bit with them.

Them feeling the air and stretching might encourage them to relax and then sleep. All of these are ways to make your baby sleep in the car seat.

Put Your Baby to Sleep Before.

Another thing you can do which is common with many is put your baby to sleep before placing them in the car seat. After your baby is asleep it’s easier for them to continue to sleep in the seat.

You can do this by holding them and tapping them on the back or use the baby carrier. You know your baby the best so use any method that’s easy for you.

Most babies will continue to sleep in the car seat.

Swing Your Baby in the Car Seat.

If you are travelling with a partner another easy way to make your baby sleep is to swing them while they are seated. This of course works only if it’s an infant car seat and it doesn’t have a base.

The seatbelt, it’s a bit lose, so it’s easier to rock your child. This can be done on a newborn as well. Just a little bit to make them fall asleep.

It has worked with my children.

What are your thoughts on these ideas? If you have more ideas please let us know so we can benefit from them.

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