21 Fun Summer Activities with Toddlers – Ready For Summer?

Finally, summer is here or on the way, and you can’t wait to get out and bring your toddler with you. Take them out to do something or maybe have something to do at home.

I know the feeling, especially at these times. Having spent the whole winter and spring at home. You can still have fun with your toddler or toddler while still keeping social distancing.

There are many activities you can do with and for your toddler in summer whether at home or outside. You know summer is all about the outside and enjoying the sun.

So, most of the things I am going to mention are about outdoor activities. See my list of home activities you can do with your toddler. Hold on you are in for a ride.

Enjoy these fun summer activities for and with your toddler.

Fun Summer Activities for and with Toddlers Outside.


Art is a way of speaking to other people without mentioning anything. Well, that’s what the experts say. Is also a way for your toddler to enjoy themselves and use their imagination.

At this stage, they are amazed by the world and want to learn more. Take them out and do some art. Take a big piece of white paper out and with painting colours.

Let them use their hands, feet, and also paintbrushes. Chalks or crayons can also come to play. Let them be creative and have fun at the same time.

Bring glitter, sponges, and other materials and fabrics you can think of, and add to the fun. It can be balls, clothes, unused books, etc. See fun sensory activities and sensory play and toys for more ideas.

Art with the elements is also something’s that’s interesting. Another way to teach your child how the elements are when they interact with each other, or other objects and places.

Sensory Play.

Now I have already mentioned doing some sensory activities with many ideas, but I will add more ideas for outside play. A sensory bin and messy play can be something your toddler can do outside.

Sensory bin – Take out toys and fill the bin with water or sand or ice. Let your toddler play with the toys imagining different things. A fantasy story.

You can also put in small toys and let them find them. Why not mix other things in the water, sand, and ice. Maybe add some colours, leaves or mix the elements with each other.

See what will happen. Have them jump on it or use their hands. It’s a good way for them to feel, touch, and also see.

Messy play – A messy play can involve many things. When you’re outside you don’t worry that much about the mess. It can be a time to explore the colours, shapes, elements, and many more things.

Put a piece of paper in front of your child and let them mess around.

Playdough – Mixed up doughs at home and let them play with it. Doing some crafts. See this video on how to make homemade doughs:


Playing with water is both fun and exciting for toddlers. It can be:

Water pistols – Buy water pistol toys and fill in water. Play with your toddler or let your toddlers play together. Creates a nice bonding time for families.

Water balloons – Fill water in water balloons and add some colouring or mix soap and add it in. To make it a bit messy. It’s a time for enjoyment.

A hose – If you have a hose at home it’s also a good way to play with water.

Water In other things – Water in a bin or basket or toys. If you don’t have a hose you can use other objects to place water in. Let your toddlers play with it.

A home pool – Swimming pools are close because of the lockdowns, but you can still teach your toddler to swim (sort of). A home pool it’s a good idea to give your toddler the feeling of being in the water, and it’s also a good activity to do.

Art with water – A fun way to play with water.

Colour, Shapes, Alphabets, and Numbers Recognition.

Want to teach your preschooler these things? Why not do it on a sunny summer day? It will be both fun and a way to enhance their 5 senses.

Use art and sensory play to teach them. Read Learning Shapes, numbers and colours, and ABC Learning Toddlers. I detailed more on how to do it.

Teach them the Subjects.

Math – Take them out and build things. Figure out how many things work. Building blocks and playing with legos can also be done outside. Add fun to it by buying mixing it up with colours, water, and sand.

Science – Do have binoculars and a magnifying glass? Have them view and investigate nature and space. Read Outside toys and Outdoor Activities for more on that.

Obstacle Cource & Exercise.

Obstacle courses are more for older children, but it can also be something your 12 months plus to a 4-year-old toddler can do. If you own a garden, backyard, or if you live near a park.

Play rings  – Set up 4 rings in a line or next to each other and have your toddler hop to the rings.

ABC or 123 playground  – Draw an ABC or 123 playgrounds and have them jump into each box letter or alphabet. You can put on a timer to make things more challenging.

Swings and Climbing frames – Also another way to make your toddler play and also add fun games. Have your toddler climb and put it on a timer. See how fast they can swing (for your 3 to 4 year old).

