How to Clean Nuna Rava Car Seat.

If you own the Nuna Rava car seat and you are wondering how to clean it, or you plan to buy it and you are looking for this information on how to best preserve it after buying, then this article is for you.

Cleaning convertible car seats are more challenging than infant car seats because these are usually bigger and have more parts.

How to clean your Nuna Rava car seat will also depend on what is stained on it. For this detailed cleaning visit this page. In this article, I will generally go over what Nuna recommends you to do with the car seat.

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How to Clean Nuna Rava Car Seat.

Unfortunately, car seats can get dirty often and this dirt can be in places where you won’t expect it because babies can be messy at times.

Keeping the car seat clean will keep it long-lasting and Nuna even boosts about how the Rava is designed to last for years. To keep the Nuna Rava clean you should:

Machine Wash Some Parts.

The Nuna Rava is a quality car seat with good fabrics so some of its parts are machine washable and these are the seat cover, baby insert, head and body support and harness pads.

These should be washed with mild soap and cold water. After washing them Nuna advises not to use a dryer because it can get damaged or shrink.

Hang the parts and let them dry on their own. This should take a day or so. It totally depends on the weather.

There’s a so-called support wedge included with the insert, this should be removed and cleaned separately. Nuna also advises you not to use bleach because it will damage the fabrics.

Do not iron the covers and such because they are not made for that, and according to Nuna the fabrics will do just fine without it.

Cleaning Other Nuna Rava Car Seat Parts.

The parts that are not yet washed are plastics, vinyl and metal parts. These are of course in the seat and not removable so to clean them use a sponge or a soft cloth.

There is no washing them with water. Just wiping them is fine. Wipes will also do and you should use wipes that are fragrance-free which I think is safer.

Now you have the buckle and harness belt which are not removable as well. To clean it is fine to use warm water with a soft cloth.

If you want it extra clean I think using mild soap should be fine. Dry clean it with a tower and make sure the harness and bucket are not soaked with water.

Removing Nuna Rava Cover.

Nuna`s Rava car seat has so many details which can make it a bit tricky to remove it all, even following the instructions. I found a video that makes it much easier.

This might help a bit:


Is important to know that cleaning these parts all the time is not good, even for a top quality brand such as Nuna. Clean the cover and such once a month or so.

For other parts use cloths or wipes to keep it clean. Cleaning them much might affect the fabrics and materials.

What’s your situation? Do you own a Nuna Rava car seat or planning to buy one? Do you have more cleaning tips you want to share?

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