Forward Facing Or Rear Facing Stroller.

When you read the title you might not think the article can be interesting or have some benefit to someone. Well, there can be a benefit to it, to someone out there, especially first-time mothers or mothers to be.

Whether to put your baby facing you or the world can be something mothers think about. Is there any benefit in it regarding your baby’s development? What’s best for your newborn and toddler?

Let’s first look into these two phrases.


This position is when you fix the seat facing forward, in other words, the world. It can be the seat, carrycot/bassinet or car seat.

Forward Facing is more common than Rear Facing, in a matter of fact it was the only option that was available for most strollers/pushchairs, but it has changed now. Many brands are designing their strollers to include both positions.

However there are still strollers that only have these options and these are mostly lightweight pushchairs, but you can still find other stroller types that only have this option. So, it’s best to always check before buying.

Sometimes you can know by viewing the images but not always, view the description too so you won’t miss it.


Rear Facing is when your child faces you, this position is more common when you have a pram or car seat, but of course, your baby’s or toddlers seat can also face this way.

All prams have this option because you always have the option to remove the carrycot/bassinet. Newborns or baby’s use the carrycot so manufacturers tend to make this option available. So, whenever you see a Travel System, rear-facing is most likely an option but make sure that’s the case.

Some of the strollers/pushchairs can`t have forward-facing car seats, only rear-face so, that’s also important to look into.

How To Know Which One Is For You.

Forward or Rear Facing, can’t decide? Maybe you should look into your situation. These are my own experiences and ideas to why I think you should pick one of these based on your situation and liking.

One of the things that can determine which one to pick is if you have a newborn, a baby or a toddler. A newborn is fragile and should be protected, having your newborn face is you it’s better. They are more calm and secure when they see are a familiar face.

This same thing applies to a baby in general. When facing the other way they see many things that can distract them and prevent them from maybe sleeping or keep them busy.

For toddlers, I think them facing the other way is better. At that age, they are learning a lot and developing their skills. Learning the colours, shapes and the environment. So, it’s best if they face the other way to increase these skills.

Your child’s health condition is also a reason, while this is obvious. Although I will just mention it. If you have a child who needs more attention whether is a baby or toddler they will need to face you. You can have them the other way but just to avoid stress and difficulties it’s better they face you.

Do you have a naughty and stubborn child? If yes, then it’s better to buy a stroller that has a rear-facing option. Keep them facing you so you can keep an eye on them.

When it’s raining or snowing I will advise you to also have them rear-facing because you will most likely have the rain cover on so it’s best to keep them closer, it’s easier to assess. There’s nothing wrong if you have them facing forward, but is harder to keep an eye on them.

If you are in the city where there are many people or if you use public transport I will advise you to have them rear-facing. It’s also to keep an eye on them. It’s not safe to expose your children to strangers. You never know what it will do. Better safe than sorry.

Okay, I might sound ridiculous but I always keep it safe and some of the advice might be obvious to many but there are still parents out who might need a reminder or new parents who don’t know.


Strollers/Pushchairs Base On Your Choice.

If you want both positions, which I think you should then you should want to buy a Travel System if you just have a baby. There are many Travel Systems out there, but the ones with high quality and cheap are always better.

If you are buying a single stroller for your baby or toddler it’s also good to get both. Whether you want Forward or Rear Facing strollers/pushchairs I’m here to help.

– Both Positions:

– Forward Facing:

– Rear Facing:

If you buy a rear-facing stroller it’s most likely a reversible stroller which makes it even better. Many pushchairs/strollers can be folded when the seat is rear faced.

Does It Matter?

Of Course, you will have people out there who don’t see the matter in this and they might be right. It might not concern their children.

The reasons I just have stated maybe doesn’t apply to them or they see no evidence in these things helping them base on their experiences.

Which I can understand, but I still consider Forward Facing and Rear Facing on strollers/pushchairs to be something important and something you should look into before buying a stroller.

So, It does matter. There might be other reasons I haven’t highlighted here and that other parents have experienced.

If you have a different opinion or experience we will love to know it. Share your thoughts on this topic and if you have any questions please don’t mind asking.

All the best,



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