Hauck Shopper Trio Set Review.

Are you looking for a pram and you thought of the Hauck Shopper? Is it good or is it bad? What can it offer your baby if you buy it?

I always state that travel systems are best to buy when buying for babies because you have the car seat, carrycot and also the pushchair.

Not all travel systems are good and it can be something missing from it. Maybe it’s heavy or the basket is too small. Whatever it is you will be make up your mind by the end of this article/post.

You will have the pros and cons. I detail the pros by reviewing the pram in detail, stating why it’s good and then I will give you the cons also to see if it’s worth buying or not.

Is the Hauck Shopper Trio Set for you? With this detailed review, you will find out. The Trio Set offers many colours and it’s extremely cheap for a travel system.

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  • Performance.
  • Hauck Shopper Pushchair.
  • Accessories.
  • Cons.
  • Is it the One for You?


  • Perfect from birth up to 25kg (preschooler).
  • Reclining positions.
  • Big canopy.
  • Cupholder.
  • X-Large basket (up to 3).
  • Compact fold.
  • Lightweight and agile.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Easy to steer.
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • Adjustable footrest.
  • Swivel & lockable front wheels.
  • Zero plus car seat (3-point harness).
  • Shopper Carrycot.
  • 5 point harness system on the pushchair.

Hauck Shopper Pushchair.

Product: Shopper SLX Trio Set.

Price: £233.99.

The Cheapest Place to buy: eBay

Size of Product: 84 x 52 x 107 cm

Guarantee: eBay money-back guarantee.

My Ranking: 9/10

Starting from birth the shopper can be used with the carrycot or car seat. Making it safe for your newborn. I will recommend using the carrycot.

It’s safer for your newborn to lie down flat. They can use the pushchair until 25kg that’s approx 4 years. Which is enough time for your little one.

By then they will be tired of the pram and want to work on their own. (My toddler was tired of it). The seat offers many features that are good for babies and toddlers.

With the reclining position, it offers your toddler a place to sit, lie and play. Position it how you want and let your child and you enjoy the ride.

The Shopper pram also offers an adjustable backrest and footrest. Do you want to give your little munchkin a bigger space and a place to sit well? Well, with the backrest it’s possible.

After a long day of them jumping they can relax even more with footrest. It enables them to sleep better.

The canopy is big and comfy. Offers privacy and protection from the outside world and elements. Your baby or toddler will sleep or rest much better.

The Shopper pushchair is also lightweight and agile which makes it easy to steer and easy to take wherever you are going. If you love to travel or taking public transport. This stroller can be ideal.

What makes it even safer is the 5 point harness system. Strapping your toddler tightly to protect them from any impact. It straps the shoulders, hips and legs/buttocks.

More Features.

The pram has a cup or bottle holder. Bring your babies or toddler’s bottle with you and guess what? You don’t have put it in the nappy changing bag or hold it.

Place it on the cupholder where it’s reachable and easy to access. Bring along your morning or afternoon coffee or tea. It will make the journey more relaxing and enjoyable.

If you travel a lot whether it’s public transportation or abroad then you will need a pushchair that folds easily and it’s compact when folded.

Living in a tiny area can also a reason why a compact fold stroller is important. This pram offers just that. It’s compact when folded and it’s easy to fold with just a click.

It also doesn’t take that much space. A baby on the way, space it’s something you will need more of. When folded you can carry it to the boot or upstairs without any major struggle.

It’s also a pro for those who have stairs.

What can the wheels do for you? They are swivel and lockable which means one wheel can be turned without the others doing so.

Good to use in the city where you have tiny and narrowed streets. Turn the pram without having to struggle steering it and adjusting it

Wheels that don’t offer swivel can’t make the pram frustrating to use. From the beginning, it might be good but along the way, it will give you some troubles.

An X-large shopping basket is underneath. It can carry up to 3kg. Good to use for your groceries and bags whether it’s your bags or your child’s changing bag.


The 2 accessories are the carrycot and car seat. Both are suitable for your baby from birth up to 6 months or 12 months. You can use the carrycot for up to 6 months.

It also offers a big canopy and comfortable fabrics that are safe and good for your baby. The Zero Plus car seat is tiny and safe for your baby to use.

It’s been tested by experts and been given the green light. The car seat does not take much space and it’s designed with a tiny canopy to protect your baby.

Well suited for cars and can be attached by using the car belt. However, the car seat offers a 3 point harness system instead of a 5 point harness.

Which means the hips are not strapped. Your baby is less likely to move around a lot. Both these accessories make the Hack Shopper pushchair a lovely travel system.

A travel system that can be used from birth up to preschool.



  • Not a new version and the model is not the best. Compare to other famous travel systems like the Cybex pram and Quinny 3in1 travel systems the pram is not modern.
  • No adjustable handlebar and bumper bar can’t be removed.
  • The seat is not suitable from birth, although you have the car seat and carrycot it would have been better with the seat being available from birth. Many travel systems offer this solution like the ones above.
  • The carrycot is bulky and can’t be folded. Although it’s lightweight a bulky carrycot can take up some space. It not being foldable can also take up space at home or when travelling.
  • It might not offer the colour you want. The pram has 1 set of colour and not multiple. If you want 2 sets of colours the pushchair doesn’t offer it.
  • You will need to buy any other additional accessories like a rain cover and a nappy changing bag.

Is it the one for you?

After reading the entire review will you say that the pushchair is for you? Do you also think the pram will be perfect for your baby and toddler to use? Give 5 reasons why you would buy.

The Hack Shopper Trio Set is the perfect pram for those parents who don’t mind older versions meaning something that’s not in trend.

A pram for those parents who want a lightweight and agile pram for when they are travelling. An easy fold and easy steering pram. To summarise it all a pram that offers many features, but it’s simple and not in trend.

It will be something you will have for 4 years in your life. From birth up to your toddler is tired of it. The travel system can also be used by your future children if you plan on having any.

With the car seat and carrycot attached, you will have a simple yet high-quality pushchair.


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