5 Ideas on How to Make a Cake? – Fun Recipes for the Whole Family.

Do you want to make a cake with your family, and you are looking for good recipes? Well, there are many variants of cakes out there and many recipes too.

For this post I have researched recipes I think your family will love to try out  I have baked one of these cakes by using one of these recipes, and it’s lovely.

I will only address toddlers because I have decided to focus only on them.

Are you interested in other recipes for your family? Then view cooking and baking ideas and recipes for the whole family.

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Why Kids Love Baking Cakes?

What is it with baking cakes that kids love? Well, is it the tasting of the dough or just the mixing? One can never know. I believe they love everything about it, and would also love to help.

While they offer help why not take it, because later on they will be busy doing something else, and they won’t offer help.

Baking cakes also involves a lot of mixing and tasting. Depending on what kind of cake you bake the ingredients are many and it’s an all hands on deck activity.

Cakes also come with toppings meaning more activity to do. It’s a fun and exciting activity that involve even imagination plays and other fun ideas.

Perfect for toddlers that are busy, and have nothing to do at home.

1. Toadstool Cupcakes 

These cupcake recipes are from Toucanbox.com that offers the whole family a fun activity to do. These recipes involve you buying cakes from the shop or for you to bake the cupcakes at home.

The cupcakes include different recipes and they have different ingredients that are tasteful for the whole family.

Recipe 1, Include these ingredients/items:

  • Cupcakes.
  • White frosting.
  • Red colouring.
  • Mini marshmallows.

Recipe 2, include these ingredients/items:

  • Cupcakes.
  • Green fondant.
  • Raspberries.
  • Mini marshmallows.
  • Toothpick.

Recipes 3, include these ingredients/items:

  • A big baked cake for the foundation.
  • A smaller cake to put on top.
  • White fondant.
  • Green and pink colouring.
  • Mini marshmallows.
  • Vanilla icing.
  • Toothpicks.

All of these ingredients involve your toddler being busy with their hands. The ingredients are sugary, but some of them are of course healthy.

You can always measure and see what would be good for your family. Toucanbox.com offers more recipes for the whole family and ideas, by just ordering their boxes they will make baking fun for all of you.

Click the link above to view how to make these cupcakes are made. Your toddler gets to taste different flavours and their favourite colours are also included.

The directions are easy to understand even by your children.

2. Sugar Cake (Trinidad).

The ingredients included for this specific sugar cake its food colouring which is optional, coconut, tartar, almond, granulated sugar, and water.

As the title above it’s a sugar cake made from Trinidad and enjoyed by many. Why not try other cultures ways of baking and ideas to make your family taste other variants.

It’s good for children at this age for their sense of taste and even touches.

The cake takes 30 min to make and can serve up to 5 people.

3. Sugar Cake (Old Fashioned).

Do you have a Cas Iron at home? Well, if you do then you can bake the cake with your family even when out camping. If you don’t, don’t worry you can use normal baking equipment.

This is a normal sugar cake that those not include any icy toppings, so it’s less sugary for your toddlers. Fewer taste moments but much healthier.

The cakes it’s easy to do and it’s soft, the whole family will find it tasteful. Although it does not have any toppings it has many ingredients that your little one will love mixing.

Ingredients such as:

  • Gratulated sugar.
  • Flour
  • Milk.
  • Vegetable shortening.
  • Vanilla.
  • Baking powder.
  • Salt.
  • Egg whites.

To see how much of these ingredients you will need, and the instructions click the link above and view the recipe. Bake this old fashioned sugar cake with the whole family.

4. Quick Sugar Cake.

Another sugar cake to bake with your kids. This one is quick to make and will serve 9 people. A good and delicious cake for big families.

This one is a little bit unhealthier than the one above because it comes with a topping. The cake has these ingredients:

  • Granulated sugar.
  • Egg whites.
  • Baking powder.
  • Milk.
  • Vanilla extra.
  • Butter.
  • Flour.
  • Shredded coconut.
  • Heavy cream.

You can see this one has butter, and don’t have the other ingredients. So, there are many ways of baking sugar cakes, but this one is the one I use minus the heavy cream.

I only use the shredded coconut topping and it’s delicious. Sometimes I also melt white chocolate and use that as a topping.

Although this cake has a lot of sugar. You can bake it with the family every 3 months or so. Better yet when you have holidays or when the family is celebrating something.

It’s fun to bake sugar cakes, but not healthy so you should balance it.

5. Mug Cakes (Recipe Book), £7.98

For this last recipe list, I chose to include many recipes showing you how to bake cakes in mugs, and using microwaves. These are super easy, even your toddler can make them by themselves with a little bit of supervision.

The books give you 40 recipes you can make in under just 10 minutes which is super fast. Cakes your family can enjoy with, coffee, tea and juice for the little ones.

There are many ingredients included such as vanilla, chocolate, banana, coconut, etc. Ingredients your family are familiar with.

These mug cakes are perfect for celebrations. If you are lazy baking something huge these cakes are perfect to make and have friends over

I also find the book is a good tool to use for young children. If your children love baking why not start with something easy to do.

Like I stated above, you just need to supervise and they can do all the work. A good practice for later on when they want to bake bigger cakes.

The book also has recipes that are healthier for your little one. So, you have a lot of variants to choose from. If you or your kids are allergic to some of the ingredients don’t worry. You have many more to choose from.

The author of this book is quite famous and the book has received many praises from people in the UK. If the other above recipes are not what you want then this book is an option.


So, what are your thoughts on these recipes? Are you are a fan of cupcakes and sugar cakes? I love them. How about mug cakes?

Do your toddlers love baking or cooking? Which one of these do you think they will find easy and fun to do. I will love to know what they think.

What other baking ideas have your family done before?

I will have to say that the mug cake book recipe is more ideal for children at this age. Although the others are great too.

Start teaching them easy tasks, and they will find it easier to bake bigger cakes with a lot of ingredients later on. Baking is not only about the fun part, but also the learning part.

They will learn the names of different food, and also taste them learning colours and shapes is also involved with it. If you use shape stackers when baking cakes it will make it more interesting and creative.

Combined fun and teaching to enhance their senses and develop their little minds.

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