GB Pockit Air vs Pockit Plus.

The GB Pockit stroller series is known to be the best lightweight strollers, which are also flight-approved.

If you are interested in a very lightweight buggy to travel with and carry as a handbag then the GB Pockit is known for being one of the best options.

These are what you would call umbrella strollers.

I will go over the two updates, GB Pockit Air vs Pockit Plus. Both the similarities and differences so that you can see which of these is better.

It will make your decision easier.

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Similarities Between the GB Pockit Air and Pockit Plus.

GB Pockit Air and Pockit Plus Seat and Hood.

Both the Pockit Air and Pockit Plus are suitable from 6 months up to 4 years which is around 18kg. The seats have harnesses with pads.

Both share black and grey colours.  It’s available both in light and dark grey with a black frame. (These are the standard colours).

You can also buy these in red, blue, green, turquoise and some mixed colours with the new updates.

Because Pockit Air and Pockit Plus are from the same design so the strollers do resemble each other. These buggies do also offer hoods.

Also called canopies will protect a child’s head. The fabrics are quite tin and easy to breathe around during summer days.

GB Pockit Air and Pockit Plus Handlebar and Frame.

These are similar in a way that the handlebars have the same design and length. These are not adjustable and seem to be made from the same material.

Both frames are made the same. You have a small basket underneath, maybe capable of carrying 4 to 5kg of weight. You have double wheels on each wheelset.

These wheels are all-terrain both on the Pockit Air and Pockit Plus. It means you can manoeuvre on rough and smooth terrains.

Unlock the front wheels so they can be swivelled on smooth and even terrains, and then lock them for harder terrains. This is so that the wheels are a bit stable and easier to handle.

For being tiny and lightweight buggies, these are great features.

The GB buggies also offer a footrest where your little one can relax their feet and this is useful from 2 years. Their feet won’t need to be dangling around

GB Pockit Air a Pockit Plus Fold.

Yes, both of these can be folded, making them flight-approved. These can fold very compact and be stored in the aeroplane cabinet.

When folded to the smallest the Pockit Plus can be 38 cm x 32 cm x 20 cm, and when folded the Pockit Air can be 35 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm.

There are differences here, but it shows both can be very compact. These are folded the same and in a way, I have not seen before.

You first fold the back wheels by pushing a button on the wheels and then you fold the canopy above. There’s a button near the handle which you press that folds the whole buggy down.

While down you will need to press the buggies two half’s toward each other so that it folds again. Here are videos demonstration of both buggies:

Differences Between the Gb Pockit Air and Pockit Plus.

Differences between the Pockit Air and Pockit Plus Canopy and Seat.

The GB Pockit Air just has a top hood to keep your child relaxing from the sun above, but with the Pockit Plus, it’s from all sides. It’s a normal canopy like many buggies have.

This means it’s more equip keeping your child from other weather conditions as well on all sides. When it comes to the seat it also differs.

The GB Pockit Plus can be reclined, although not the whole way but a bit. You only need to pull a strap behind the seat to push the backrest.

This will give it a relaxing mode which your growing child will need. Alongside the footrest, this will make it easy for your child to sleep in this tiny buggy.

So, yes the GB Pockit Plus can recline which is a question some tend to have.

GB Pockit Air has a breathable mesh seat which the former does not really offer. While relaxing your child won’t sweat on their back.

It’s perfect for warm weather and when you are on holiday.

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Differences between the Pockit Air and Pockit Plus Frame.

These buggies are very compact and lightweight. The Pockit Air ways only 4.6kg which is the same as some car seats, like the Maxi Cosi Pebble series.

GB Pockit Plus weighs 4.9kg which is also very light, making these some of the lightest buggies in the world.

This does make them perfect for whoever wishes to travel. These are the dimensions of the GB Pockit Air when unfolded 125 cm x 42 cm x 71 cm.

When unfolded these are the dimensions of the Gb Pockit Plus 102.5 cm x 47 cm x 71 cm. (H×W×L).

This shows you how incredibly small the buggies are. The folded dimensions stated above also tell that both are quite compact.

In fact, the GB Pockit Air is the smallest stroller when folded. You can carry both as a handbag wherever you go when your child is not using it.

GB Pockit Air and Pockit Plus Prices.

The prices are very unclear. Depending on where you buy these it can differ. Checking on price runner the GB Pockit Air costs £202 and the GB Pockit Plus on Amazon is about £189.

The typical price for the GB Pockit Air should be around £150+. It’s $199 on Amazon. (These are the current prices).

Pockit Plus Travel System Convertible vs Pockit Air Non-Travel System Convertible.

What makes a huge difference is this factor. The GB Pockit Plus is compatible with car seats and not only that, the best car seats on the market.

All of the GB car seats, Nuna, Cybex and Max Cosi. This means you can use the GB buggy with your newborn. So, therefore it’s suitable from birth up to 4 years.

Nowadays many are looking for travel systems. The GB Pockit Plus has a huge advantage on this.

Which One is Better?

Without a doubt, the GB Pockit Plus is better. It’s still lightweight and compact despite the Pockit Air being more of that.

In addition to all this, you have the reclining option, travel system compatible and the canopy it offers is much better.

It’s a better update because you can use it in your everyday life and also from the beginning. Although it’s not the best stroller for everyday life journeys.

Who Will Go for the Pockit Air?

Well, if you do want a more compact and lighter buggy then this one is it. It also has mesh fabric on the seat which can be of great use if your child sweats a lot.

It’s also cheaper in some places and when you fold it is slimmer which makes it easier to store in tiny places. Other than that the GB Pockit Air does not have other advantages.

I would call it simpler and resembles the original more.

GB Pockit Air and Pockit Plus Cons.

Despite all the great features these do have many cons. These are expensive for being only umbrella strollers, and the prices are only for single strollers. No accessories included.

Other cons are:

  • Lack of carrycots.
  • Not the best for tall parents because the handlebar is low.
  • Only forward-facing, although with the car seat the Pockit Plus can have a rear-facing option.
  • Small wheels and no suspension.
  • The footrest is not adjustable.
  • Can’t be converted into a double stroller.
  • Not the best for everyday life.


Despite their sizes, these do come with accessories. Like a travel bag which can use as a handbag. You also have a rain cover (Buy On Amazon) that comes with the GB Pockit Plus link.

Footmuffs, adapters, etc.

What will it be? The GB Pockit Air or Pockit Plus? If you love travelling whether by plane, train or car these are absolutely some of the best in the market.

Hence, the popularity.

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