Graco Stadium Duo Review.

Graco’s famous double tandem stroller is quite interesting. Many parents seem to love the stroller because it suits both twins and children of similar age.

So, if you are having twins the stroller will be good for you. If you are also having just one child it’s good to buy it for future children.

If you didn’t have more kids in the future the stroller can be used by one toddler. For this post, I will be reviewing it in detail. Detailing the pros, and later on point the cons.

Have you heard of the Nuna Demi Grow tandem pushchair, and the Donkey 3 and Vista 2? If not check them out. They are more expensive but have top quality fabrics and materials.

But, you are here for Graco Double Stroller with Car Seat, let’s view it.

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  • Performance.
  • Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Stroller.
  • The Car Seat.
  • Cons.
  • Stadium Due vs Other Strollers.
  • Simple, Yet Beneficial.


  • Suitable from birth with reclining seats up to 15kg (3 years).
  • Travel System ready.
  • Suitable for 2 car seats.
  • Multiple reclining positions (rear seat 4 and front has 2).
  • Swivel wheels.
  • Front seat suitable from 6 months upwards.
  • Child tray for both seats.
  • One-hand fold.
  • Double lockable wheels in the front.
  • Forward-facing.
  • Big shopping basket underneath.

Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Stroller.

Product: Stadium Duo Tandem Stroller.


Size of the Product: H41cm × L128cm ×W56.5cm

The Place to Buy: Uberkids, Click here.

Delivery: Multiple options.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

Let’s delve into the details of this stroller. The rear seat is suitable from birth with its reclining option up to 3 years, and the front seat is suitable from 6 months upwards.

If you have a car seat then it can be a choice for your twins. In fact, you can use 2 car seats at the same time for your new baby’s. If you have 2 children of different ages then the seat and car seat will work.

Even the 2 car seat given that age difference is not a lot. So, the Graco double stroller is travel system ready. The rear seat is perfect for your baby because it offers 4 reclining positions.

Your baby is more fragile and requires to lie down flat, and for the front seat, your toddler will be fine with 2 reclining positions. It also depends on your little one.

The stroller is only forward-facing, and some parents don’t mind that. With the reclining positions available there can be a distance between the kids.

Making more space for bonding time.

More Features.

Both seats offer a child tray. Which is good for those who love to take long strolls through the park, or visit the city. You have a place where your child can place their food or drinks.

It can be sometimes a mess if you don’t have that. So trays are beneficial accessories. Not all prams offer this. The Stadium Duo offer swivel wheels which provides a smooth ride for your children.

It’s good for the city too. Swivel wheels make it easy to manoeuvre through streets. Graco Stadium Duo also offers double front wheels that are lockable.

It makes it easy when you are pushing on hard grounds. It also helps, if you stumble upon any emergency. Most double strollers are harder to fold, but not this one.

It only takes one hand to do the work. A good option for when you are in a hurry or travelling. Are you busy with your other hand? No problem, use the other to fold without you needing to put down anything you are holding.

A big shopping basket is also underneath for all of the groceries. A place to put other things also. Like your babies nappy bags and even your own bags.

The Car Seat.

Product: Graco Snug Essential I size car seat.

Price: £79.99

Weight of the Product: 3.66 kg

The Place to Buy: Kiddies-kingdom, Click here. 

Delivery: Multiple Options.

My Rating: 9.5/10

Suitable from birth up to 12 months the car seat is rear-facing only. It has 2 adjustable headrests and shock-absorbing materials around it to offer protection.

The covers are machine washable which gives it a long time effect. The seat is also suitable for many Graco strollers and with a base.

When using it, apply the base. The Snug Essential is super lightweight and will be easy to carry around. It has a big canopy that protects from the elements.

Designed with safe and fancy fabrics, and materials to provide a quiet environment for your little ones. The seat has instruction showing you whether you have fitted the seat correctly on the base.

Making it almost impossible to do it wrong. It goes from red to green. The colour is black which matches perfectly with the double stroller above.


  • Has been reported to be heavy. Not the best option when travelling abroad. It won’t be easy to carry upstairs or even around.
  • It’s only rear-facing. (You can have the car seat rear-facing which means your baby or babies can actually face you.)
  • The stroller is plain.
  • The colour is limited and even for the car seat.
  • The canopy is not that big and it’s simple.
  • No carrycots. Some parents will prefer carrycots.
  • It can take up space when using public transport and at home. (This is general for most double strollers).
  • The design of the stroller look simple, and not fancy.
  • The Shopping basket can be blocked depending on how you position the seats.
  • You will need to buy a rain cover and nappy changing bag separately either from other brands, or the same.

