How do I Know Which Bugaboo Cameleon I Have?

Bugaboo is a famous Dutch brand that’s known for its fancy and quality strollers by so many families.

Over the years they have had many prams and some models have been upgraded. From Cameleon 1 to Cameleon 2 and to the Cameleon 3.

You also have the Cameleon 3 plus as well that came out not that long ago compare to the others. The Cameleon stroller series is Bugaboo’s first pram alongside the Buffalo.

So, it can be a bit hard to know which one you got or maybe which one to buy. Although the old versions are not available to buy, except in second-hand stores.

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Here is what Bugaboo says on how to know which Bugaboo Cameleon you have: 

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Which Bugaboo Cameleon do I Have?

How to easily check which Bugaboo Cameleon you have you can check the stroller serial number. This is located underneath the chassis below the seat unit.

Depending on which stroller you have the serial number on the chassis and seat will differ. To match these numbers go and check the strollers online to see which one you got.

So-called product descriptions and detailed information usually contain these serial numbers. If you want a more detailed analysis then here’s what differs with the Cameleon 1, 2 and 3.

I will also mention the Cameleon 3 plus.

Bugaboo Cameleon Handle Bars.

The handlebars are modelled the same way and can all be adjustable. Some major difference it’s how the handlebars are adjusted.

The Cameleon 1, it’s different from the others. It has an anti-clock and clockwise adjustment of the bar to be able the use it. According to a user, this option is not preferable.

When folding the frame you also use the same outside buttons to fold it. With the Cameleon 2 and 3, the model is the same but, they are a bit taller.

Cameleon 3 clicks when you adjust the harness this makes it easy for the parent, while the Cameleon 2 does not have that option.

Both the Cameleon 1 and 2 have adjustable wrist straps but the Cameleon 3 wrist strap is not adjustable.

Bugaboo Cameleon Harness.

The harness system on the first Cameleon and the second one is the same. It’s covered and less complicated to handle than the newer versions.

They all have 5 point harnesses, but in the Cameleon 3, it looks like a 3 point harness. It’s said by a mum that it’s a bit complicated to handle.

Unlike the older ones the Cameleon 3 harness is well tucked away and doesn’t dangle when you install the carrycot. This harness is also more padded and feels more secure.

Bugaboo Cameleon Frame/Chassis.

When it comes to how these functions, they are the same, but there are changes in their design.

The Bugaboo Cameleon 1 and 2 design on the chassis differs a bit from the Cameleon 3. Their seat units are the same and therefore can be used on all strollers.

The only difference is how you install the seat. Both Cameleon 2 and 3 have easier options than the original.

Bugaboo Cameleon Wheels.

When it comes to the wheels the Bugaboo Cameleon 1 and 2 have the same front and rear wheels. Made of hard foam and you have a click connection for the suspension.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 wheels are made of rubber and these are better. Its basket is bigger than the previous two. Cameleon 2 and 3 have the same foam-filled tyres.

Which makes them resistant to punctures. The tyre threads are also the same with the design being on the side. Bugaboo Cameleon 1 has air-filled tyres and the design is different.

So, this is a good way of telling them apart.

What About Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus?

This model is the newest (currently) and this means it has more updates. When it comes to the Cameleon 3 plus it offers features such as two-mode wheels.

This is usually good on sand and mud. You also have a better canopy and more padded fabrics. The underneath basket has a net which is popular among many new strollers.

This model also offers new colours. View more details of my comparison between Bugaboo Cameleon 3 and Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus. 


This question was quite simple but giving you more answers could help you figure it out. As I mentioned above if you are looking to buy one of these buggies reading a comparison will help.

Remember, that the newest strollers are usually more suitable for city lifestyles and it can be a bit difficult to use the older models.

You can buy Cameleon 1 or 2 frames and then buy Cameleon 3 and 3 Plus parts if you want to save money. These often have better seats, fabrics, wheels, etc.

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