Obstacles course on the playground – Have them use all the playthings on a playground. Hanging upside down or hanging on things. Go for a slide. Put it on a timer. Do the easy task, don’t exhaust them.

Exercises – Exercises a much fun outside. Running, clapping hands, jumping, or doing sit-ups. These are all kinds of exercises to make them active and have fun.

Camping Outside.

Camping Outside is also a fun activity to do with your toddler, especially during summer. Buy a tent and you a free to go. Make it more exciting by doing other activities. Reading books and storytelling.

Ride a Bicycle or a Scooter.

Go for a spin around the neighbourhood with your toddler on their bicycle or scooter. Play some games on the way. How about a guessing game? Ask them to guess things or ask them to describe what they see outside.

A Picnic.

This is summer so going for a picnic must make the list. Picnics are a good way to spend time with your toddlers. Let them pick the setting, food, and place.

Let them be active in it and bring along games to play.

Take a Tour.

Take a tour through the neighbourhood and let your toddler learn and recognise the people and properties. It’s a good way for them to interact with the neighbours and other children.

They will have some new play buddies and what better time to do it than Summer?  Although social distance should be applied.

Visit a Zoo.

There might be still some zoo parks open that apply social distancing. Going to the zoo is both exciting and educational. Let your toddler learn more about the outside world.

Why not build your own imaginary zoo park at home? More sensory play and crafts ideas.

Go Fishing.

Why not also go on a fishing trip? If you love to fish then this can be a good thing to do with your toddler. It might also be your first time doing it. Why not try it out and see how your toddler likes it.

You can also set up your own finish trip at home. Using your own imagination. Teach your toddler fishing at home with water, toys, a fishing net, etc.

Outside Games and Play.

This is for those who have 2 or more toddlers. Outside games a both challenging and fun to do with your toddlers or for your toddlers.

Sacks in a box – Let your two toddlers throw small sacks in a box. Put it on a timer. Who throws the most sacks in wins. Don’t make it too competitive, try encouraging both and support them.

Jump on ball race – They can play jumping on a ball and racing towards a finish line. Don’t put it on a timer. Let them have fun while jumping.

Potatoe sack race – A famous game loved by many parents and children. You can make it competitive or just have them play jumping.

Do Charity Work.

Charity work is a good way to make your toddler more caring and also be active. With precautions, you can take your toddler to a charity place or visit elderly neighbours. Make a list with your toddler and let them choose what task to do.

Out n About.

Go for a walk, run, or do other activities. Using toys is also a good way to add fun and make it more exciting. View outdoor activities and outside toys for more info on that.

Explore Nature.

A scavenger hunt or just explore nature in the wild. During summer it can be a lot of fun, to see the different trees, plants, animals, etc. View these outside nature-oriented activities you can do.


Sports are a good way to also spend time with your toddler or it can be a way for them to play. Sports like:

  • Football.
  • Basket.
  • Badminton.
  • Volleyball.
  • Baseball.
  • Handball.
  • Gymnastics.
  • Ghost ball.

All of these sports are easy for your toddler to do and don’t require that much pressure.

Fun Summer Activities for and with Toddlers Inside.

Build or Make Something.

Are you into moulding, sewing, or carpentry? Then it’s a good way for you to introduce it to your toddler. Let them help out with picking the materials or fabrics.

The moulding requires using much of your hands and being creative. Let them do some artwork.


Crafts can be messy and nonmessy,  but the important thing is that it helps your toddlers a lot. Your toddlers can spend time together doing it together or you can join in.

Tell Stories.

Let your toddler tell you stories or to each other. You can help them out by giving them books for ideas or you can come with stories together.


Have your preschoolers dress up as Spiderman, a princess, or other characters. Join in and play. Use storytelling to make it more fun. They will learn to communicate easier this way.


Let your toddler cook with you. Give them a small and safe task to do. Like mixing vegetables or pouring in water. Baking with them is also something nice to do. You can also let your two toddlers bake together and you supervise them.

See more activities at home.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion.

Remember to always add fun to what you are doing and your toddler will love doing it. Come up with ideas that may sound ridiculous but if you put them into action your toddler will benefit much from it.

What was your favourite activity? Can you let me know in the comment section? Have you tried any of these activities yet?

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