How to keep Baby Safe on Stroller?

You will find many posts or articles writing about safety when it comes to strollers because it’s so important. The well-being of your baby or toddler depends on it fully. When parents are buying strollers/pushchairs they first look into the safety of that baby carriage before anything else.

Afterwards the design, quality and other things come later, although quality and features are also what provides safety for your baby. The more features a stroller/pushchair has the safer it is for your infant. First, let us look into what safety means for your infant.

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What Is Safety?

What kind of safety are we talking about when it comes to strollers? Well, it’s about the strollers fabrics, materials, design and features. All of these things counts and should be looked into when you are buying a Travel System, Standard Stroller or Lightweight Stroller.

The fabrics must be warm, soft, odourless to provide a comfortable environment for your child. They must be washable so that you always cam have clean fabrics to use. If they are not washable then make sure they can be removed for you to buy new clean ones.

If you have clean fabrics it will provide free air for your infant to breathe. Keep the fabrics as odourless as possible, with no dangerous chemicals that are even bad for adults.

The quality of the materials also can provide safety. The wheels example should be well punched to provide a manoeuvre and smooth ride.  Reachable brakes should be available in case of accidents. Any harmful material that comes with the carriage or you put there should be far away from the baby or toddler.

There are many features one should consider, I will go into more detail below but for now, let just mention a few. Every stroller comes with a canopy because it protects infants from the suns UV, wind and even rain. The size of it should depend on if it’s a baby or a toddler. The baby needs more protection. The harness, reclining positions, handlebar, calf, etc. All of these provide safety for your baby and toddler.

Some of the features are good to have for your child to relax more like the calf, It doesn’t necessarily provide a safe environment.

The design can also provide safety for your little one. The height, weight and if the stroller can be adjusted or if any parts can be removed in case you need it. Babies and toddlers come in different sizes, so you will need to buy a stroller that can carry your child.

We all agree that babies and toddlers need to feel safe, but what kind of safety is there for your baby and toddler?  Their age and size determine the kind of safety they need.

A Baby.

Both babies and toddlers need to feel safe and safety measures must be applied while they are on the stroller. In some they differ in others the safety measures are the same.

I will walk you through the body parts and see what safety measures should be taken concerning them. For a baby’s head and neck, you need to take it easy because the baby is fragile.

Your baby needs a pram or a stroller that has reclining positions that can make your baby lie flat as possible to protect the head and neck. As you know your baby can`t hold their head up and the neck is weak to they will need to lie down so that they won’t have breathing problems.

This may last from birth up to 6 months and even more depending on your little one. You need to have a soft and comfortable mattress for your baby’s skin, try to avoid any chemicals because it might cause harm and give them breathing problems.

The canopy protects your baby from the weather, whether is the heat or wind.  An extended canopy is better for babies.

Chest pads on your stroller or car seat. If your baby can sit upright on the stroller it is more needed. Chest pads help protect your baby from falling or any harm coming to them. An example is you may break suddenly because of something in front of you.

If your baby can sit upright when they are 6 months + they will need to put their foot up. This is not really for safety measures but to just keep your baby comfortable.

Keep things away from your baby, any blankets or toys that might come in the way.

A Toddler.

A toddlers head and neck is strong so there’s no need for safety measures, but it’s good to have reclining positions for your toddler to be able to sleep safely and comfortably.

The canopy is also needed for protection but not so much because your toddler’s skin is stronger and their breathing is better and their immune system might also be stronger to protect them from any harm. Avoid dangerous chemicals as it is still harmful to your toddler’s health.

For a toddler, a pram is not needed. The chest pads are of course needed for the same reasons, it’s always good to strap your child for unexpected things that might happen.

The footrest is more needed for toddlers than babies, their feet are stronger and longer so they will need to rest it. Having blankets and toys around is good for your toddler and won’t suffocate them depending on their age.

It’s good to have good brakes for strollers both for toddlers and baby’s it will save your child’s life so it’s important. These are the most important safety measures you should look into. Make sure to buy a stroller or Travel System that accommodates your baby’s needs.

So, Which One Is It?

There are thousands of pushchairs/strollers out there that both are safe and has excellent quality but I will just choose three that I consider to be good.

Travel System is a must for babies and even for toddlers. If you buy a Travel Systems it comes with everything but there can be some exceptions.

The Travel System must be affordable to many parents and at the same time have the important points I have mentioned. For this, I choose the CBX Leotie Lux Travel System.

For a standard and lightweight stroller, I choose Micralite Profold. For a twin/double stroller I choose the Baby Jogger City Tr 2 Double Stroller.  There are of course strollers that are better than these, but I choose these that anyone can afford.

Get The Right Stroller/Pushchair.

Like I wrote above, do get the right stroller/pushchair. In this context what I mean by the right pushchair is the safety measures. Although manufactures say that their pushchairs are safe in many ways but that’s not always the case so do some research before buying a pushchair.

Or just read the research other people have done, which saves you time and money. Be always careful when you buy things, it’s always good to check on the facts before buying anything. I friend of mine used to just view images of pushchairs without even looking for the reviews or the available info.

She did regret it after purchasing the wrong item.

What do you think about these safety measures I have mentioned? Do you think there are other ones to consider? If you have anything else to add you are more than welcome to do so.

All the best,


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