18 Homemade Crafts with Kids – Easy and Fun.

In my recent post about crafts and arts, I focused on playdough and crafts you can do with paper. For this post I wanted to focus on these homemade crafts with kids:

Clay, Diy Tissue paper, lanterns and other easy homemade crafts from toucanbox.com

Some of these activities I have tried myself and others are things I have researched. I will also only focus on 2 to 4-year-olds, although these activities can be also done by older children.

If you want ideas on outdoor activities you can do with your children during the summer, to keep them away from the TV or just being home.

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Clay is just like Playdough. You can use these different ideas to make shapes, numbers, alphabets, animals, etc. The ideas are endless. You can also use clay as sensory play.

You can use these household items to make clay out of:

A Basket.

Make clay out of a basket and let it dry. After drying your child can colour it and use it as a toy a place to store other things. Like their toys or clothes.

A Flower Pot and Vase.

Whether you use real clay or artificial clay your child can use it to make a flower vase or pot. It’s also a place for them to put flowers. The vase or pot can also be used to place toys.

If it’s a play clay then it’s just to teach your preschooler these different shapes that they need to know. Making it will take time So, it will build a nice bonding time for you two.

A teapot.

Build a teapot with your kid and let them play with it. Also, a teapot can be used for other things. It’s an activity that will allow your toddler to use their imagination. Teapots do look different.

Plates and Bowls.

Use real clay to make bowls and plates. Afterwards, you can use colours such as water colouring, crayons, etc to paint it with a paintbrush. Your child can use these plates and bowls when they are eating.


Food such as cookies, cakes, bread, etc. All of these things can be used as toys for your little one. Buy shape cutters and stamps to make the shapes and to decorate it

Of course, your little one should do much of the activity as possible. You can use real clay or the toy version.

Ice cream.

Ice creams deserve to be mentioned separately because there are many things you can do with them. Again with the shape cutters and stamps, it’s possible. Also, just use your hands.

When making ice creams out of clay many colours are involved. A nice sensory activity for your child to do for hours.

Hands and Feet.

This one is one of the famous ones you can do. Teach your child to do clay out of hands and feet. Colour it and store it at home. I have done this before, and it’s both fun and educative.

If you don’t know how don’t worry. Nowadays everything is on YouTube. Watch it together and supervise them. If you don’t want to use real clay then use a toy.

Your kid can flatten the clay with a baking roller, and then you use cutters to carve out the shapes of their hands or feet.

Try shaping fingers and toes.

Diy Tissue Paper. 

This is a challenging activity for your little one, but with help, its possible and easy to do. These activities will also take time to do which means it involves using a lot of creativity.

Diy Tissue Paper Flowers.

If your kid love flowers or maybe you do then why not try this activity? There are many tutorials out there for you to use and make it with your kid.

Make different flowers and use them to decorate things. Put them on your clothes, home fabrics, etc. You can decide for yourself where and what to use the flowers for.

Tassel Garland.

Do you want to decorate your kid’s room or even yours? Then tassel garlands are the easiest way things to use to decorate a wall. It can be to lighten up and make the room more active or fancy.

Your preschooler will love doing this because it involves many colours and creative thinking. Making the tassel garlands, and placing them on the wall are 2 separate activities.

Honeycomb Pom Poms.

Honeycomb pom-poms don’t always have to be used at parties and other events. Create or make them with your kids to decorate rooms.

If your room or kids rooms are a little bit boring why not make these. Hang them on the ceiling or the wall. This activity is also not easy to do but with the right tutorial it can be done.

Tissue Paper Wisteria.

These are much easier to do than the 2 above, and also they can be used for the same purpose. Hanging it on the wall, ceiling or outside on tree branches.

You can use it to make a necklace and hand bracelet out of it. It’s also easy for your preschooler to do on their own, or together with other siblings.

Fruits out of Tissue Paper.

What are your children favourite fruit? Is it apple, pineapple, etc? Whatever it is you can use DIY tissue paper to decorate it with your kid.

Some fruits are easier than others. Search on YouTube for ideas. You have lots of creative ideas from people. If you are up for it why not let your little one use their imagination, and create the fruits themselves.

Homemade Lanterns.

Lanterns can be made with many materials and even fabrics. More with materials thought. It can be with DIY tissue paper, normal paper or with jars.

View the link to see how to make all of these lanterns on YouTube.

Tissue Paper Lanterns.

They are harder to create and don’t only include tissue paper, but also hooks which means you will of course need to supervise your kid.

Paper Lanterns.

Normal A4 papers can also be used which is much easier for your kid. It can include doing decorative activities like painting or using glue to stick with other toys.

It’s to make it more nice and designed. For this part, your preschooler gets to use their minds and come up with many things.

Jar lanterns.

Do you have an empty jar at home? Peanut butter or jam jar. Use also a bigger jar if you like. The jars can also be painted and decorated with other things.

For brighter and better results you need to use fewer decorations.

Can Lanterns.

Tomatoe paste cans or other cans will do. This one needs a lot of supervision. Don’t let your toddler do this alone. A recommend your 4-year-old to this activity.

By this age, they are more aware of what will hurt them. Do the activity mostly on your own, but let your child help you with the easy task like creating the ribbons or string.

What to do next?

Lanterns don’t always have to be used outside. You can also use it inside to replace the electric light. In your room or your kid’s room.

Use the lanterns when you are reading a book or use them to play shadow puppets with your kids. There are many ways to play with lanterns. Ask your toddler for ideas maybe they might have something in mind.

Crafts from Toucanbox.

Toucanbox.com has gathered 20 easy homemade crafts you can do with your kids. It includes how to make it and what you need. Most of these items are home or can buy from your local supermarket.

These ideas are for those families that are bored during the lockdown and want something creative to do together. Ideas such as:

  • Tissue paper suncatcher.
  • Butterfly painting.
  • Toilet roll craft.

Etc. Click the link for more information.

What are your thoughts on all of these homemade crafts with kids? Have you tried them all before and there is nothing new? If so, tell me how you like it. 

If not, comment on which ones you tried, and the ones you love to do with your kids. I will love to know your thoughts. 

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