How to Carry a Car Seat.

Carrying car seats is what many mums and dads do, so it’s inevitable. Although car seats are not designed to be carried all the time as they are designed to keep the baby safe, sometimes you will need to do it.

Car seats differ in weight and size so some are heavy others not that much. If you have just given birth carrying heavy things can be a bit painful.

This is more so for those who have had C-sections. You should try and limit it, but not all parents have help so a solution to this problem was solved by Dr Emily Puente, a chiropractor from Bridge Family Chiropractic in Mansfield, Texas.

Here is what she had to say:

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How to Carry a Car Seat Without Hurting Your Back?

Well according to the doctor you should slowly get down and strengthen your arm and then put your arm under the handle. Pull it towards you and your palm should face downwards to carry the weight of the car seat.

This method has proven to help many, but there are those who complain about it not working. Getting down or doing squats is not an option for someone who had a c-section.

This is true. I would personally recommend for you use a chair to help you get down. Hold on to a chair and try to slowly get down by keeping your back straight.

This way you won’t hurt your tummy and back as well.

Other Ways to Carry a Car Seat.

By Using Both Hands.

This method is not for everyone though, although even if you have a c-section this can help. If you have a light car seat that is not that big then you use both hands to carry it

This is more helpful if you are only carrying the car seat for a short while. I have used it. Hold the car seat with one hand and then place the other hand underneath the seat.

Facing palm up of course. The weight would be on both hands so your shoulders and back won’t be in pain.

This is mostly recommended if you have a newborn up to 6 months baby. Using both hands to carry a car seat can help in a while.

If you are looking for a lightweight car seat check Nuna Pipa Lite LX.

LugBug Handle Carrier to Help with Carrying a Car Seat.

You can also use a carrier that’s attached to the car seat handle. This way you hold a soft and enclosed handle to make it easy to balance the seat.

This option is only good for those who are willing to carry the car seat this way and don’t have a c-section. It also helps if your baby is not heavy and the car seat is not heavy as well.

Belt Carrier to Help with Carrying a Car Seat.

You also have belt straps to help you carry your car seat. These are worn crossed over your shoulder and you have your baby on the other side.

Again, this can put a lot of weight on your shoulders and maybe back. Best suited for small babies and lighter car seats.

Baby Carriers are Another Option for Carrying Your Baby.

If you do have a c-section or you are uncomfortable with carrying a car seat why not use a baby carrier until you do. Doctors do advise women not to carry something heavy after a huge operation.

So, you should try to relax and try other things. Baby carriers keep your baby close and these are much lighter. With the heaviest around 2kg maybe.

Car seats can go up to 5kg. Although some women still complain about carriers, they are still easier. Visit if you want to view some of the best carriers.

What is it going to be? Do you think any of these methods will help you out? Let me know.

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