Graco Breaze Lite Review.

Another review on Graco strollers. Graco is indeed a favourite brand and their strollers are good and match our daily lives. They offer parents different options.

For this specific review, I will review the Graco Breaze Lite Travel System. I will only be reviewing the stroller and car seat. In this article/post I will mention:

  • The Breaze Lite Stroller
  • The Breaze Car Seat.
  • Accessories (That’s compatible with it)
  • Who it is best suited for.

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Product: Graco Breaze Lite Travel System.

Price: £180.00

Size Of Product: L 34cm x W 86cm x H 54.5cm

A Cheap Place to Buy: Kiddies-kingdom.

Delivery: Delivery in 7 days in the UK. Worldwide.

My Ranking: 8.5/10

  • It comes with the Breaze Lite Stroller.
  • The Breaze Car Seat.
  • Offers multiple reclining positions which is good for your toddler and baby. Offers them to be able to sleep, sit and have more space for playtime.
  • Swivel wheels make the ride smooth and comfy. Super manoeuvre.
  • Compatible with a carrycot/bassinet (sold separately on this site, link above)

The Breaze Lite Stroller.

This Graco Stroller was original not designed with a car seat, but it’s been upgraded. The Breaze Lite is super lightweight just weighing 6.5kg which makes it easy to carry around.

It’s suitable from birth up to 3 years, depending on your toddler. For some, it can be 2 1/2 or another 3 1/2. So your toddler might be using it for a long period.

If you love using public transport or travelling aboard this stroller is best suited for you. I will touch more on this topic at the end. The stroller is simple and easy to use.

It offers reclining positions. You can adjust it for your baby to lie as flat as possible which they need to do. Click here to read why the baby lying flat is important.

The Breaze Lite Stroller enables them to sleep, sit and play comfortably. It makes the journey more relaxing and you will be able to bond with your baby even more.

Its swivel front wheels are easy to unlock which provide a good and smooth ride. Works perfect for all seasons. It’s compact and easy to manoeuvre.

The stroller is easy to use by anyone, the grandparents and other family members and the height of the stroller are excellent. Well adjusted to make it easy for anyone to push it.

A medium-sized basket is under the stroller seat. If you want to bring with you things on your daily strolls/walks then you can do so. The basket is perfect to hold nappy/diaper bags, bottles, clothes, etc.

The seat can only face forward which some don’t mind, it depends on your baby.

The Breaze Car Seat.

Just like the Breaze Lite Stroller, the car seat is super lightweight weighing just ~ 3.5kg. This Graco car seat is suitable from birth up to 12 months. Which provide more than time for your little one to be strong enough to sit on the stroller.

By 1 year your baby is big and they are available to move freely without needing too much protection. The infant carrier offers your child a cosy and safe environment.

The seat is easy to remove and attach. Makes it easy to carry it from the car to the stroller and vice versa. You don’t have to worry about stressing yourself. It can sometimes be frustrating to carry a heavy seat, I used to do this, so its best to avoid it.

This Graco car seat comes with a seat cover. It’s washable and it helps protects the energy-absorbing foam which ensures no harm comes to your baby when an accident occurs.

A newborn insert seat rest and headset is designed with it to offer a better comfortable environment. Your baby will sleep like a log. No disturbances and you get to have a quiet time whenever you want it.


You can use a carrycot on the stroller which enables your baby to sleep even better. Carrycots a better suited to newborns, I mentioned this in my post on carrycots.

The stroller also comes with a seat liner, footmuff and rain cover. Depending on where you decide to buy the stroller from some of these things may lack or you might get more accessories. The link above includes only whats stated above.

Are there cons? Well yes, although the stroller offers many features and accessories and it’s easy to manoeuvre, but it’s also simple and plain. It can’t compete with many strollers like the Uppabby Vista and Bugaboo Donkey

However, it can compete with the Silver Cross Pop Star stroller and Micralite Profold stroller. There are parents out there who are not that impressed by well-designed strollers. Sometimes money can come into play. I will never spend £1000 on a stroller, even if I loved the design.

The Breaze Lite Stroller doesn’t have an adjustable handle, it’s the traditional handlebar. The stroller also only offers forward-facing, which means your baby or toddler can`t face you. I consider this to be a problem. It’s safer if your baby and even toddler face you.

A nappy/diaper is not included, but you can buy these anywhere and they are not expensive. Maybe you already found or have a backpack you want you to use? If not, see here.

The stroller can’t be folded either, so you are not able to store it in the boot. Only the car seat will do. Some important features are missing like a sunshade with the canopy and all of the fabrics being waterproof.

It does come with a few cons, but the pros are many. The Travel System is cheap.

Who Is It Best Suited For?

So, who is the Travel System suited for? Well, just like I stated above. It’s best for those parents who use public transport or those who love to travel.

It’s lightweight, agile and compact so you won’t need to worry about it that much. If you also live in a flat without a lift/elevator then having a heavy stroller won’t help your situation.  A light stroller will make it much easier. The stroller is also slim and narrow, so you won’t have a problem strolling in the city.

Is this stroller for you? Let me know in the comment section. Feel free to ask anything related to the stroller.

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