How to Convert Graco Car Seat to High Back Booster?

Graco is one of the most famous car seats out there. They provide infant car seats and convertible car seats as well. As well as booster seats for older toddlers.

Some of their convertible car seats are known to convert into booster seats and high back boosters. So to know how to convert a Graco car seat to a high back booster stick around.

I also add more questions related to Graco convertible and booster car seats.

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How to Convert Graco Car Seat to High Back Booster?

This question is asked a lot because for many parents it’s important to keep their children more sure and safe. This is more important to maybe 4-year-olds plus.

With the booster seat, back support and headrest it would feel they are sitting on a convertible car seat. The only difference is of course with a booster seat you use the cars belt and not the car seats belt.

To convert your Graco Car Seat to Hight Back Booster you need to do this:

  1. You will need to lift the cover that’s located on the front of the booster seat. This is where your toddler’s legs should go. There are two metal bars and they have two screws underneath.
  2. By using hex keys you need to remove the screws and you do this easily by pulling both sides at the same time. Now each bar has screw holes so you need to attach the back support to them.
  3. Depending on what back support your car seat has you can use it. You can also add L connectors and top tethers if the seat has more holes.

How to Turn Graco 4Ever Into a High Back Booster?

According to the manufacturers, there are two ways to turn this type of car seat into a high back booster. First, you need to remove all the harnesses and then use the top tether. It can be done only by one hand.

You can also use the tether and place it in the car’s headrest area. This option gives your baby or toddler more space to move about.

How to Convert Graco Seat to Booster?

Some might also use booster seats. For older toddlers as mentioned above. Booster seats as you know are only the cushion seat where you put your toddler who has surpassed the convertible seat. (My older is in this stage).

There are different types of Graco seats so they differ in turning them into booster seats. Here is the answer for this seat:

How to Turn Graco Nautilus Into Booster Seat?

You will need to unbuckle all harnesses from the seat and also remove all the top tether straps which are located at top of the shell.

What you then need to do is pull with both hands on one side until the straps loosen up or pop out. Use the car belt to fasten the booster seat to the car.

Place the belt into the seat hook-like handle. It’s almost like when fastening infant seats.

How to Install Graco Car Seat Base?

Installing bases are also important for many parents. Because Graco is a top brand this question is often asked by many. Car seat bases are also a lot safe for babies.

There are more than one ways to install the car seat base in the car. The first one is easier. You have one hole on each side of the base.

You also have an opening and closing lock in the middle. What you need to do is take the car seat belt and put it inside one hole and through the lock and then take it out on the other hole.

Fasten the belt. Pull the belt until is very tight and pull the base on both sides to make sure it’s not moving that much.

The second thing you should do is attached the base lower anchor to the seat lower anchor point. To make sure it’s tight you should open the middle lock and pull while pulling the seat belt upwards.

Again, swing the bases right and left to see if it’s tight enough.

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How to Loosen Graco Car Seat Straps?

There are different Graco car seats out there and how to Loosen the straps might differ for some of them, but in the general, these are the recommended tips:

  1. You should first pull on the straps if you find them too hard and tight. While you are doing that you should place your fingers under the straps and this happens on your baby’s shoulder and belly (stomach).
  2. Make sure the straps are not that loose so your little one does not fall off the car seat. It should not be tight or too loose as well.
  3. Your little one is now ready to ride on the car seat. Remember as your child grows up you will need to adjust the straps.

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