Stadium Duo vs Other Strollers.

The Graco Double Stroller has many things to offer, so does the car seat. I will only compare the double stroller with other double tandem strollers.

To do this post I have decided to focus on comparing it with, the Icandy Blossom Twin Pushchair and Hauck Duett 2. Both are tandem strollers, but all three are different in many ways.

Stadium Duo vs Icandy Blossom Twin Pushchair.

The Icandy stroller will be considered to have more quality, and even rated more because of the design. However, every parent is different and they are looking for different things. They have these in similarity:

  • Both are travel system ready.
  • Reclining seats.
  • Easy access brakes.
  • Easy fold.
  • Swivel wheels.
  • Also suitable with 2 car seats.

These are the only things they are similar to other than that they are much different. The Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Stroller has a child tray, one seat is suitable from birth, the seats offer different reclining positions, double wheels at the front, etc.

The Blossom Twin Pushchair offers also certain features the others don’t have. Such as. it’s suitable for a car seat and carrycot. Giving you these both options.

Well, punctured tyres, adjustable footrest, a safety harness system, swivel bumper bar and the maximum weight it’s 25kg on each seat.

The Blossom Twin Pushchair has also many colours. It’s not only limited to 1 or 2. It’s much expensive than the Graco stroller even without a car seat.

Because of the price, I would go for the Stadium Duo, but other than that the Blossom Twin Pushchair looks more promising. It’s also best suited for twins.

The choice’s of course yours.

Stadium Duo vs Duett 2.

These two have more similarities when it comes to looks than the other two, but there are also differences. The similarities are:

  • Both are travel system ready.
  • Swivel lockable front wheels.
  • Suitable for car seats.
  • A basket underneath.

These are the major similarities between them. The Stadium has features such as. double front wheels, trays, one-hand fold and it can have 2 car seats that the other don’t have.

The Duett also has features such as an adjustable footrest and handlebar, it’s lightweight, suitable for carrycots also, Its both rear and forward-facing, backrest, etc.

Duett 2 has more features than the other. I will pick this one above the other because it can face forward and rear. The other negative side of it is it can’t be folded with the seat.

The price difference is not much compared to the stroller above, but the Duett is more expensive.

Simple, Yet Beneficial.

Would you agree that the pram is quite simple, Yet beneficial? It might not have all of the features you want, but it’s cheap and it’s suitable for the city and the countryside.

What are your thoughts after leaving the review? Do you think the stroller offers you the things you and your baby need? I would love to know what you think.

It is beneficial in a way that the stroller has the main things for most lifestyles. You use it from birth and then after your baby has grown which to the seats.

It also has features to make using it a lot easier. It does have cons, but as I stated it will fit many peoples lifestyles depending on what you want, and how you live.

After 3 years if your toddler is still keen on using the pram you can buy a single lightweight stroller with a rain cover, and you are good to go.

View the Silver Cross Pop stroller if you are interested in buying one.

5 thoughts on “Graco Stadium Duo Review.”

  1. I do have experience with this topic as I have 2 daughters who are 16 and 8 and once were babies. I like to read reviews on different prams and this seems to be a good pram and is budget friendly I would of bought this pram after reading your website if i was to have another baby.

  2. Hi, I believe the Graco Double Stroller is a fantastic product. The fact that it can carry two babies at once appeals to me. It also has a large shopping basket underneath the stroller, which I appreciated.
    My friend Mary, who is expecting her second child in December, i know she will love it.
    This will allow her to carry 2 kids at once.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Lionel. It’s good you liked the stroller. Yes, hopefully your friend will like it as well. If you need more suggestions please let me know.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. I always have a big smile on my face when I see a tandem stroller. I’m learning a lot of things in this article. For instance, I didn’t know that rear seat is for the newborns and the front of the big brother or sister. That’s very interesting. But in the performance section, you talk about multiple reclining position. I’m not sure of what that means. I was wondering how heavy was the stroller. That could be a problem. But other than that, the Stadium Duo seems to be a great choice.

    • Hey. It’s good that you like the Graco Stadium Duo tandem stroller. What I meant was that the seat has multiple reclining positions. You can cline it more than once. These are sleeping and playing positions. You also have the upright position as well.

      The different positions are there to accommodate your growing baby. It weighs around 13.7kg which is a lot. This is the problem with most tandem strollers, they are heavy.

      Thanks for reading.


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