Fun Sensory Activities For Toddlers – Be Creative and Add Fun.

I already covered different sensory activities you can do with your baby and that is safe. Went also into further details on the sensory play and toys. You can read about it by clicking the links.

Now is all about toddlers, ages 2-4 and you can even find 5-year-olds who find these things interesting. The options or ideas are unlimited when it comes to toddlers.

You can add more creativity, and you don’t need to be that careful because at this stage they have learned not to put everything in their mouth.

So before I begin breaking down all of these sensory activities let’s first find out why sensory play can be important for your toddler. On the link above I already stated what sensory activity is.

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Why Are Sensory Activities Important?

So, hearing from the name sensory means or have everything to do with our 5 senses.

Providing opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through ‘sensory play’ is crucial to brain development” Quoted from

This is what sensory play do. It helps your child to focus, think and develop all senses. When your child is playing and being active with all of these sensory plays, they are learning all the necessary skills that are needed when growing up.

They also learn to be creative, social and have fun. Learning new colours, textures and how the world around them works. It will make them smarter and will help them come up with solutions when it’s needed.

Although many sensory plays can be a mess there are others that don’t have to be with the right help. Add fun to everything you do and your toddler will always have a good time.

Sensory Play Bin.

The most common sensory play set many parents or teachers recommend is the bin. Well, it opens to many possibilities and its fun at the same time.

Let’s break it into categories.

Food mixture – Food is a good way of teaching your child many things. It can be cooked food or uncooked food. All of that you use don’t have to go to waste.

With edible paint or colour, your child can eat while playing and if it’s uncooked food you can use it later on. If it’s not in a mess or dirty.

Spaghetti that’s cooked and uncooked. Add some food colouring and put it in the bin. Your preschooler will enjoy mixing it up and at the same time eat.

Their sense of taste, smell, sight and touch will come into play. Break the uncooked spaghetti into small pieces. It’s safer that way. Let them figure out what it is.

You can add coloured rice, uncooked oats, flower/flour, etc. Your ideas are not limited. Let your toddler use their hands to mix it up and taste.

Homemade jelly. Colour it with different colours and put it in the bin. Try to use different things so they are aware of how different food feels like. See this video on how to make jelly at home:

Marshmallows can also be of interest.

Two More Categories.

The elements – So, water, sand and mud are a good way of making it fun. Mix water with edible soap, colours and glitter. They can use their hands or spoons to play.

Put sand and mud there. This time they can even use their feet. Mix it up by adding water to the sand or glitter or anything that will make it more fun. Of course, it should be safe for your toddler.

Painting – The bin can also be used to paint. Using their hands or paintbrush your toddler can paint in the bin. That way you don’t have a mess everywhere or papers lying around.

Wash the bin afterwards.

More Things Can Be:

Beads of different colours and shapes are also good to have – Let them use and mix it up with water, sand, mud and sticky things. If it’s your 4 years old you can use different sizes of threading beads.

There is no risk of them putting in their mouth and swallowing it.

See these products that I recommend:

Water bead – £37.49.

Wooden threading beads – £7.94.

Lasing beads – £8.99.

Sensory play bin.

Edible paint & Paintbrush.

Sensory Dough.

Doughs are a good way for your toddler to play with their hands and be creative. Use the dough to build the alphabets, numbers, shapes, etc.

They can use it to make and do many things. Shape it to many things. They can also use toys such as plastic/gummy knife, spoon, fork and other kitchen types of equipment to play with.

Doughs are not the only thing they can use. They can use play foam, jelly and other sticky materials they can use.

See the lists of some items you can buy:

Playfoam – £10.99.

Playfoam with colour – £8.99.

Play doughs (Amazon).

Sensory Jar.

You can use 2 different jars one that’s coloured and the other that’s not coloured. The coloured one you can put in:

  • Rice.
  • Beads.
  • Bottle lid.

Is for them to figure out what’s inside and recognise the noises. It’s a good way of teaching your toddler to recognise the sounds.

They can also play with making different sounds to dance. Join them and have fun. For the uncoloured jar, you add these things:

  • Water with rice, beads, glitter, flashing toys, regular toys and paint.
  • Sand.
  • Toys.

Add also other things you think will interest your child. Many of these things are homemade and won’t cost you a thing. However, if you are interested in buying already made ideas:

Sensory play jars.


Toys are one of the best ways of keeping your toddler busy. It can range from legos, ball pit, threading beads, activity cubes, sensory boards, shape stacked and different sets.

I will list 10 toys your toddler can use and I believe will help enhance your toddler’s senses, and at the same time, they will have fun.

Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Counter – £34.98: 

Melissa and Doug My Daily Magnetic Calendar – £14.99:

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart – £13.00:

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Wooden Number – £9.50:

Melissa and Doug Selfcorrecting Number Puzzle – £10.00:

Melissa and Doug Cleaning Caddy Set – £11.99:

Melissa and Doug Vroom and Zoom Interactive Dashboard – £49.99:

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench – £14. 99:

Melissa and Doug Animal Care Activity Centre  – £174.49:


Family Fun, Family Picnic Carry Case – £13.49:


Be Creative.

So, being creative involves many things and many parents or teachers have written about it. I am going to add my creative ideas that are safe for your toddler to do, and they will also LOVE doing it.

Visit they have more creative ideas that I just love.

Unused clothes or other items – If you have other clothes or other items such as plastic cups, balls and even unused toys. Buy edible paint and a paintbrush. To avoid a mess you can buy a playing mat that’s reusable. I will link it below.

Let your toddler paint the items in different colours. They can even play with it so, you don’t always have to buy new toys or balls. It can be football’s, tennis and hockey balls.

Depending on the season you can also be creative using things from outside. If it’s autumn you can use various colours of leaves. You can also use:

  • Tree sticks.
  • Flowers.
  • Grass.

If it’s winter, summer and spring:

  • Snow.
  • Seasonal flowers.
  • Nuts.
  • Acorns.
  • Different plants.

All of these can be used to paste on paper with paper glue or some other sticky object’s. Crafts are a good way to keep your toddler busy. It also allows them to be creative and they will also learn many things.

Other Creative Things Can Be:

Use printable papers and paper glue with glitter to make it interesting. Around 3 to 4 years your toddler is learning to draw. Make the drawing interesting and let them explore.

Let them use paper glue and paste stickers or glitter on the drawing. It will make the drawing more lively and creative. Buy a variety of papers and colours.

See this list here:

Play Mat – £19.00.

Free Colouring pages.

Be Creative And Add Fun.

The best way of teaching is to add fun to it and also come with ideas that are not boring and that are unique. If you do these things your toddler will always look forward to playing and being active. What do you think your toddler will love to do? I will love to know. 

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  1. Thank you for a detailed article. It is loaded with wonderful information that ensures that our toddlers senses are well developed. You have given plenty options we can never run out of ideas. Sensory dough came out very handy when my kids were toddlers. I fell with the jar idea also will recommend it to moms.

    • Hi. I am happy you found my article helpful. Yes, there are many activities out there. Do recommend it to other moms and let them visit for more ideas. 

      Thanks for dropping by. 

  2. Thank you for all the valuable ideas listed here. Not only are they loaded with fun but they truly help to develop little ones’ senses. I always believe that the messier the activity is the more the lesson will be grasped by the toddler:)

    However there are activities here that are so creative and don’t have to be messy to work just fine. Like incorporating natural materials from outdoors to create posters for the seasons or to do story boards

    Thanks again , very useful:)

    • Hi Janine. Thanks for dropping by. Yes there are many things toddlers can learn from with messy activities, but also it doesn’t have to be that way.

      Drop by anytime for more ideas.


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