How to Clean Graco Car Seat.

Cleaning a car seat is something you have to do when you have a baby with a car seat. Car seats do get dirty eventually with either food, wee (pee), vomit, etc. It is something you can’t avoid.

So, the question, of how to clean car seats has risen especially for much more quality car seats like Graco. How do you clean a Graco car seat?

You must check the car seat guidelines on how to best clean it. If that does not work then this might help.

Well, whether it’s an infant car seat or a convertible here are my tips.

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How to Clean Graco Car Seat?

Cleaning Graco Car Seat Straps/Harness.

Before you clean any car seat straps or harness you will need to remove the soft pads and put them aside. What you will need is a soap with a bit of mild-warm water and either a sponge or a tiny brush.

There are softer tiny brushes you can use so it does not damage the strap. While cleaning, the harness should not be attached to the car seat.

After cleaning it let it dry on its own by hanging it outside if it’s summertime. If there was food, vomit or other harder things stuck on the car seat the brush is a better choice.

You can also clean with a damp cloth which has many uses. You can also use a towel to dry the belt side of the harness so that any excess water comes off.

Wipes are also another way of cleaning the harness and straps. It’s best to choose fragrance-free wipes because they are less stickier.

Cleaning Graco Car Seat Cover.

If your cover can be clean in a washing machine it’s better to do so. With cold water and a non-bio soap so that it won’t get damaged. It’s usually around 30 degrees.

If that’s not possible you should try the cleaning method mentioned above and of course, the cover should be removed from the car seat.

Also, remove any other fabric or material that’s not water-resistant. You can also wash the cover with your hands. This option is not popular in the west, but it’s an option as well.

Cleaning the buckles is excluded. Take out any dirt inside it and put it in a bowl of water with a bit of soap. After drying it with a towel then tilt it so all the water comes out.

A cover should be cleaned once every month or two months.

Remember that you can also use some of these tips to clean a booster and a high back booster seat.

Other Car Seat Cleaning Tips.

How to Clean Gum Off Car Seat.

  • Taking gum off of any place can be a nightmare for many. If the gum it’s stuck in a reachable place on the car seat then the answer is this. First, you need to take the ice and put it in a place where it won’t melt that easily.
  • Take the ice and rub it against the gum many times to get it to freeze.
  • Use a scraper or your hand and take the gum out.
  • Repeat the process until it all comes out.

I have another way of removing gum as well. You can try to take off the gum as much as you can with your hands and then the rest take a tiny harder brush to scrape a bit.

Be careful with the fabric or material. Don’t scrape too hard.

How to Clean Blood Stain Out Of Car Seat.

  • If the blood stain on the car seat is big then you should remove the cover or strap. Then clean it with the instruction above. If it’s the cover a washing machine is better with little non-bio soap.
  • If the stain is tiny then you should not need to remove the part. Just clean it on spot or you can also use wipes.
  • Using washcloths is better on plastic parts.
  • You may also use a brush if you really want to get the stain off and it’s getting difficult. (The brush might peel some of the fibre off).

How to Clean Wee Of Car Seat.

  • The best thing you can do is take the cover out and put it in the washing machine or you take a cloth and dip it inside warm water to clean it.
  • Clean the seat’s different parts separately. Washcloth for the plastic parts, etc.
  • Dry clean the materials with a towel and let it complete on its own.
  • If the wee it’s a small stain then using a dryer is also an option, but don’t heat it too much.

How to Clean Puke Of Car Seat.

  • Cleaning puke or vomit can is similar to the things above. Using baby wipes is the easiest solution if it’s the cover and straps, but maybe the smell might linger.
  • You can then use soap and water to cleanse it even more and take the smell of the seat.
  • If it’s the other parts use the tips above to clean the puke.
  • Air dry most of the parts.

Did you find these tips helpful? If yes, let me know the type of cleaning you require now.

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